• Brand media
  • Performance media
  • Landing page and site optimization
  • Insights and analytics


[x+1]'s patented predictive optimization technology, POE, guarantees efficiency across your display advertising, site, landing page and search marketing. POE presegments audiences before campaigns are launched and dynamically refines custom segmentation as campaigns run to ensure accurate and effective targeting decisions.


Campaign analysis reports grant you total insight into your audience and the attributes that drive conversion.


    • Bandwidth
    • Browser version
    • Operating system
    • Time of day
    • Work/home
    • ZIP code
  • Demographic data
    • Age class
    • Life stage
    • Rent/own
    • Household income
  • Contextual data
    • Include/exclude site list
    • Web site categories and subcategories
  • Behavioral data
    • Remarketing
    • Product pages visited
    • Referring URL
    • Previous ad exposure
    • Purchase behavior
  • Customer Data
    • Tenure
    • Product ownership
    • Offline propensity models
    • Brand preference



[x+1] provides tools and services that allow agencies and advertisers to optimize their display media, search landing pages and Web sites. We seamlessly integrate with an agency's technology stack and work flow, providing predictive response models to enable automated, real-time targeting so that the right ad and content are delivered to the right person at the right time and price. Top media agencies and companies in financial services, telecommunications, online services and travel have significantly increased the performance of their digital marketing using the tools and services of [x+1].

[x+1]'s POE makes it all go

[x+1] offers a complete, hosted platform that delivers measurable results by laser-focusing ads and content to target audience segments. This platform is built on [x+1]'s patented Predictive Optimization Engine (POE), a first-of-its-kind technology that leverages sophisticated mathematical models to make optimal segmentation and targeting decisions on Web pages and in external media campaigns.

Data is the heart of POE

POE's multidimensional modeling draws on a host of sources: HTTP/IP header data, demographic data, behavioral data, contextual data and customer data. [x+1] also partners with third-party data providers for additional information, compiling all into the richest view of each Web user possible.

Integrated media and landing page optimization

For [x+1]'s display advertising solution, Media+1, POE identifies attributes correlated with positive responses to a marketer's advertising, such as household income, time of day, type of content read online and past message exposure, using this information to generate target audience profiles. POE then forecasts audience size and value, and allocates spending accordingly. This price optimization analysis allows agencies to buy only those segments with proven performance. While traditional solutions employ simple behavioral and contextual targeting, Media+1 creates customized audience segments for each client based on responses to its specific advertising. This sophisticated analytical approach optimizes media delivery, producing the maximum ROI for every campaign. Our integrated platform links this media optimization with landing page optimization. Media+1 targets display ads by audience, and our landing page optimization tool then ensures the highest conversion rate for every click-through. [x+1]'s unified data view ensures that no impression or click is wasted.

Insights and analytics

[x+1] both presegments audiences before campaigns are launched and dynamically refines segmentation as campaigns run to ensure accurate, effective targeting. Comprehensive analytics provide clients with total insight into who their customers are and where and when they are viewing content, as well as the profitability and quality of different customer segments.


CCP Games, developer and publisher of EVE Online, the critically acclaimed, massively multiplayer online game, sought to attract hardcore gamers. It turned to [x+1] to improve the scale and efficiency of its online marketing.

  • [x+1]'s Media+1 created a dynamic custom ad network of targeted Web pages, delivering CCP ads directly to gamers.
  • [x+1]'s Site+1 personalized eveonline.com on the fly, analyzing hundreds of variables to dynamically generate Web pages with the most relevant offers for each visitor.


[x+1] is perfect for agencies looking to optimize their clients' digital media spend across ad networks, exchanges and sites.

  • [x+1] is on your side: We have no preferential publisher relationships, guaranteeing unbiased optimization decisions. Our analytics are "white box," providing full transparency into results and the factors driving them.
  • [x+1] is powerful: We ensure that the right ad is delivered to the right person at the right time and at the right price.
  • [x+1] is easy to integrate: Our solution rides on top of existing ad serving solutions. You can continue to use your preferred media buying, planning and serving solutions.
  • [x+1] also delivers:
    • 90% audience reach
    • Comprehensive customer support
    • Support for all creative types
    • Personalized, hand-scrubbed site lists for both brand and performance campaigns