Dedicated Media

Network Highlights

  • 90 million unique monthly users
  • 2,000 high-quality, recognizable publishers
  • Custom channel builder
  • Proprietary rich media technology
  • Dynamic optimization tools
  • Detailed mid- and post-campaign reports

We offer RON, ROC, custom channel and sponsorship/site specific placements to reach any target.

Some recent custom channel examples:

  • Moms with kids age 2 to 7
  • MMO/RPG enthusiast
  • In the market to purchase a luxury auto
  • Frequent moviegoer
  • Small-business owner
  • High-income empty nesters


  • Behavioral
  • Retargeting
  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Daypart

Key Channels

  • Automotive
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Education
  • Entertainment—gaming
  • Entertainment—movies
  • Entertainment—music
  • Entertainment—television
  • Health and beauty
  • Hispanic
  • Men's interest
  • News
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Quick-serve restaurants (QSR)
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Teens
  • Travel
  • Women's interest


Chris Berman
Chief Operating Officer
310-524-9400, ext. 303
Fax: 310-388-5735



Human Resources

Dedicated Media has been a leader in online media sales and advertising since 2004.

Dedicated Media is the parent company behind three very successful divisions: Dedicated Networks, CPADNA and Prospect Digital. Our mission is to create, plan and execute the best possible media and marketing programs for clients across our proprietary advertising networks.

Dedicated Networks: a powerful online advertising network based in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Dallas and San Francisco. The focus of Dedicated Networks is to provide lasting and scalable results for our clients through display, rich media and video advertising. Dedicated Networks utilizes behavioral targeting, retargeting and Local Reach, an exclusive technology that allows media buyers to place national buys with a local feel, helping their clients maximize their ad dollars and produce the best results possible for advertisers.

Dedicated Networks' core business philosophy focuses on customization, optimization and maximization. All RFPs and client media requests are developed with an intense attention to detail and a fully customized, 100 percent brand-safe site list. Real-time optimization allows DN to constantly adjust campaigns to meet the challenges of the client's ROI goals, click-through rates and, ultimately, conversions. By allowing DN to strategically manage their campaigns, clients maximize their ad budgets and get the best possible results.

Dedicated Networks is different from traditional networks because the inventory is secured directly from top-tier, hand-selected sites based on the needs of our clients. This allows DN to provide a better-quality product and generate sustainable results for our advertisers. Discover the Dedicated Networks difference.

CPADNA: a top-tier, cost-per-acquisition network that unites advertisers and affiliates through performance-based technology. CPADNA ensures high-quality conversions through an extensive publisher selection process. As a secure source for quality traffic agencies and direct response, clients love CPADNA's reporting, accuracy and ease of use. Come see how CPADNA is reinventing cost-per-acquisition advertising one campaign at a time.

Prospect Digital: a lead-generation company that allows advertisers to communicate with consumers on a massive scale while our client service team tailors solutions that ensure the highest quality leads. Direct publisher relationships, data integrity and validation are key components of Prospect Digital's continued success in the marketplace. Long- and short-form, co-registration and customized lead-generation opportunities are available. By placing a real-time customer in our clients' hands, Prospect Digital can help companies survive a down economy. Add lead generation to your next campaign and see how challenging times can produce amazing opportunities.

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All Dedicated Media divisions focus on reliable, flexible and profitable partnerships with our publishers. We can provide quality, relevant advertisers that will enable you to increase your bottom line without alienating your site's visitors. We don't require long-term contracts, and our payouts are industry-leading. For more information, please contact:

Dedicated Networks (display):

CPADNA (affiliate):

Prospect Digital (lead generation):