Network Highlights

AdMob can help you target and reach your audience on mobile devices. Adidas, Comedy Central, EA, Gap, JCPenney, Land Rover, Marriott, Microsoft, Paramount, Procter & Gamble, Sony Pictures, Toshiba and hundreds of other brands have selected AdMob as their mobile advertising partner. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • U.S. scale leader: AdMob reaches 49 percent of mobile Web users.
  • Sophisticated targeting: Target by demographic, device, DMA or interest.
  • Premium content: The leading mobile sites as well as leading iPhone and Android applications
  • Innovative ad units: AdMob was the first to develop rich-media ads for mobile and the first to serve ads into Android applications.
  • Turnkey solution: We sell ads, but we also give creative consultation, create mobile-specific assets, optimize your campaign in-flight and provide comprehensive reporting. In short, AdMob makes mobile advertising easy and effective.


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There are more than 48 million mobile Web users in the U.S., and AdMob reaches more than 17 million unique users monthly in our network of top mobile sites, according to Nielsen Mobile. When you add the 6.5 million uniques in our U.S. iPhone network, our audience is greater than 24 million unduplicated mobile users in the U.S., according to AdMob's internal numbers. AdMob's reach and innovative ads can help you bring your engaging, compelling campaigns to life on mobile at scale with our rich-media, banner and text mobile ads.

Mobile has arrived as a mainstream advertising medium—and it works. Mobile click-through rates are 10 times online averages. Mobile advertising also makes a significant brand impact. InsightExpress recently compared the results of its online brand studies to the results of its mobile brand studies. In this benchmark comparison study, mobile brand campaigns caused dramatically larger increases in key brand metrics such as awareness, message association and purchase intent.

Based on the hundreds of brand campaigns we have run on our network, here are the top 10 mobile engagement strategies:

  • Link to the Apple App Store to get your branded iPhone app downloaded.
  • Launch a video ad.
  • Initiate call to your call center.
  • Create an expandable rich-media ad unit.
  • Create an expandable scrolling ad unit (to include details and disclaimers below the fold).
  • Map the location of the nearest retail store.
  • Collect opt-ins for e-mail or text-messaging efforts.
  • Link to content and product imagery.
  • Link to purchase movie tickets.
  • Link to for a purchase.

Depending on your goals, you can use any combination of these strategies to engage your mobile audience.

Contact AdMob today at . We will come to your agency or company and host a "Lunch & Learn" session with your team to tell you more about how mobile advertising with AdMob can work for you.

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The AdMob network offers reach and targeted scale across a best-in-class network of premium publisher partners. Depending on your targeting parameters, your ads will be served on top mobile Web sites or leading iPhone and Android applications.

Sample mobile sites in the AdMob network:

  • AccuWeather
  • CBS News and CBS Sports
  • CNET
  • Fox Sports
  • MySpace
  • Shape
  • TV Guide
  • Us Weekly

Sample iPhone applications in the AdMob network:

  • Flixster (movie app)
  • SportsTap (sports app)
  • BigOven (recipe app)
  • Sportacular (sports app)
  • Go Green (eco-friendly tips app)
  • Tap Tap Revenge (music game app)
  • Forex on the Go (business app)
  • CelebDaily (entertainment news app)
  • Truveo (video search app)

You can select the specific list of mobile sites and iPhone applications from the AdMob network to target based on your campaign goals. Advertising in iPhone applications is one of the best ways to reach and engage iPhone users and get them to download your iPhone application. We can arrange custom sponsorships of select applications in our network for maximum brand impact in addition to a banner and text ad campaign.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"AdMob was one of the primary means Comedy Central used to drive traffic to their mobile site, an effort that ultimately resulted in a substantial increase in traffic. AdMob provides an effective, high-ROI mobile advertising solution."

—John Simpson, media supervisor, Deep Focus

"We partnered with AdMob because their network delivers both the greatest reach and access to the most premium sites in mobile. AdMob gave me confidence that I could deliver the best results for my client."

—Kim Luegers, emerging media director, Draft FCB, Brand: Hampton Inn

"Land Rover has run multiple campaigns with AdMob, and we've consistently been impressed with AdMob's performance, innovation and how easy it is to work with them."

—Joao Machado, group director, MEC Global

"Ford believes mobile marketing is an important and engaging way to reach consumers. AdMob has provided us with an efficient and highly targeted way to engage potential customers in the mobile environment."

—Brian Bos, senior VP-convergence director, Mindshare