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The Digital Ad Future Isn't New Tech-It's People

As brands increasingly turn to programmatic media buying to efficiently target consumers, they’re finding that while technology is important, their biggest challenge is figuring out the best way to manage—and staff—this growing investment.

Rounding Out Your Omnichannel Strategy

Though substantially different in many ways, digital audio and native advertising share the promise of giving users an organic experience—more seamlessly integrated into content, and better aligned with the audience’s current activity and interests. Both publishers and programmatic technology providers are putting their weight behind native and audio as key elements of advertisers’ overall media strategy. This report gives you what you need to know about buying programmatic audio and native.

Building a Smarter Social Strategy

Savvy marketers understand that a successful social strategy goes well beyond organic posts and number of fans. Social offers a variety of paid, owned and earned media elements, each with a vital role to play. Here are successful case studies that show you what specific tools, from Facebook Carousel ads to Instagram Link ads, delivered to boost e-commerce efforts, raise brand awareness and drive sales.

Tapping Into the Power of Local to Deliver Revenue

“Local” has become a marketing channel unto itself – an ever-expanding platform from which brands can deliver paid media, social engagement and a host of other tools to consumers in that last critical mile closest to purchase. But how to harness the power of local in the most effective way? Here are tools and tactics to help marketers execute local campaigns that deliver results.


Brand advertisers are making mobile video one of the fastest growing segments in digital advertising. But for this growth to continue, new emphasis will need to be put on creative to meet the rising expectations of consumers and take advantage of the medium’s unique opportunities.


Big data, digital transformation and audience buying are changing the way marketers think about campaigns. Programmatic is no longer enough to help brands stay on top of everything in this rapidly shifting marketplace. That’s where programmable comes in.

Programmatic and the Rise of Digital Audio

In this age of mobility, the intensifying interest around audio is being driven by a simple fact: Consumers love digital audio. And marketers are taking notice. As the new Ad Age survey with The Trade Desk discovered, smart marketers are using programmatic technology to take advantage of this rapidly growing area.

Programmatic: The Future of Television

The 2016 Ad Age-Trade Desk Programmatic TV survey reveals how far the industry has come since the first survey in 2015—and suggests where it’s headed as advances in data and automation fuel adoption of programmatic buying and selling for TV advertising.

Getting the Most From Your Data Management Strategy

While the data management platform (DMP) has been hailed as the cure-all for the modern mar­keter’s data woes, many marketers are disappointed in their DMPs, according to a new Ad Age-Neustar survey. But this is changing: An evolution among DMPs, combined with different approaches by marketers, offers hope that overall expectations for DMPs will soon become reality.

Debunking the Seven Myths of Cinema Advertising

2015 is a banner year for moviegoing and cinema advertising. North American box office sales are well on the way to topping the $10.9 billion record set in 2013. Even so, some analysts question whether the silver screen can continue to deliver a golden opportunity for marketers who want to advertise at the movies. Here are seven top myths about moviegoing and why savvy marketers know to ignore them.


Conversion marketing isn’t just a trend or tactic. It’s a fundamentally new way to approach marketing—yet it’s based on the most timeless of principles: that the key to success in business is to drive sales today, while building stronger brands for tomorrow.


The Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is the blockbuster sales period for marketers, not just as the holiday launching point, but also as a contributor to overall annual sales. Savvy marketers are starting early and turning to omnichannel optimization. Learn what you need to do now.


As technology permeates every aspect of marketing, IT is quickly becoming a strategic partner to the marketing team—or it should be. All too often, IT and marketing are facing off rather than working together. Here’s what marketers need to know to work well with the tech team.


Programmatic buying models and technologies are transforming traditional linear television. As its adoption accelerates, it’s clear there will be a large role for programmatic buying and selling in TV adver­tising—and its role may come sooner than you realize.

Exploring the Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to expand, providing marketers with new opportunities to connect with customers. In the second of two white papers covering a survey from The Content Council and Ad Age, marketers discuss the possibilities and the challenges of this important new strategy.

