Adconion Media Group

Global Footprint

We are the second-largest global network, with a global sales team. We're growing fast, having completed an $80 million Series C round in February 2008.

Audience Targeting

A comprehensive suite of targeting solutions enables advertisers to precisely target and reach high-value individual audiences and consumers with commercial intent.

Targeting Solutions

  • Behavioral, demographic, psychographic targeting
  • Intent-focused targeting
  • Site and video retargeting
  • Creative retargeting
  • Search retargeting
  • Custom solutions

Optimization and Reporting

  • High-touch analytics as well as real-time campaign and creative optimization
  • Audience Exploration Report identifies interested users and previous purchasers of your products, even if you're not currently targeting them.

Branded Entertainment & Content Distribution

  • Digital studio RedLever creates and distributes tailored, branded entertainment content.
  • Video syndication network Adconion.TV offers global reach and monetization for advertisers and content owners.

Focus on Privacy

We believe in transparency; we apply stringent European privacy standards and participate in the BlueKai registry program.



Liz Schiff
VP-sales, East

Dave Lavine
VP-sales, West


Kristian Wilson
VP-global media

An ad network is just one of our capabilities—not what we are. We've evolved. Our focus is on understanding and reaching audiences, whether it's with ads or content, wherever they are.

We empower you—agencies, advertisers and media buyers. That means we're designing products and reports specifically for your ever-changing needs. We know there's a lot of work to do and fewer people to do it, and we're here to help—across platforms and around the world. Here's how:

  • Adconion is focused on your needs. We provide an objective media-buying process and create products just for you. Above all, we deliver better performance because we're the largest independent global network (comScore, February 2009), meaning there's never a conflict of interest; with the ongoing consolidation in online media, that's a big advantage. What's more, our audience-focused model enables you to retain ownership of your consumer data rather than losing it to third-party portals and conglomerates.
Global reach
  • Our global reach is your domestic advantage. The Adconion Audience Network includes 125 million unique Internet users in the U.S. and over 300 million worldwide (comScore, February 2009), with a diverse inventory of global premium sites. Our dedicated global sales team is a single point of contact for planning and buying multichannel advertising campaigns, including banner, online video, e-mail and mobile advertising across 52 ad markets for 2,000-plus destination sites.
Granular targeting and intent-focused data
  • We use our proprietary technology and global sales team to provide unique advertising solutions that can be offered only by a global network. Our comprehensive audience targeting suite is focused on identifying and segmenting high-value online consumers based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral data that are both internal and from third parties.
  • We recently launched a deep technological integration with intent-focused data exchange BlueKai, giving agencies access to in-market consumers with commercial intent across our network. The integration also enables agencies to identify and contrast performance metrics from various high-quality sources and optimize ad creative against BlueKai's user categories and Adconion's 5,000 ad placements.
Real-time optimization and detailed reporting
  • We know you crave data, and we excel in gathering and analyzing it. Adconion has high-touch analytics to optimize campaigns in real time and deliver detailed reports. Moreover, our Audience Exploration Report identifies for advertisers which BlueKai users are interested in or have purchased their products, even if they're not currently targeting that type of user.
Branded entertainment (RedLever) and video syndication (Adconion.TV)
  • Our digital studio, RedLever, creates and distributes branded entertainment specifically for agencies and advertisers, whether it's a concept built around your brand or product integration.
  • Adconion.TV is our video syndication network, offering global reach and monetization for advertisers and content owners. Adconion.TV operates on the push model, allowing massive distribution and more streams than portals or content aggregators can offer.


Adconion empowers publishers and their inventory at all levels of the supply/demand chain. With Adconion's global sales team, we can bring quality brand advertisers to Web sites that get traffic from North America, Europe and Australia.

Our global network allows publishers to use Adconion as an outsourced global sales team. And we're experts at monetizing international traffic.

Moreover, we're independent and well-established, which means no conflicts of interest and a strong foundation. With the ongoing media consolidation and an economic shakeout, you can rely on us for the long term.

Most important, we get higher CPMs using our proprietary technology and data-intensive approach. Commodity ad space is enriched with behavioral targeting, retargeting and video—meaning more profit for you and better performance for advertisers.

We partner with publishers large and small, with niche and mass-appeal content, those who wish to have pure representation and those who wish to remain anonymous.