Google Content Network


With more publishers than any other ad network,* you can connect with your audience on the hundreds of thousands of sites they visit every day.
*Source: comScore, February 2009


Users today spend their time on the Internet in many environments, from watching videos to reading blog feeds and playing games. Our network provides opportunities to advertise in all such environments—video streams, games, feeds and social networks.


With real-time reports on where your ads ran and how they performed on each Web page, you'll be able to understand where your message is performing best and adjust your advertising investment accordingly.

Network Reach

As the largest ad network in the world, and fourth largest in the U.S., the Google Content Network reaches 75 percent of international Internet users and 76 percent of the U.S. online audience.*
*Source: comScore, February 2009


  • Category
  • Category exclusion
  • Contextual
  • Dayparting
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Interest-based advertising
  • Site placement
  • Site exclusion


Our real-time auction ensures you pay market prices for your advertising placements and not a penny more. You can bid based on CPM or CPC, or we can optimize your campaign toward a target CPA using CPC.


Our team of Google Content Network specialists will find your audience, then work with you to reach them more cost-effectively.


The Google Content Network can efficiently and effectively meet your advertising needs. Not only do we have the largest global network,1 but our product and engineering teams have developed a range of solutions—from contextual targeting to real-time reporting—that help you and your clients create, launch and optimize campaigns that deliver results. And because the world of online advertising evolves speeding-bullet fast, we never stop innovating. Which means neither do you.

Improve performance with the same contextual targeting that revolutionized search
  • First introduced by Google, contextual targeting matches the content of your ad to the content of a Web page. For example, if you're advertising vacation packages for Greece, we'll show your ads to a user viewing a Web page about Greek beaches.
  • By working for years with more publishers than any other ad network,2 our contextual technology has learned which ads work best on a given Web page. That means your messages show up in the places where your audience will be most likely to respond.
Be more cost-effective with auction-based pricing
  • Our auction model ensures you're paying the most competitive prices.
  • Whether it's CPC, CPM or optimizing toward a target CPA, set your bids using the pricing model that best fits your advertising goals.
Connect with your audience, large or small
  • Consumer behavior is shifting toward niche sites.3 With sites spanning broad and premium niche, the Content Network gives you access to hundreds of thousands of sites and millions of consumers.
  • Select your audience based on their interests—whether they're sports enthusiasts or social activists—and our targeting technology will find them across the Content Network.
  • We give users the ability to edit the interests we think they have, providing a new level of transparency for users and better targeting for you.
Run campaigns with greater flexibility and control
  • Flexibility: Get real-time reports on where your ads ran and how they performed on each Web page, with metrics such as clicks, impressions, cost and conversions. Use that information to learn what works and what doesn't so you can optimize your campaign for the best results.
  • Control: For maximum control over your campaign, handpick the sites where you want your ads to appear.
Work with an organization with deep knowledge of every industry
  • Get the most relevant strategy recommendations from our experts, who have years of experience working with your industry.

Broad reach. Pinpoint targeting. Efficient prices. Better ROI. The Google Content Network.

Source: 1comScore, February 2009. 2"Google Ad Server share now at 57%. Microhoo less than 15% market share," Attributor, Dec. 18, 2008. 3"Niche Web Sites Buck Media Struggles," The Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2009.


Google has partnered with global media outlets, social networks and niche publishers to create the largest online advertising marketplace in the world.

Google AdSense enables Web site publishers of all sizes to display targeted rich media, image and text ads alongside their Web site content, site search results, feeds, videos, games and on their mobile sites.

Publisher benefits include:

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of advertisers
  • Highly targeted ads that complement publisher content and provide additional value to users
  • More control over the ads that run on your site

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Content Network at a Glance*

Size: Largest global network
Country reach: 76 percent of Internet users in North America
Audience: 146 million unique monthly visitors
Page views: 139 billion each month
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*Source: comScore, February 2009