Collective Network


  • Average income approximately $78,000
  • Average age is 37
  • Our network is 49 percent male and 51 percent female

Network Reach

  • 113 million-plus unique users monthly
  • 6,000-plus brand-name sites monthly
  • 75 percent of comScore's top 100 sites

Audience Targeting

  • Channel
  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Retargeting
  • Demographic
  • Geographic

Ad Units

  • Standard IAB formats
  • In-stream and in-banner video
  • Rich media, including overlays, expandables, interstitials

Other Services

  • AMP: ad network management and audience-targeting platform for publishers, agencies and advertisers
  • Personifi: unified contextual and behavioral targeting solution integrated into AMP and available to publishers, agencies and advertisers
  • Collective Video Network: in-stream video network of premium video content and brand name publishers
  • Directive Network: ad network designed for direct marketers to serve the needs of direct response advertisers that require site transparency and high-quality ad environments


646-722-8550 or 888-460-9513
[email protected]

Since its inception in 2005, Collective Media has grown as a parent company to include a suite of ad network and ad technology solutions for agencies, advertisers and publishers. The idea that started it all is what is now known as the Collective Network. Created to serve Fortune 1,000 advertisers seeking a brand-safe advertising environment, the Collective Network is fully transparent, contains only top-quality inventory and attracts first-rate advertisers.

Collective 360° Targeting solutions

Collective leverages best in breed psychographic segmentation and aggregation methods, powerfully joining online and offline data. With more than 160 million U.S. uniques in our data arsenal, we'll always serve the most relevant campaign.

  • Enthusiast data
  • Registration data
  • Psychographic data
  • Retargeting data
  • Search data
  • In-market data
  • Shopping data
Research and analytics
  • Real time branding studies by Vizu
  • Engagement metrics: Interaction and Time Spent metrics available on all ad impressions
  • Audience Insider: Gain insight on how audiences interact with your brand and advertising
  • Search and display: Better quantify and allocate ROI of media spending
Collective Video: In-banner and in-stream
  • Pre-, mid- and post-roll video
  • User-initiated expandables
  • Overlays with "click to play" to video or site
  • Clickable video—HD or standard def
  • IAB-approved formats
  • Unique ad unit formats with partner OggiFinogi
  • Custom branded content creation from partner Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG)


The Collective Network helps publishers monetize their unsold inventory by bringing quality advertisers together with premium content, offering site visitors a better experience. With advanced reporting and personalized service, Collective Network makes it safe and easy to monetize unsold inventory.

  • Brand-name publishers
    • AccuWeather, All Recipes, Biz Journals, Maxim, MTV Networks, NBC, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, TV Guide
  • National coverage with local relevancy
    • Includes Associated Press, Tribune Co., Fox News, Reuters, USA Today
  • Unsold inventory partner
    • Data and Technology Solutions
    • 100 percent advertiser transparency
  • AMP audience targeting and ad network management platform
    • Single application interface to manage owned-and-operated, affiliate, retargeting and reach extension networks
  • AMP Reach extension programs
    • AMP Network
    • Channel, contextual, behavioral, retargeting
  • Audience targeting system (Personifi)
    • Semantic page classification, contextual/behavioral targeting
  • Data monetization
    • New incremental revenue source

"Working with Collective Media has been a great and collaborative experience. They continually generate the results we are looking to produce and provide a high level of service for us and our clients."

Adam Shlachter, senior partner-group director, MEC Interaction