Time Axcess


Our tools, technologies and partners deliver advanced, effective solutions that allow you to reach your most valuable customers:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Intent
  • Time of day/day of week
  • Remessaging


We provide insights and analytics that help you better understand your market and ensure you properly value your campaign and its delivery:

  • Market insights from Time Inc. Research & Insights
  • Online and multiplatform ad effectiveness studies
  • Campaign optimization solutions
  • Reporting and analytics

Ad Units

Time Axcess offers a variety of options to ensure your campaign is easy to activate and can be customized to maximize audience engagement and action using nonstandard, premium and high-impact units.

  • Standard IAB display units
  • Rich media
  • In-stream video
  • Mobile
  • Newsletters
  • High-impact, placement-based ads, including peelbacks, pushdowns and floating ads
  • Event-day roadblocks and network floods
  • Customized solutions, sponsorships and video


We offer performance media buys to drive ROI as well as a number of performance pricing options—from CPC to CPA—delivered through display and newsletter solutions.


For more information on our network and audience solutions, please contact us at:

Now you can drive demand where you build your brand. Time Axcess breaks new ground offering a branded network solution that allows you to access highly valuable customers in well-lit environments—the brands of Time Inc.

Quality audiences at scale

Time Axcess reaches more than 27 million1 of the consumers most valuable to marketers. As a branded network, we deliver the most upscale, in-market shoppers you want and need who collectively have the purchasing power to move markets and influence others. Our audience spent $24 billion on home remodeling, $36 billion on vacations and nearly $8 billion in catalog and Internet orders last year.2

They care deeply about value and quality:

  • Seven in 10 of our consumers buy based on quality, not price2
  • Nine in 10 are brand loyalists2

And are highly engaged:

  • 29 pages per visitor1
  • 19-plus minutes per visitor1

Environments that consumers know and trust

Time Axcess delivers your ads in well-lit places where you can be confident of the associations they are making. Our network represents the brands of Time Inc.—leading places to which consumers turn for news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Our quality content sites are where your advertising can be most effective, increasing brand awareness while driving intent and purchasing.

A suite of audience solutions that drive demand

Time Axcess delivers media solutions, a breadth of targeting capabilities and provides insights and analytics on your program, category and industry. Let us help you leverage our understanding of audience behavior across our properties and our close relationships with our users at a brand level to deliver the most effective advertising solutions. We've partnered with leading technology companies to deliver some of the most sophisticated targeting tools and analytics available today.

Easy activation and an opportunity for true integration

Time Axcess makes it easy to activate and generate the campaign results you need by offering something truly unique from a network: integration that connects your reach and efficiency strategy across multiple platforms and into your brand. We identify audiences and their interests, and we deliver your ad placements, sponsorships, premium packages and promotions so that you can now drive demand where you build your brand.

Source: 1Nielsen NetView, January 2009. 2Net/MRI Media Fusion, spring 2008.