24/7 Real Media


24/7 Real Media enables both brand and direct response marketers to engage with their target markets at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Network Reach

  • 2,000-plus quality Web sites
  • 142 million monthly uniques
  • International media networks in the UK, France, Canada and Korea


  • Life cycle
  • Content
  • Behavioral
  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Look-alike
  • Retargeting
  • Search retargeting
  • Dayparting
  • Ad sequencing
  • Netblocking
  • Branded sites
  • Custom

Ad Units

24/7 supports any digital ad format, including rich media; pre-, mid- and post-roll video; streaming video; and Flash-based creative.


We analyze performance and optimize each campaign.

  • Powerful technology algorithms
  • Reach and frequency controls
  • Post-click tracking
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Strategic analysis and weighting

Quality Service

  • Publisher site validation
  • Extensive q&a policies
  • Site transparency and opt-outs
  • Dedicated account management and support

Ad-serving Technology

  • Proprietary, award-winning Open AdStream ad management technology
  • Delivering all digital formats across all digital platforms
  • Audience intelligence and yield Management
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • Reporting and data analysis


Lee Sparaga, VP-sales

24/7 Real Media's Global Web Alliance offers the paramount solution to deliver the right audience for every advertiser. The fastest growing of the top eight networks in the past year,* 24/7 has the most innovative targeting techniques and unique partnership offerings to deliver valuable reach into niche audiences. 24/7 provides the highest in quality assurance standards, supported by our skilled and experienced personnel and proprietary, award-winning Open AdStream ad management technology. No matter whom you want to reach, we can segment and target your audience to deliver the most value and give you the highest return on audience.

Beyond standard targeting methods, 24/7 provides unparalleled opportunities to reach your customers:

  • BBN—the largest online b-to-b network: Top b-to-b publishers provide concentrated reach (500-plus sites; 35 million unique viewers a month) to business owners and executives.
  • Realogy Corp.'s premier collection of real estate sites: Reach home-buying and -selling audiences through custom solutions on elite real estate Web sites, including Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, OpenHouse.com and NRT.
  • Psychographic targeting with Mindset Media: Target your customers based on the psychographic or personality traits that matter most to your brand.
  • Behavioral targeting: Reach standard and custom behavioral segments with 24/7's taxonomy of more than 750 attributes.
  • Look-alike targeting: Reach incremental new prospects who are similar to your converting customers.
  • Search retargeting: Target and customize display advertising based on potential customers' keyword queries on search engines.
  • Mobile advertising: Engage with on-the-go customers via mobile devices.

Additionally, 24/7's partnership with Dynamic Logic enables advertisers to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns using traditional brand metrics.

24/7's Global Web Alliance represents inventory from high-quality publishers, including top comScore properties and niche sites, on a one-to-one basis. Our network never incorporates portal inventory or passes through ad exchanges. 24/7 provides advertisers with extensive premium publisher inventory to complement portal and single-site buys.

With more than 10 years' experience, 24/7 Real Media, a WPP company, is an unparalleled industry leader with pivotal relationships among agencies, advertisers, publishers and partners, producing true digital advertising results.


24/7 Real Media partners with quality Web publisher affiliates, helping them generate revenue by monetizing unsold inventory and maintaining control over their advertising. Benefits include:

  • Increased revenue
    • 24/7 is a top network spender
    • High payout rates
  • Access to brand advertisers
    • Agencies and direct advertisers
    • Strong relationships among agencies, including WPP
  • Control of advertising
    • Advertiser preview and exclusion options
    • Nonexclusive relationship with 24/7
  • Operational efficiency
    • Full ad sales and operations support
    • Superior proprietary technology platform
  • Reporting and analysis
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Flexible, customizable reporting
  • Service and support
    • Ad sales: 24/7 interacts with agencies and advertisers daily across the globe.
    • Ad operations: 24/7 books campaigns, executes targeting and media placements, and optimizes for best results.
    • Affiliate relations: 24/7 creates taxonomy and ad tags, supplies daily reporting and provides customer service and tech support.
  • Quality assurance
    • 24/7 has rigorous standards and policies, and operates in accordance with industry standards and best practices.


  • Fastest growing Top 8 network in the past year*
  • Approaching a 60% growth rate
  • Reaching 142 million unique viewers per month
  • 2,000-plus diverse Web sites
  • Covering about 75% of U.S. traffic

*comScore Media Metrix January 2009