• Rich media in social, gaming and video sites; widgets
  • Vast targeted reach across leading social, video and gaming environments


  • One-stop rich media network
  • In-house creative services team
  • Most engaging ad experience


  • In-video ads: overlays, pre- and post-roll
  • Full-page expanding rich media banners


  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Affinity
  • Content
  • Psychographic


  • CPM
  • CPE (cost per engagement)


  • Measure all aspects of your campaign (views, clicks, video consumption, etc.)
  • Ability to traffic third-party pixels


Michael Hess


Innovation, accountability and rich media for brand advertisers

VideoEgg's Eggnetwork is a rich media ad network that aggregates targeted audiences across social, gaming and video sites. The Eggnetwork enables brands to tell engaging stories with video and rich media to consumers they need where those consumers live and play online.

Demonstrated innovation
The Eggnetwork got its start in 2006 by redefining how brands could integrate advertising into online video. Realizing that online video was a unique medium and that today's audience wouldn't tolerate 30 seconds of preroll, the Eggnetwork developed the Ticker ad unit, a Flash overlay and takeover experience. With the trailblazing Ticker, the Eggnetwork unlocked the value of literally hundreds of millions of video streams for the first time. The Ticker enabled hundreds of leading brands such as Fox, Disney, Ford, Verizon and Procter & Gamble to interact with a global audience via online video. New observations about advertising in social media led to the Eggnetwork's next innovation: AdFrames.

New environments, new solutions
Online video was the first environment and first challenge for VideoEgg. Now the Eggnetwork offers rich media solutions across an array of environments: sites, social applications, Flash widgets and casual games (as well as video). To bring brands and their stories into these challenging online environments, VideoEgg developed AdFrames, the brand response network. AdFrames is an engagement-based, rich media network, fully accountable to advertisers.

Making social spaces work for advertisers
VideoEgg has focused on social spaces since day one, developing a singular expertise: capturing audience attention for brands in chaotic social environments. AdFrames helps make social spaces work for advertisers by delivering brand engagements, not just brand impressions.

The network consists of such leading social applications as Flixster, iLike, Scrabulous and Warbook inside social platforms such as Facebook. The Eggnetwork also inserts brands into top video, gaming and music sites such as Bebo,, Buzznet, iMeem, JibJab, Metacafe and Kongregate.

Targeting to deliver the right engagements
Social spaces offer robust opportunities to target, and VideoEgg takes advantage of these opportunities to deliver the right audience to its advertisers. Profile data, video and page content are rolled together to offer advertisers powerful demographic and affinity targeting options.

Innovation or accountability? Yes, please.
In addition to a standard CPM offering for online advertisers, the Eggnetwork offers a cost-per-engagement model, AdFrames, that provides brand marketers with an online rich media experience at no risk. The first of its kind, AdFrames packages rich media brand content and serves it up to interested audiences in virtually any environment on the Eggnetwork. The advertiser pays only when a user engages with the ad unit. Engagement is defined as when a user rolls over the ad unit and an overlay expands to fill the browser window with a full-page rich media brand experience.

Eggnetwork can let your brand content reach 50 million people, with 1 billion impressions every month, to tell your brand story.

Unlock social value
Fast and easy integration
The Eggnetwork is comprised of publishers delivering a variety of online experiences such as casual games, online video and Flash widgets, all generally described as social environments. Publishers that meet certain minimum criteria can apply online to become part of the Eggnetwork. Once approved, the publisher integrates the Eggnetwork AdPlatform (or EAP) to serve a number of ad formats designed to fit into virtually any social experience. EAP is quick and easy to integrate, enabling publishers to start monetizing their engaged audiences in less than an afternoon.

Quality brand advertising
Supported by an international sales force (eight major markets in four countries), the Eggnetwork prides itself on exclusively running quality ads from quality brands that users know and trust. Brands such as Jeep, NBC Universal, Coca-Cola, Nike and Hewlett-Packard (as well as more than 250 others) have all run campaigns on the Eggnetwork.

Publishers on the Eggnetwork include Bebo,, Buzznet, Flixster, iLike, iMeem, JibJab, Kongregate, meebo, Metacafe and Scrabulous.

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