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Grab Networks reaches more than 6 million engaged viewers in the U.S., according to comScore (February 2009). We serve more than 18 million video streams per month in the U.S. Our composition among the key consumer audience of adults 18 to 49 is 61 percent.

Video Engagement

Because our site partners understand the content needs of their viewers so well, we have very high engagement metrics: 82 percent of viewers watch the pre-stream ad through completion.


We can target by content category: news, business, sports, casual gaming, lifestyle, entertainment and health. We offer multiple content subcategories based on your particular needs. We provide demo, geo and time-of-day serving capabilities as well.

Ad Units

Pre-roll Flash video may be five, 10, 15 or 30 seconds, and can be accompanied by a 300x250 companion banner. Both the video and banner are clickable.
We can also syndicate branded content and long-form content. Contact us for specifics.


Real-time monitoring, measurement, frequency capping and optimization ensure campaign performance. We accept third-party serving platforms, including Dart and Atlas.


Dave Jackson
Senior VP-ad sales

Grab Networks is an ad-supported video content syndication network providing 50,000-plus Web site publishing partners with professionally produced video content to meet their programming needs. Videos are licensed for syndication from more than 400 sources, including NBC Universal, MTV, The New York Times, NBA, NHL and Grab Networks helps marketers connect with engaged viewers to build reach for their pre-stream campaigns and provides them with unique high-reach distribution for their branded content video assets.

Grab Networks is unique compared with traditional ad networks. Instead of buying inventory from sites and then reselling that to marketers and agencies, Web site publishers are consistent partners who program their sites with video from Grab Networks, delivered by a customized/site-branded video player, across a variety of content categories. Ads are inserted whenever a particular piece of content aligns with the targeting parameters of a media buy. Both the site partner and the content provider share in the revenue.

Marketers rely on Grab Networks to help them reach passionate consumers across the niche sites they love. Because Grab Networks allows site publishers to choose the video content to meet the needs of their unique viewers, Grab Networks delivers strong engagement levels combined with low duplication against the portals. The publisher network is fully transparent and "brand safe."

Frequency capping and real-time monitoring, measurement and optimization are available to ensure maximum campaign performance, as are contextual, demo, geo and time-of-day serving.

Grab Networks was created from the recent merger between Voxant, a content syndication network, and Anystream, a video content production and management platform. With more than eight years of experience providing solutions from production and management to distribution and monetization, and a new end-to-end video management platform, Grab Networks is a critical partner to publishers, content providers and marketers as they take advantage of "video snacking"—a term describing the video usage trend among Web consumers where short-form video clips are viewed frequently throughout the day.

Grab Networks can help deliver your reach, engagement and efficiency goals, and stands ready to help scale your pre-stream campaigns and to help syndicate any video content you create.


Designed for sites looking to use video to attract more repeat visitors, page views and video streams per visitor, Grab Networks offers access to the largest library of fully licensed, high-quality, short-form video content. With video from AP, Reuters, Splash TV and Young Hollywood, there are extensive choices of category and content sources to complement any Web site. Grab relevant clips or feeds, then publish them in a customized, branded player in seconds. Feature related video selections automatically via a widget that matches Web page metadata with indexed video metadata from our catalog—totally licensed and completely free. To learn more about publishing and revenue opportunities, contact Michael Gatzke,


Grab Networks' solutions for content owners blend the media production and workflow management platform of industry-leading Anystream with the world's largest publishing network from Voxant. The result is a powerhouse solution to ingest, manage, publish, syndicate and, ultimately, monetize stores of underutilized video. To learn more about syndication and revenue opportunities from Grab Networks, contact Art Bushnell,

The Online Video Snacking Trend

By Dave Jackson, Senior VP-Ad Sales, Grab Networks

"Video Snacking" describes how millions of people are creating viewing habits around quick and consistent consumption of video. I see evidence of this trend every day in my work with Grab Networks, a video content syndication network, based on our server data. Last month comScore published highlights of its video reporting for November 2008, which support this trend:

  • 146 million people, or 77 percent of the U.S. Internet audience, viewed online video.
  • Those viewers watched 34 percent more online videos than they did the previous year.
  • The average online viewer watched 273 minutes of video, up more than 40 percent vs. the previous year.
  • The average duration of online video is pretty short at 3.1 minutes per video.
  • The audience viewed 87 videos per month on average, 18 more videos per month than the previous year.

The last two points highlight the trend of video snacking—"more people watching more videos more often."

The average duration of online video was the only metric that remained consistent to last year, up only 18 seconds per video vs. the previous year. This is despite the fact that long-form sites such as Hulu did not exist last year. Americans still have relatively short attention spans when it comes to their online viewing experience.

What is particularly interesting, though, is how women are using video vs. last year. According to the same comScore data as above:

  • Women watched 41 percent more online videos than they did the previous year.
  • They now watch 79 videos per month on average, up 33 percent.
  • They spend 227 minutes watching online video, up 46 percent.
  • The average video length for women is 2.9 minutes, vs. 3.4 for men.

We also see some implications for marketers beyond the numbers. Through ethnographic research we do to create content for clients seeking to reach women, there are some distinct patterns in what women are looking for from their online video experience.

Most women have extremely busy lives with work, home, budgets and kids (no new news there). When they are watching online video, they tell us that they crave content that transports them mentally away from their daily routines and reality. They also look for "information and inspiration" from relatable "sisters and situations." Video content that gives a woman real information, but that also allows for aspirational narratives, is particularly compelling for her.

Video snacking is a real trend because online video meets a content need for viewers and is easily accessible to those viewers throughout their day. Marketers and agencies, particularly those that are trying to reach women, would be well served to look for ways to build on this trend to help achieve their goals.