Forbes Audience Network

Forbes Audience Network


The Forbes Audience Network aggregates Forbes-owned media properties and affiliates to create an audience of affluent business professionals catering to our users' interests and passions centered around business, investing, luxury lifestyles and politics.


The Forbes Audience Network represents more than 25 million unique users with synergistic editorial, targetability and concentrated reach to deliver scalable, efficient marketing solutions to our advertising partners.


The Forbes Audience Network can offer the following targeting capabilities:

  • Geographic
  • Behavioral
  • Daytime
  • Income


IAB standard units, including leaderboard, skyscraper, large rectangle, half-page and rich media


Rates are based on net cost-per-thousand impressions. Impressions are defined as the display of the ad unit on a page requested by a visitor within the Forbes Audience Network.


Nicholas Ricci
General Manager, Sales
Forbes Business and Finance Network


A true premium community

Premium is defined by as having "exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind." Forbes Audience Network provides advertisers with a true premium community of upscale and affluent users.

While most ad networks boast of their premium sites, many sites in those networks likely do not have the contextual environment, user demographics or response rates that help marketers achieve goals. However, with Forbes' trusted and reputable brands, marketplace influence and high-profile audience, you know where your money is going. And with the aggregation of our online properties and affiliates that forms the Forbes Audience Network (FAN), your success is guaranteed.

The Forbes Audience Network is a comprehensive collection of critical mass, unique audience, exclusive content and efficiency. FAN engages a high-profile consumer in four different luxury and influential editorial environments: business, investing, luxury lifestyles and politics.

Since our network is more than 25 million strong, there is no uncertainty about your ad placements. With a combination of synergistic editorial, targetability and concentrated reach to key global targets among all Forbes properties and affiliates, FAN delivers scalable, efficient marketing solutions.

The Forbes Audience Network offers the best opportunity to reach the affluent business market with both large, highly targeted reach and customized programs that guarantee your success.

Along with the scale and content to help you accomplish all your media objectives, advertisers benefit from both the positive brand halo of our network of quality sites and our reach to more than 25 million users with a firm commitment to the Forbes brand.

Branded sites and affiliates in our network include:

    The No. 1 business news and financial news site on the Web. Core topics include business, technology, stock markets, personal finance and luxury lifestyle.
  • ForbesAutos
    Reviews, test drives, decision guides, advice, photo galleries, news, pictures and pricing on luxury cars.
  • ForbesTraveler
    The luxury travel authority, from inspiration to reservation.
  • Investopedia
    Your source for investing education, Investopedia includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the Web as well as articles and tutorials.
  • RealClearPolitics
    News, political opinion and commentary, plus the political issues of the day.

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