100% Focused on Online Brand Advertisers and Agencies

  • Every campaign runs is configured to your brand's specifications—we do not pre-buy or "rep" publisher inventory.
  • High-quality inventory is ensured through SafeScreen, our page-level content screening technology.
  • We provide smooth, guaranteed delivery with maximized reach and managed frequency on every campaign.

Reach offers a deep catalog of contextual channels, reaching 75 million unique consumers per quarter.

Targeting offers a comprehensive suite of brand-focused audience targeting capabilities, including:

  • Contextual
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Daypart and/or day of week

Reporting provides brand-focused reporting throughout the life of each campaign and also delivers a post-campaign insights report at the conclusion of each campaign, including:

  • Campaign metrics: reach, frequency, unique users, impressions delivered, gross rating points, target rating points, cost per point
  • Line delivery performance
  • Creative performance

Effectiveness Measurement

We partner with Nielsen and comScore to provide econometric measurement through our SalesLink solution. A variety of attitudinal impact studies are also available in partnership with Dynamic Logic, Insight Express and Vizu.


Melissa Goidel

Consumers spend up to 40 percent of their media time online, but only 5 percent of brand advertising spending has followed. Why? In large part because, until now, it has been difficult and inefficient to reach consumers within high-quality online ad environments.

Built for branding, the first online ad network focused exclusively on brand advertising, was built from the ground up to enable scalable Web-wide brand campaigns. Our extensive experience and proprietary technology enable brand advertisers to increase efficiency and lower cost without compromising quality or results.

Experience matters

Your brand is in good hands with Our leadership team has 60 years of Yahoo brand advertising experience. We've managed thousands of campaigns for the biggest brands, so we understand your unique and complex requirements.

When you buy from, your ads run on the same quality publishers you buy from directly, with efficiency and cost savings unmatched in the industry. With SafeScreen, our proprietary page-level content filtering solution, we keep your ads away from objectionable text and images. We do not pre-buy inventory—we tailor every campaign to your specifications. And everything we promise is guaranteed in writing.

Customer satisfaction is the true marker of success. We are proud to work with the leading automotive, CPG, entertainment, finance, retail, technology and telecommunications brand advertisers. Seventy-five percent of our revenue to date has been from the Ad Age 100, with 60 percent from the Ad Age 15. Most importantly, the majority of our customers have run multiple campaigns with us, including three of the top four CPG brands. delivers the critical elements required for online branding

There are hundreds of online ad networks. First-generation networks were designed to drive scale and efficiency for direct response campaigns. They did the job; 30% of direct response advertising is now online. Now they claim it's all about branding. However, these first-generation networks lack the experience and capabilities required to guarantee success for brand campaigns.

1. Quality pages, not just quality publishers

Every network says that it only buys quality inventory from quality publishers. However, even blue-chip publishers are increasingly intermingling professional editorial with user-generated content on the same page. So carefully selecting publishers isn't enough. Your brand can too often end up next to objectionable content on certain pages within even the best sites. To do it right, every page needs to be filtered.'s solution? SafeScreen—our proprietary content filtering platform, including IBM Proventia Web Filter. Every week, we keep millions of pages of content that are racy, profane or otherwise objectionable away from our customers' brands by careful screening.

Here's how SafeScreen works:

  • SafeScreen screens the text and images on each page where ads serve.
  • Ads stop serving immediately on any page where objectionable content is detected.

And we're not just talking about discarding pages in obscure categories or just in social networking—the majority of pages eliminated are from brand advertisers' preferred categories.

2. Maximum impact + minimum waste = great results

To maximize impact for your brand campaign, you need maximum reach, maximum composition and managed frequency. And you also want a good deal. Our buying technology, developed by the team that built the yield management system for the industry's largest publisher, finds the best inventory at the best rates available, while maximizing composition. And we don't just guarantee delivery; we manage reach and frequency while providing smooth delivery. The result: maximum return on your media spend.

3. Measurement done right

You want to measure the ROI on all media you buy, including online brand campaigns. So do we. That's why we've partnered with Nielsen and comScore to create the industry's leading online Web-wide econometric program, SalesLink. With SalesLink, our CPG and retail customers are measuring the impact of their online campaigns on offline sales.

Here are two examples of recent SalesLink studies managed by for top brands:

  • A leading personal-care brand wanted to measure offline sales lift and ROI. SalesLink compared results across a portal, an endemic health site and the network.
  • A household-product brand wanted to measure offline sales lift and ROI for two simultaneous campaigns. SalesLink compared the ROI of the different creatives running on and another network.

We are so confident in our capabilities that we welcome the chance to measure results against other ad networks, endemic publishers and portals.