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Audience and Reach

MediaNet reaches more than 70 percent of every major U.S. consumer segment online and skews highest to adults 30 and older.* More than just qualified eyeballs, MediaNet delivers consumers with real buying power and is consistently ranked in the top three against the biggest networks on comScore's Buying Power Index.
*Source: comScore, January 2009

Publishers and Inventory

  • We supply 100 percent direct access to premium inventory on the Web's biggest publisher brands with representation in every major content category across 3,500 sites.
  • 100 percent of our inventory is delivered above-the-fold.

Targeting and Brand Safety Controls

  • Standard targeting: geography (country, state, city, region, DMA), language, bandwidth, operating system, browser, user agent, daypart, day of week, frequency, creative, performance metric, domain extension, retargeting
  • Custom targeting: age, gender, income, children in household, race, channel
  • Brand safety controls: content group filtering (e.g. user-generated, political), site exclusions


Within an advertiser's controlled set of targeted media, campaigns are dynamically placed based on actual user response to your messaging using hundreds of automatically processed optimization variables. Optimax, the algorithms that power MediaNet, is proprietary to Casale Media and available only to the clients of our network.


Casale Media is recognized as an innovator in online media technology, with more than 30 years of technology-based communications expertise.


Dorothy Clark

Despite the attractive benefits of buying from networks (scale, reach, cost-efficiency), issues surrounding lack of transparency and control have left many advertisers unwilling to use them out of concern for the safety of their brands. It's also easy to get caught up in the idea of networks as "high-value providers," but if you don't know exactly what you're buying into, those dollars, especially CPM dollars, could be going to waste.

Redefining how brands use networks

Casale Media's network, MediaNet, addresses these concerns directly, and it represents a different breed of ad network: one that puts quality and client control first.

We focus our efforts entirely on the types of segments that brands want to reach, and we structure our booking options to accommodate the ways in which brands want to reach them. Our approach is completely open and

Inventory quality: Know what you're buying into

We advise brand advertisers that are considering networks to do their homework to make certain they know exactly where their ad spending is going. The mix of inventory offered across different networks can vary greatly, even when it comes from the same publisher. Networks may appear similar on the surface, but placement of the impressions that make up their inventory can be markedly different. Just as early impressions make a stronger impact, so do those placed above the Web site "fold." Impact value aside, research suggests that below-the-fold ads aren't actually seen by most users. Even the lowest CPM is wasted budget if your ads aren't viewed.

MediaNet is focused in the Internet's short tail. Our entire inventory is delivered above the fold, and more than 80 percent of our network is made up of first- and early-impression placements.

Inventory sourcing: Implications for brand safety

There is a lot of warranted concern about the origin of the inventory on networks. It is common for networks to source their inventory in part, and in some cases entirely, from third parties. This is undoubtedly the root cause of that all-too-common scenario where client ads show up in places they shouldn't.

Because our entire inventory is sourced directly, we have total control over the placement of every ad delivered on our network and the quality of environment. There are absolutely no uncertainties when a client books on MediaNet.

Controlling the content and audience mix

Casale Media recently introduced MediaNet Custom Networks, which allow advertisers to specify exactly what audience demographics they're trying to reach and what content environments their brands will appear in. We can take these parameters and create a high-index custom network of Web sites that advertisers can then review and edit before their campaigns launch.

Combining custom networks and user optimization

Without consideration for specific audience demographics, vertical categories such as "sports" are too broad to address the disparity between, for example, the market for tennis equipment and the market for college football. At the same time, niche categories are too restrictive to be effective on a large scale.

MediaNet Custom Networks are flexible. They target specific demographics while incorporating content that complements your brand and appeals to your target market. Tennis players aren't only browsing tennis sites online. They go online to consume news, search for health tips and read gossip, too.

Within your Custom Network, Optimax, the algorithms that drive MediaNet, optimizes the placement of your campaign based on interaction. This allows a campaign to go out to the market with broad assumptions and then be narrowed down to a clear set of users based on actual response to your messaging.

How Casale Media works with publishers

MediaNet combines technology and scale with control and transparency for both buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers). Our publishers deliver content-rich, brand-friendly environments with material that covers the broad spectrum of online publishing. Well-qualified publishers can apply online ( to become part of MediaNet. Once approved, publishers can be quickly set up to serve relevant, high-quality ads in key industry formats that complement (not clutter) their sites.

Quality brand advertising and total control

Supported by a widely distributed North American sales force with offices in major media markets across the U.S., Casale Media is proud to deliver first-class ads from quality brands that users know and trust. A massive roster of the world's leading international advertisers all run campaigns on Casale Media's network. Our publishers manage everything from the price of their inventory to the type of advertisers that can appear on their property, putting them in complete control of their media.

MediaNet Channels

Autos, B-to-B, Business & Finance, Casual Games, Community & Culture, Education & Careers, Family & Parenting, Food, Glamour, Health & Wellness, Home, Leisure, Movies & Television, Music & Radio, News & Portals, Shopping, Sports, Tech & Gaming, Travel.