IAC Network

IAC Network Sites

As the majority of our sites are IAC-owned and
-operated, you can feel confident knowing the context in which your ads will run.

  • Citysearch.com
  • CollegeHumor.com
  • Dictionary.com
  • Evite.com
  • Excite.com
  • Gifts.com
  • HealthCentral Network
  • IWON.com
  • Life123.com
  • Match.com
  • RealEstate.com
  • Reference.com
  • RushmoreDrive.com
  • Thesaurus.com
  • And more!

Audience Cube Methodology

IAC Audience Cubes are a powerful new way to target your best customers across our high-quality portfolio. Our proprietary methodology uses best-of-breed technologies to leverage the breadth of rich demographic and behavioral data available from our vertical sites. To create our multidimensional audience segments, we combine:

  • Declared status or life stage
  • Declared interest in/engagement with relevant content
  • Demonstrated intent/purchased products and services
  • Exhibited lifestyle behaviors
  • Active within designated time period

Ad Units

IAB-standard (728x90, 300x250, 160x600), rich media, in-banner video and custom solutions available.


We built the IAC Network from the ground up and completely rethought traditional optimization. Similar to our targeting, we optimize multidimensionally, looking at context and behavior together.


Dean Lucente

The IAC Network is made up of 30-plus leading and emerging sites you know—and most likely use—such as Citysearch, Evite and Match.com.

Lives well lived

What our activity-based sites share is a mission to deliver information and inspiration to enrich our users' lives and drive social activity and transactional behavior offline. That means our 47 million users go out, get together and stay active in the real world. And they spend billions of dollars a year doing it. Talk about engagement.

Another important fact is that the majority of our sites are owned and operated by IAC. This gives us a great edge compared to other ad networks.

Our edge

Because most of our sites are IAC-owned, we can tap into rich behavioral and declared information about our users. Translation: We know a lot more. For example, we know if a user exercises regularly, searches for expensive restaurants in New York, is looking for a new home to purchase, has dogs or attended a bachelor party. Analysis of these multiple dimensions of attributes (literally, millions) delivers an unmatched level of insight into our users and what's important to them. And we're making that intelligence work for you.

Audience Cubes leverage sophisticated targeting technology

Our unique combination of behavior, context, demographics and transactional information helps us create distinct, meaningful data sets and methodologies for each of our audience segments—or, as we call them, Audience Cubes. As a result, our Audience Cubes contain clear demographic and psychographic identities, which means if you want parents, your message reaches parents on the IAC Network, both in and out of context.

At the end of the day, we believe in adding value to our users' lives and helping you connect with the consumers you want in a cost-effective and efficient way. Pretty simple.

The IAC Network provides:

  • Robust user intelligence
  • Trusted environments
  • Efficient reach and spend

Major brands are signing on and renewing. Shouldn't you? Let's talk.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, six-month average, July-December 2008.


Retargeting just got easier. IAC is among a select few partnering with Akamai, the leader in Web content delivery, to offer advertisers more sophisticated retargeting with significantly less work.

Leveraging Akamai's massive global footprint, we can retarget visitors to your site across the IAC Network. Pixel-free retargeting takes the guesswork out of which pages to pixel and lets the data inform you as to how visitors interact on your site. Together, we create user segments based on visits to specific pages on your site or where visitors are in the purchase funnel. And we can quickly implement new customized segments in response to what the data tell us.

There's no manual implementation of tags or pixels. The IAC technology does all the work so you can concentrate on your customers.

  • Zero implementation on your end
  • Flexible targeting in real time
  • Your campaign up and running faster

Traditional retargeting is also available


Leveraging our rich user data and best-of-breed technologies, we've created multidimensional, highly accurate profiles of the desirable audience segments you want to reach. We target all demographic segments in addition to our Audience Cubes and Channels:

Audience Cubes

  • Active Shoppers
  • Active Travelers
  • Business Professionals
  • Health Conscious
  • Home Buyers
  • Homeowners
  • Influencers
  • Movie Buffs
  • Pet Owners
  • Sports Fans
  • Socially Active
  • Trendspotters
  • Affluents
  • Parents
  • Singles


  • Lifestyles
  • House and Home
  • Entertainment

Who moves your cheese? The future of ad networks

By Ali C. Mirian, Director of Product Management, IAC Ad Solutions

It was the greatest cheddar I ever had. Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vt., produces, ages and distributes delicious artisanal cheese. The farm also helps small cheesemakers age, distribute and ship their pallets along with its own. As a result, local makers can focus on making great cheese and leave the rest to Jasper Hill.

As long as there have been free markets, industrious middlemen have hunted down inefficiencies and found ways to exploit them. It's a simple concept: Amass supply and redistribute it. These aggregators achieve two things: 1) They repackage inventory in a way that individual suppliers can't; and 2) they build an efficient supply chain to lower prices. Sellers unload unsold inventory while buyers have access to cheap supply.

Mutual funds do it. So do shopping malls and even doctors. And, of course, ad networks do it, too.

Ad networks succeed by acquiring inventory cheaply, selling it less cheaply and vigilantly managing to that spread. But this model is being threatened. Publishers, eager to slow declining ad rates, are replicating the aggregation model to build their own ad networks. Large agencies (Publicis, WPP, Havas and Interpublic) are experimenting as well. While the aggregation concept is moving up the food chain, ad networks are moving further down. By virtue of the very efficiencies they've created, ad networks are forcing themselves to remodel.

Unlike Jasper Hill, which allows suppliers to maintain price points, ad networks focus on bringing prices down in order to provide buyers a cheaper alternative. Unfortunately, advertisers are losing trust in ad networks that cannot provide disclosure and quality assurance on their inventory pool, which in turn has further decreased the prices ad networks can demand. In the last five years, the biggest growth in ad network inventory has been from social networks. Social media proves one of the hardest types of inventory to monetize. It's no surprise then that ad network CPMs have fallen so low that premium publishers no longer find them worth the risk.

"It's evolution, baby." First came specialist ad networks that sprang up in response to advertiser demands for deeper targeting and packaging. But the new landscape is too complex for verticals alone. Specialization has options. One aggregation model aligns quality brands under one roof, combined with deep targeting capabilities. "Super Publishers," which own and operate multiple properties, are finally achieving the economies of scale needed to efficiently aggregate inventory and data. As media conglomerates scoop up the few remaining independent large publishers, they'll have leverage to disintermediate ad networks and offer a direct connection between advertiser and consumer.

For Super Publishers to succeed (and steal market share), they'll have to create new value in targeting and optimization, and consider integrating to common ad-serving technologies and coordinating sales efforts. As for conventional ad networks and exchanges, they're forced to go long tail and lower quality, relying heavily on black-box targeting and optimization. These businesses will continue to do what they do best—turn low value into something worth selling.

Jasper Hill leverages aggregation to deliver premium products. Advertisers should expect the same from aggregators. Because in the end, you get what you pay for.