Maximizing Content: Finding Video Value In Post-production

Despite today’s increasing focus on video content—and the enormous sums spent on it—few marketers have figured out how to take full advantage of these important assets. Yet video post-production is one key area that offers brands an opportunity to boost output while streamlining costs.

The Power of Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing offers a powerful way to connect storytelling to transactions, solving key challenges marketers have faced for years: improving accountability, gaining insight into marketing ROI and quickly driving sales in an increasingly chaotic messaging environment.

The Growing Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is quickly becoming a key marketing strategy as brands look to engage customers and build loyalty. A new Ad Age-The Content Council survey explores the growing importance of content and how it’s expanding and evolving.

The State of Global Programmatic

Having transformed advertising markets and practices within the U.S., the programmatic revolution is already well underway in the rest of the world. Using data and interviews, this white paper explores the state of global programmatic today, including the strategies and tools that will help marketers drive growth.

Social Media: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Social media has become a critical part of brand marketers’ communication strategy—and it changes almost daily. In this Guide to Social Media Advertising, we offer a look at the key areas that marketers, agencies and media companies need to understand, both right now and going forward.


Today's marketers need to maintain a consistent view of how people interact with their messages across these devices and platforms, and programmatic buying is a critical step in this process. By bringing together data to paint a holistic view of the consumer, programmatic drives better campaign performance as well as media buying efficiencies that free marketers to focus on more strategic and creative initiatives.


Marketers are drowning in data, with no respite in site. In a 2014 survey conducted by IDG, companies said they expected the amount of data they manage to surge by 76% within the next 12 to 18 months. But managing all this information doesn’t have to be a struggle. Find out how.


Today's shopper uses a laptop. And a tablet. And a smartphone. It's getting more and more unusual for a shopper's decision-making process to involve just one device, one online touch point. This means, there's a growing need for advertisers to have an effective cross-device strategy that can provide them with visibility into what mix of advertising will work best for them.


When making digital buys, marketers expect their messaging to be seen. But more than 50% of digital ads are not viewable, according to some estimates. To solve this problem, the industry is struggling to set standards—and Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi is committed to solving the issues surrounding viewability.

6 Core Insights for Online Brand Engagement

6 Core Insights for Online Brand Engagement

With shifts in technology that allow consumers to control how they engage with brands, marketers need to actively own their online engagement strategies. This white paper explores six key insights for marketers looking to evaluate, modify and manage those online engagement strategies.

Location Marketing:<br>What You Need to Know Now

Location Marketing:
What You Need to Know Now

Every marketer wants to influence a purchase decision by delivering a highly customized message to a prospective customer--and, thanks to today's technological advances, marketers can do just that. Location marketing offers the ability to precisely identify and put the right product and offer in the right place and time for the buyer.

MakeNEXTnow: Why Brands Matter @CES

Why Brands Matter @CES

CES has always been about what's next. But today's smart marketers know that CES is where they need to be to gauge today's trends and tomorrow's technology to find out what their brands should be doing right now. Here, top execs explore the key areas that marketers need to know.

The Rise of Experiential Marketing

The Experiential
Marketing Connection

Marketers today are looking beyond traditional marketing to engage with consumers in a way that allows them to "feel" the brand. And it's paying off: Those taking the experiential plunge are gaining deeper, more genuine connections with customers.

The PR Factor 2013

The PR Factor 2013

As the Council of Public Relations Firms marks its 15th anniversary, key PR execs reflect on industry highlights and strengths as marketers expand into content, Big Data, social media and other critical areas that PR firms are well-positioned to handle.

Why Understanding Consumer Purchase Cycle Can Help Brands Grow

Why Understanding Consumer Purchase Cycle Can Help Brands Grow

MEC has created MEC Momentum as a new approach to help brands understand the continuous cycle of consumers' purchase decisions. Here's how it works.

Attribution: Facing Today's Digital Measurement Challenges

Attribution: Facing Today's Digital Measurement Challenges

Despite an overwhelming amount of information available, measuring the value of advertising on digital media channels is complex and challenging - especially in terms of making the connection back to the actual sale. In this white paper based on an exclusive Neustar-Ad Age survey, marketers talk about the state of attribution and where it's headed.

