Adify Media


Adify Media delivers:

  • Deep engagement:
    • Network: over-index for weekly Internet usage
    • Moms/parents: 74 percent more likely to spend $500-plus on kids' clothes
    • Entertainment/news: three times the time spent vs. comparable portals
    • Gaming: two times the time spent vs. Internet average
  • Education: 79 percent with some college; 56 percent grads
  • Affluence: 7 percent higher for yearly household income above $100,000

Network Reach

  • 57 million unique visitors in the U.S.
  • 10,000-plus proprietary sites
  • 150-plus vertical ad networks


  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Geographical
  • Day of week
  • Dayparting
  • Frequency capping
  • Language
  • Technical (browser, OS, ISP, speed)
  • Retargeting

Ad Units

IAB standard plus:

  • Rich media
  • Roadblocks and interstitials
  • Video and overlays
  • Widgets
  • Content syndication


Four-factor real-time optimization


Glenn Fishback
Senior VP-Media Sales
Adify Media Sales

Accountability. It's a big word that most networks can't live up to. But they're not Adify Media, the private marketplace for brand advertisers. Adify Media builds long-term relationships with clients through transparency and unparalleled customer support.

Built on the Adify Network Builder platform technology that powers 150-plus vertical ad networks, Adify Media has direct relationships with more than 10,000 proprietary sites—and their highly engaged audiences. As partners in its customers' success, Adify Media creates unique site lists for each campaign, monitors insertion orders to ensure they run as ordered and optimizes performance on the fly.

Discover site-by-site transparency

With Adify Media, advertisers can implement the creative that best fits their goals and access site-by-site performance tracking for true transparency. The network offers first-party buys, with no brokering or remnant sales, and does not buy on other networks or exchanges. Adify Media supports virtually unlimited forms of high-impact creative, including rich media, roadblocks, widgets, content syndication and video.

Target engaged audiences

Adify Media delivers 57 million U.S. unique visitors across high-value vertical segments. Of these segments, six out of 10 deliver greater UV than their comparable portal competitors.

The Adify Media audience over-indexes Internet averages in many areas; for example, 79 percent of Adify Media visitors have attended some college and 56 percent are graduates; in gaming, Adify Media visitors spend nearly twice as much time online on games and entertainment compared with average Internet users. In the moms/parents segment, Adify Media viewers are 74 percent more likely to spend $500-plus on children's clothing (source: comScore, March 2009).

Target your brand

Will Adify Media's engaged audiences be receptive to advertiser messaging? Yes, thanks to Adify's three-part "human algorithm" screening: First, each site is vetted to the subdomain level by subject matter experts, and selected for content quality and relevance. Next, Adify Media works with planners to define custom channels, hand-tailoring the site list to the campaign. Finally, the Adify Network Builder platform supports advanced targeting, including behavioral, contextual, demographic and geographic targeting, as well as auto-optimization and retargeting.

Bottom line: Make a smart buy

With higher engagement, premium inventory and site-by-site reporting, Adify Media offers planners 100 percent confidence in safe, transparent and successful campaigns. Now that's accountability. Side by side. Site by site.


The Adify Network Builder platform powers some of the best vertical ad networks in the world, representing 14 different channels made up of quality mid-tail publishers such as Adventure Sports Online, AutoMart, BuildPedia,,, The Gadget Geek Dad, Idea Lab Marketing Blog, iPhoneHacks, Laptopical, MomGadget, Mountain Bike News, My Money Blog, SmartNow and 30elm.

Publishers on networks powered by the Adify Network Builder platform can review and accept or reject all creative, giving them control over the ads that appear on their sites. Smaller publishers with highly engaged audiences can find new economies of scale and align with other high-quality content providers serving similar audiences.

To apply to join the Adify Media network or one of the verticals on the Adify platform, visit

Q&A: Glenn Fishback, senior VP-media sales, Adify Media

Q: What makes Adify Media different from other media opportunities?

Mr. Fishback: Adify Media is the only fully accountable ad network. That means we partner with our clients by delivering site and line item reporting and optimization across the 10,000 unique sites that Adify Media accesses, over the more than 150 networks that use our platform.

Adify Media works side by side with our clients to ensure success site by site. We provide 100 percent site transparency and visibility, along with brand safety and targeting efficiency. Unlike traditional ad networks, Adify Media only serves first-party ad calls on our proprietary ad server, which is certified to IAB ad impression guidelines and UAT compliant. The Adify Network Builder platform is the exclusive ad-serving infrastructure for more than 150 premium vertical networks reaching more than 57 million U.S. uniques monthly and 89 million globally. Combined with the premium inventory from our parent company, COX Enterprises, Adify Media has less than 10 percent overlap with the top 20 ad networks and exchanges.

Q: What is site-by-site transparency? Why don't other networks offer it?

Mr. Fishback: Site-by-site transparency means that our advertisers get the unique ability to understand at every site/domain the actual performance of their campaign—with results broken down by creative layout size, geo, time and so on. This level of transparency ensures 100 percent brand safety because there's no guessing where an ad appeared.

No other ad network can guarantee this level of transparency because other networks buy their inventory via exchanges or on a remnant basis, and cannot guarantee placement on the publishers' respective inventories. Many publishers do not allow networks to share their site performance data. In contrast, thanks to the Adify Network Builder platform, Adify Media has direct relationships with all publishers in the network.

Q: How does Adify Media maximize performance?

Mr. Fishback: Adify Media first-party serves all our ads, giving us complete visibility and transparency across our more than 10,000 sites. This gives us a significant competitive advantage over traditional ad networks that third-party serve their ads—mostly within iFrames. Being the first ad call yields better performance, and running contextually relevant campaigns yields higher performance rates. Adify Media also leverages state-of-the-art behavioral targeting technology to retarget viewers and visitors.

Since we have real-time reporting (updated every 15 minutes), Adify Media is constantly monitoring campaign performance. If there is a certain site where a campaign is falling below the client's stated objectives, we will remove that site from the campaign.

Our campaign optimization process is another area where we maximize performance, first by analyzing performance across sites by ad space, geography, time and creative, and then optimizing against our clients' respective objectives.

Q: What types of clients are best served by Adify Media?

Mr. Fishback: We work with many clients across a number of verticals. When we meet with prospective agencies or brands, we are 100 percent open with our site list, explain our sophisticated targeting capabilities and offer unique creative solutions beyond the traditional ad network IAB ad units (300x250, 728x90, 160x600). This high-impact creative includes sponsorships, roadblocks, overlays and more. We believe that Adify Media's offering is a best-in-class solution for advertisers that seek a long-term partner who can offer access to quality, first-party, unduplicated inventory that is not part of the traditional ad network rotation.