CPX Interactive

Network Stats

  • 30 billion-plus global impressions/month
  • 200 million-plus unique users/month
  • 3,400-plus publisher Web sites
  • 60-plus countries
  • 20-plus content channels

Reach Network

  • Advertiser benefits
    • Wide audience at low cost
    • Run-of-network campaigns to reach
      maximum ROI
    • Access to complete body of CPX network publishers
  • Publisher benefits
    • Highest possible CPMs for every impression
    • No defaults or volume limits
    • A truly global inventory solution

Content Network

  • Advertiser benefits
    • Targeted audiences at efficient CPMs
    • Vertical exposure across content-driven channels
    • Channels include both industry standard and CPX custom offerings
  • Publisher benefits
    • Top CPMs paid by advertisers
    • Content-specific ad streams
    • Supplemental sales force

Premium Network

  • Advertiser benefits
    • High profile brand exposure at competitive CPMs
    • First impressions and tier 1 traffic
    • Creative strategies include roadblocks, rich media and video
  • Publisher benefits
    • Cherry-pick advertisers and offers
    • Create competition for your highest-value inventory
    • Associate your site with high-profile brands

Corporate Offices

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Milan
  • Madrid


CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is redefining the online advertising landscape. By layering the development and execution of cutting-edge online strategies on top of its own global distribution model, CPX ensures advertisers success on any metric while efficiently monetizing 100 percent of its publishers' inventory, from premium to remnant.

Serving more than ads—serving advertisers

The CPX Interactive network offers both direct and brand marketers the opportunity to secure cost-effective online media in a global marketplace. CPX Interactive is dedicated to ensuring advertisers' success on any metric and optimizing online campaigns for all our clients. We are proud to deliver more than 2.8 million campaign conversions every month for niche direct marketers and major brand-name marketers.

Monetizing inventory across the board

The CPX Interactive network serves impressions across more than 3,400 Web sites. While much of this monetizable inventory comes from CPX's extensive relationships with the largest exchanges in the industry, the majority of CPX publishers have direct relationships with the network. Web sites that drive significant revenue through the CPX Interactive network include the most high-profile sites as well as those well-kept secrets that quietly deliver high returns on investment.

A global perspective

CPX Interactive serves more than 30 billion impressions to 200 million-plus unique users in more than 60 countries around the globe every month. CPX Interactive remains integral to creating liquidity in foreign online markets.

Multiple offerings for various needs

In order to best serve the multilevel needs of advertisers and publishers, CPX Interactive has developed a multiple-product offering that includes independent reach, content and premium networks:

  • Scalable reach: Reach network campaigns lie at the core of our distribution strength. Activating the full spectrum of CPX Interactive publisher sites, these campaigns are designed to leverage the scale of the network to deliver optimized return on investment.
  • Vertical content: Content Network sites and channels have been carefully chosen for their ability to deliver targeted audiences in the most cost-effective manner possible. These sites provide visitors with information and user experiences relevant to specific interest areas and constitute the bulk of Internet destinations.
  • Premium placements: Premium network campaigns are designed to provide high-profile brand exposure with no limits on specific placement sites or creative structure. Sites in the premium network allow advertisers to think outside the box with their campaigns in terms of both placements and strategies.
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CPXclusive: VIP treatment ... all the trimmings

Qualifying publishers that allow CPX to monetize their top-level impressions receive dedicated account management services and strategic consultation. CPX can then either default to another network of the publisher's choosing or continue to monetize 100 percent of their inventory.

CPmaX:15 percent more revenue for qualifying sites

CPmaX is a 15 percent revenue lift guarantee for sites with qualifying traffic conversion stats. Just insert CPX into your daisy chain and, if we can't fill your inventory at a 15 percent eCPM lift, we will default you right back to where you were at no cost, with no time delay and no risk.

CPXpress: Full-service domain monetization

Industry-leading inventory optimization for domainers. CPX will fill 100 percent of your domain stable inventory and guarantee a 15 percent lift in revenue.

CPXapps: Soc-net application monetization

Whether you are a social application network or have just developed your first application, CPXapps will monetize 100 percent of your application-based inventory—no defaults, no volume limits.

CPXinvid: In-video online ad serving (beta)

Monetize your video content including pre-rolls, post-rolls, in-video banners and rich media banners and takeovers.


By Rob Rasko
President-Chief Operating Officer, CPX Interactive

Despite a seeming barrage of predictions to the contrary, ad networks have emerged as essential players in the online ad space. Because we have unprecedented access to advertisers, publishers and agencies, all three parties seek out our industry relationships and expertise (though sometimes begrudgingly) to help them make their online campaigns successful.