Turning Potential B2B Buyers Into Real Revenue

Turning Potential B2B Buyers Into Real Revenue

This white paper explores how B2B marketers can take advantage of new technology designed specifically to help them reach their target audiences and turn them into customers.

Ad Women: An Agency Balancing Act

Ad Women: An Agency Balancing Act

An IPG/Ad Age survey finds that the typical agency workforce includes an even mix of men and women. But look deeper, and you'll find some inequities.

SMG, MediaLink Explore Cannes’ New Creativity

SMG, MediaLink Explore Cannes' New Creativity

Success in marketing increasingly sits at the intersection of creativity, digital data and technology-as the award-winning work at the Cannes Lions International Festival demonstrates.

The State of Social Media

The State of
Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of today's marketing mix. In an exclusive survey with Ad Age, Wildfire explores how top marketers are preparing their social media strategies for 2014.

Univision: One for All

Univision: One for All

Univision knows how to connect with Hispanics, the U.S.A's fastest-growing demographic, serving as the gateway for marketers wanting to reach this influential audience.

How SMG Is Making CES Relevant

How SMG Is Making CES Relevant

With technology transforming how marketers do their jobs, Starcom MediaVest Group is redefining the Consumer Electronics Show—as the Consumer Experience Show.

Black Consumer

The Black Consumer Opportunity

With Black buying power at an estimated $1.038 trillion annually, marketers need to know how to best reach this savvy, trend-setting group. The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's "In Plain Sight" offers a market-first collection of the most in-depth Black consumer research available to help marketers tap into this complex demographic.

Maxus: Reaching Consumers With Relationship Media

Maxus: Creating Relationships Through Data

Maxus takes real data and uses it to precisely target messages, using that intersection of technology and media to reach the right people at the right time.



With the spotlight on the Grand Clios and the Best of the Year Awards, the Clio Health Awards 2016 winners demonstrate the depth and diversity of health advertising as it evolves to encompass more than the pharmaceutical and health services that have historically served as its backbone.



National Geographic is launching its groundbreaking “MARS” series—and unveiling the largest global rebrand in its history. Leading with the tagline “Further,” the network is rolling out a radical new approach to content and positioning across its many platforms.

New Frontiers: National Geographic Channel at 15

New Frontiers: National Geographic Channel at 15

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, National Geographic Channel is preparing to raise the ante with a major commitment to top-flight programming to draw in even more viewers while opening the door to expanded tie-in opportunities for marketers looking to partner with the well-respected brand.

2015 Cannes Lions Journal Presented by USA Today

2015 Cannes Lions Journal Presented by USA Today

USA TODAY takes a look back at some of the leading US creative work that was honored at 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Cause Marketing Halo Award Winners 2014

Cause Marketing Halo Award Winners 2014

The Cause Marketing Forum presents these best-in-class examples of corporate social initiatives. See how marketers are teaming up with nonprofit organizations to do well by doing good.



Marking five decades of its International ANDY Awards, the ADVERTISING Club of New York is celebrating creative excellence in advertising in all media and the role that bravery continues to play in pushing truly groundbreaking work.

George P. Johnson Co. at 100: Creating experiences that connect with audiences

George P. Johnson Co. at 100: Creating experiences that connect with audiences

Originally a sail- and flag-maker in Detroit, George P. Johnson Co. today has evolved into one of the leading experience marketing agencies in the world by creating cutting-edge physical and digital experiences that engage both consumer and b-to-b audiences, and by pushing innovation to help business leaders understand how the discipline can work for them.

Comcast Spotlight: Creating Order Our of Local Cable Chaos

Comcast Spotlight: Creating Order Out of Local Cable Chaos

Comcast Spotlight started out 10 years ago building connections to help advertisers reach local cable TV viewers. Today, its mission is to simplify local cable ad buying in an increas­ingly fragmented media marketplace—providing a way for advertisers to stay seamlessly connected to cable content no matter where or on what device it’s viewed.

Celebrating 40 Years of the 4A's Multicultural Internship Program

Celebrating 40 Years of the 4A's Multicultural Internship Program

The 4A's Multicultural Advertising Intern Program celebrates its 40th anniversary as 114 college students wrap up internships at 73 agencies across the country this month. The program offered hundreds of hours of training and professional development to students with the help of thousands of hours of screening, guidance and mentoring provided by industry professionals.



