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  • Third-party rich-media ad serving
  • E-mail
  • In-path marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Custom marketing solutions

Publisher Solutions

  • Exclusive representation
  • Inventory management
  • Registration path monetization
  • E-mail list management
  • Rich media for publishers
  • Competitive eCPMs


  • 147 million unique users a month
  • 77 percent of the total Internet audience*


Traffic Marketplace uses esp—enhanced segment profiling—to identify and target your audience. Combining anonymous interest, behavior, demographic and psychographic information from more than 600,000 proprietary Web sites, publishers and market research providers, esp is one of the world's most robust targeting platforms.


Lynn D'Alessandro
Senior VP-strategic sales

Advertisers and Publishers

Public Relations

Ina Murdock-Santos

Phone: 310-647-1467
Fax: 310-647-6001

As the premiere B2A (business-to-audience) online ad network, Traffic Marketplace delivers relevance in online advertising by connecting advertisers with their target audience. Reaching more than 140 million unique users monthly, Traffic Marketplace generates in excess of 30 billion ad impressions each month, delivering more than 20 million leads and customers a year through its targeted display advertising, lead generation, co-registration, e-mail and custom hosted solutions.

The Traffic Marketplace display network is a recognized leader in providing advertisers with reach, unparalleled relevance and proprietary engagement tools to meet their business objectives. The display network consists of three distinct solutions: Select, Premium and Express. Select is a collection of exclusive branded publishers offering full transparency, creative integration and customization for brands and agencies. Premium offers remnant inventory from leading branded publishers to brands, agencies and direct marketers, all in a verified brand-safe environment. Express delivers targeting, scale and efficiency to less brand-sensitive agencies and direct marketers. All display campaigns can be enriched through best-of-breed behavioral targeting, proprietary value-added rich media or cutting-edge click-to-chat products.

The Lead Generation Network specializes in performance-based advertising solutions, including targeted e-mail, co-registration, social media, hosted forms and custom microsites. The Traffic Marketplace Lead Generation Network offers the widest array of solutions in the industry and is recognized as an industry leader in lead quality. Much of the targeting technology available in the display network is also utilized in lead-generation campaigns, bringing an unprecedented level of granular targeting to co-registration and e-mail campaigns.

Finally, with the recent acquisition of fbExchange, an advertising exchange that monetizes social media applications, Traffic Marketplace can deliver many of the same capabilities to advertisers in the social media channel.

If you're investing in online advertising, there's every reason to explore the many leading options offered by Traffic Marketplace—the leading independent ad network.*

*comScore Media Metrix, January 2009