While it would be easy for us to rest on the successes of the past few years, I believe that this is the perfect time for ad networks to challenge ourselves to rise to the next level of innovation and collaboration with others in the industry. We should also take the opportunity to focus on the level of service we provide for our advertisers and publishers.

As I think about the most important things that my company (and other ad networks) can do to ensure success in 2009, six key factors come to mind:

  1. Provide product variety.
  2. Communicate the financial value of ad networks.
  3. Make best practices a priority.
  4. Practice due diligence with publishers.
  5. Initiate synergy within the online advertising space.
  6. Establish trust among advertisers.

1. Provide product variety: To put it simply, ad networks have two goals: We help publishers monetize their inventory, and we help advertisers find the best placements for their ads. This oversimplification, however, does not do justice to the variety of advertisers and publishers there are, nor to the specific needs they all bring to the table.

The ability to service every type of publisher, for example, from the largest recognizable brands to the small niche site, is crucial to offering strong, diverse inventory choices to advertisers. A single network must understand and service publishers of all tiers in order to help them monetize 100 percent of their inventory, from the first impression on the home page to the last impression on the deepest page of their site.

For an ad network to grow and compete in the coming year, it must learn to effectively serve every tier of advertiser and publisher from top to bottom, and build product offerings to facilitate that goal.

2. Communicate the financial value of ad networks: A valuable service is only as good as the provider's ability to communicate its value to customers. In an effort to be all things to all people, I sometimes think that ad networks have forgotten how to pitch their bottom-line value to their partners.

Put simply, publishers that engage ad networks can save time that would normally be expended on hiring, training and managing inside sales staff. They are able to use that time to improve and develop their content in order to properly engage their audience.

Likewise, advertisers that use ad networks will have the opportunity to streamline their spending, enjoying large packaged media buys, just as they would with traditional print or broadcast media buys.

Networks that are best able to articulate these points to advertisers and publishers will pull ahead of the competition in 2009.

3. Make best practices a priority: When it comes to online advertising, the word transparency can take on many meanings. It is easy to get stuck in a finger-pointing match, where each side derides the other's meaning. Standing in between advertisers and publishers, an ad network can find itself inadvertently choosing sides. The bottom line, however, is that only a truly independent network can be best committed to practices that assist all parties in creating the proper experience in online media. Smart ad networks will be mindful of the responsibility that their position bestows on them.

As president of CPX Interactive, I spend quite a bit of time attending conferences to determine how we can best regulate our industry and protect the brands we serve while continuing to support the industries' freedoms. Ultimately, it is all about moving forward, continually finding new ways to monitor publisher content and providing advertisers with better brand protection.

4. Practice due diligence with publishers: As an ad network, your publisher's content is your content. Getting to know your publishers and staying on top of their Web site content is a matter of responsibility and ethics, as well as good business practices. At CPX, all sites are evaluated and assigned a rating of G, PG or PG-13, similar to those of the MPAA rating system. Web sites that give users the right to create their own content are assigned an N/A rating and monitored more closely. CPX Interactive does not allow X-rated content into its network of publishers. We have an internal recheck process to be sure that the quality and category of content a publisher presented in the beginning remains consistent over time. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure, as any smart ad network knows that even a one-time slip can cause a mountain of headaches all around.

5. Initiate synergy within the online advertising space: As the landscape of the online advertising industry continues to evolve, participants continue to clamor for education and thought leadership. With their connections to advertisers, publishers and agencies, ad networks are in the perfect position to take the lead in creating a more supportive and cohesive industry that can benefit all of us.

As the industry consolidates, strong partnerships will be formed. In the not so distant future, there will be more support and camaraderie in the online ad space, which can only help to strengthen the industry as a whole. Smart ad networks will position themselves at the forefront of that process.

6. Establish trust among advertisers: Ever ask yourself why television ad revenue is 10 times higher than Internet ad revenue? We do. And we think we know the answer: Advertisers know television. They are comfortable with it because they understand all of the moving pieces, even if their ROI falls short of what it could be in the more "inconsistent" new medium that is online. Building trust in online advertising comes down to consistent results.

As an ad network, we grade our publishers so that we can tell advertisers where their ads will be displayed, and advertisers depend on us to give them accurate information. If an ad network labels its publishers too liberally, the advertisers will disappear and the economies of scale will break down. It is essential for networks and publishers to work together to create as much honest visibility as possible in the channel. This should be a major initiative of any ad network looking to occupy a top-tier position.

One thing we can never afford to do is to lose the confidence of advertisers. If you think winning trust is hard, try winning it back after it has been lost.