Undertone Networks

Our Inventory

The Undertone network consists of 350 of the highest-quality, best-performing Web properties.

100 Percent Quality Guarantee

Undertone is the only network to guarantee that your ads appear only on high-quality Web sites. If your ad is placed by Undertone on a non-Undertone-qualified publisher site, Undertone will refund the cost of the campaign up to $50,000.


  • Behavioral
  • Remarketing
  • 20-plus content channels
  • Geographic
  • Demographic

Ad Placements

Undertone offers a comprehensive suite of the most effective IAB ad units and solutions:

  • Display ads
  • Pre-roll video
  • In-banner video
  • Expandable video
  • High impact
  • Rich media

Research and Analytics

Undertone provides research and audience analytics reports for advertisers:

  • Post-buy
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Brand awareness
  • Real-time brand measurement


Undertone has sales offices across the U.S. To connect with one near you, call our headquarters at 212-685-8000 or visit our Web site at undertone.com.

It can be challenging to navigate the cluttered ad network marketplace with so many choices. With Undertone Networks, the difference is clear. We are 100 percent focused on quality placements and measurable results, and we are proud to be the first and only network to guarantee it. We provide a comprehensive suite of products and targeting capabilities, along with solutions no other network offers, that help you best achieve your online marketing objectives in a brand-safe environment.

Quality placements on the Web's best properties

We carefully select our media partners to ensure that your message only appears with high-quality, professionally produced content that engages consumers and results in strong campaign performance. Undertone is the first and only network to conduct an annual upfront with publishers. We secure the most valuable and effective placements in advance so the inventory is available when you need it.

  • 100 percent above-the-fold inventory
  • No user-generated content sites
  • No social networking sites
  • No ad exchange inventory
  • No network-to-network brokering
High-impact solutions

Undertone offers high-impact ad solutions that allow marketers to maximize their messaging and deliver a higher ROI than other networks. These products include half- and full-page ads, synched ads and video optimization by engagement.

Advanced rich media integration

Undertone is the most effective and measurable network for rich media, outperforming other networks in critical campaign evaluation metrics on average by more than 50 percent. Undertone has set the benchmark for the lowest default rates, which ensures that consumers see your rich media ads as you intended—not just your backup creatives. Many networks are unable to effectively support rich media, which costs you valuable time and money, and negatively affects campaign performance.

Sophisticated research and analytics

We enable clients to achieve great performance and empower them with services and tools that provide valuable insight into campaign effectiveness. Undertone offers pre-, mid- and post-campaign research as well as audience analytics reports through partnerships with industry-leading audience measurement services and through internal proprietary tools and technology to gauge performance, brand lift, audience reach and more.

Guaranteed brand protection

The Undertone Quality Guarantee ensures that when working with Undertone, your ads appear only on high-quality Web sites. If your ad is placed by Undertone on a non-Undertone-qualified publisher site, we will refund the cost of the campaign up to $50,000. No other network has made this commitment.


As a publisher, you need a partner that not only brings significant financial value but also a work flow process that aligns with your business needs and does not infringe on your primary sales efforts. At Undertone, our knowledge of your needs and our ability to meet them are why many of our publishers have been part of our network since its beginning.

Our U360 program allows publishers to deliver campaigns in full and create new revenue opportunities, while leveraging the benefits of quality and accountability from the Undertone Quality Guarantee.

"Undertone exceeded our goals and expectations."

Julia Hix, senior media planner, The Zimmerman Agency

"Undertone is a trusted and reliable media partner."

Mary Griffin, senior media planner, Carat

"Undertone delivers everything we need to be successful."

Casey Hurbis, senior VP, BBDO