Our sports enthusiasts are avid participants and passionate fans. We reach more than 25 million educated, influential and active individuals whose purchases and influence go beyond sports.


Our network is comprised of more than 450 high-quality Web sites and offline media partners.

Advertising Solutions

We offer advertisers the ability to reach their target audience through multiple touch points with custom solutions designed to meet their needs:

  • Television
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Out-of-home
  • Out-of-home digital
    • Out-of-home place-based
    • Sampling and trial
  • Digital display
    • Standard media
    • Targeting
    • Rich media
    • E-commerce
    • Standard video
    • Newsletters
    • Sweepstakes
  • Custom and emerging
    • Brand wraps
    • Section sponsorships
    • Mobile advertising
    • Mobile video game sponsorships
    • Podcasts
    • Widgets
    • Surveys
    • Content modules
    • Advertorials
    • Product placement
    • Polls
    • Product ambassadors
    • Community sponsorships
    • Community contests
    • Original video content
  • Sponsorships
    • Event sponsorships
    • Athlete endorsements
    • Athlete influencer endorsements


Kevin Granath
Senior VP-sales and business Development

Connecting marketers to millions of passionate sports enthusiasts wherever they are, Sportgenic is a sports marketing company that uses innovative technology to connect brands to passionate sports enthusiasts.

Introducing Sportgenic Torque:
A new force in sports marketing

Sportgenic has broken the traditional ad network mold with a new force in sports marketing. Sportgenic Torque is the world's first software platform that connects marketers to passionate sports enthusiasts wherever they are. The Torque platform openly, efficiently and dynamically connects marketers and sports media partners. Through Torque, marketers and agencies are able to access thousands of premium television, print, digital, mobile and event sponsorship opportunities.

Simple tools to build, buy and manage integrated campaigns

Sportgenic Torque is a full-service, software-driven, media-planning tool that empowers marketers to plan, build, buy and manage integrated campaigns easily and dynamically across all media types. Marketers can browse and search for individual listings and complete media packages within Sportgenic Torque, save and revisit those details, then build, buy and manage integrated media plans.

Marketers and agencies are provided with a depth of inventory not readily available elsewhere online in the sports vertical—whether they need specific inventory that can easily be added to an existing media plan or integrated packages that combine multiple media formats to reach their audiences more broadly. This kind of self-service access to such a high volume of quality inventory can save considerable time for marketers and their organizations.

Automatically manage online and offline inventory

Sportgenic Torque provides media partners with the tools to efficiently connect with the right marketers to maximize their revenue. The tools provide for self-service creation and maintenance of new account profiles, including the ability to define the types of marketers and advertising appropriate for their inventories. Partners can easily create, publish and manage such inventory as online ad space, event sponsorships, digital out-of-home, television spots and print insertions on the Torque platform. Torque makes it easy to report on sales and fine-tune for ongoing revenue opportunities.


Introducing TorqueConnect for Media Partners:
Manage and sell your inventory directly to advertisers

Harness the power of Sportgenic Torque with an easy-to-implement, branded self-service storefront functionality that allows you to manage and sell media inventory directly to advertisers.

  • Create an additional sales channel that advertisers and sponsors can easily access.
  • Seamlessly integrate it with your existing site, using your brand logo and colors.
  • Maximize revenue and manage all inventory types through easy-to-use tools and reports.

Premium partners already using Torque include: Golf Week, Iron Man, Loop'd, Phoenix Suns, Le Tour de France and USGA. Let Sportgenic Torque help you maximize revenue today.