The American Advertising Federation is honoring seven individuals and one corporation for contributions to the advertising industry and to society. They join 215 other legends and three corporations in the prestigious Advertising Hall of Fame.



Using creative advertising, FedEx has built a business that is more than a delivery service. Through its relationship with longtime agency BBDO, the company has established a brand that helps its customers "connect to the world."

Cartoon Network Turns 20

Cartoon Network
Turns 20

Cartoon Network is marking its 20th birthday and it has cause to celebrate. In just two decades, it's grown to reach 367 million households in 178 countries and 26 languages, thanks to its unique programming and savvy marketing tactics.

OMD at 10

OMD at 10

As the media agency turns 10, it takes a look at the evolving agency business and what matters to clients now, supporting its position with an exclusive Advertising Age/Erdos & Morgan survey.

Resource Guides
Small Agency Guide 2016

Small Agency Guide 2016

Personal service, agility, creativity: A small agency has a lot to offer marketers in today’s fast-paced, quickly changing environment—starting with its size. In fact, a small agency can benefit its clients in big ways. More and more, marketers are recognizing that small agencies are not only nimble, but often highly creative and innovative. The 2016 Ad Age Small Agency Guide is here to help you find the right partner.

BtoB Agency Guide 2015


Finding the best agency partner for your B-to-B marketing efforts can make all the difference to your brand. In Ad Age’s B-to-B Agency Guide for 2015, we give you all the information you need to make the right choice.

Cable Guide

Cable Guide 2015

The 2015 Cable Guide provides a look at leading cable networks and the top trends affecting the upfront market. Individual profiles explore the integrated media opportunities each network offers and highlight each network’s programming and audience.

Marketer’s Guide to Big Data Partners

Marketer’s Guide to Big Data Partners

When it comes to achieving your Big Data goals, choosing the right partner to work with is critical. To help you succeed, here are the nine key categories that marketers need to understand along with profiles of companies in each area that can help you make the most of your Big Data opportunities.



Any marketer can develop content, but creating high-quality, compelling material requires finding the right partner for your needs.



Reaching the right audiences in the new digital world is crucial for marketers today. Ad Age's Audience Buying Guide offers profiles of ad networks, platforms and solution providers to guide you through the many choices available.

BtoB Supplier Solutions

BtoB Supplier Solutions

Seeking your ideal marketing match in an agency partner? Look no further than BtoB's Guide to Agency Engagement.

Social Media Spotlight

Social Media Spotlight

Social media is connected to everything marketers do today, but figuring out what's what can be daunting. Ad Age's Social Media Spotlight can help you make the right choices for your brand.

Intelligence Centers
Strengthening Relationships Along the Path to Purchase

Strengthening Relationships Along the Path to Purchase

Customer loyalty can be the most difficult thing for a brand to achieve amid today’s myriad choices and options. But smart marketers can engage consumers and build loyalty all along the path to purchase—if they think of it instead as the path to loyalty. Here’s how.

Digital Trailblazers

Digital Trailblazers

In this series, which profiles some of the industry's most visionary digital executives, watch and read about how agency and brand leaders are pushing the boundaries in digital marketing.

Music Marketing: Using Music to Boost Your Brand

Music Marketing: Using Music to Boost Your Brand

When an advertiser can connect a brand with music, they can create value. Those connections translate into loyalty, sales and, in some cases, the creation of brand advocates who are willing to act as ambassadors in their own networks and in the wider social media world. In this hub, learn more about how to add music to your brand's identity.

neustar - Grab a Minute

Grab a Minute

Join us as we "grab a minute" with some of the smartest minds in the business to hear their thoughts on the state of marketing and media-and where it's headed. Come back throughout the year for exclusive backstage video interviews from Ad Age conferences.

Marketing to Men

Marketing to Men

You can't reach the modern man unless you understand him. As an advertiser, you need to know not only how much disposable income he has, but also how he spends his money and his time. In this section, learn about what makes the modern man tick--and how to reach him.