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Epic Advertising


Epic Advertising targets a b-to-b community of advertisers of all sizes and publishers looking to monetize their marketing efforts and site inventory.


With a network consisting of tens of thousands of publishers, Epic Advertising has a vast Internet reach extending to approximately 75% of the addressable Internet.


Epic Advertising offers a variety of targeting options including, but not limited to:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Behavioral
  • Dayparting


All IAB-approved ad units


  • Award-winning creative services team
  • Search agency of record for advertisers
  • Self-service advertising platform
  • Solutions for advertisers of all sizes and in all verticals


CPA, CPC, CPM, pCPM (patent pending)


The Epic Advertising team delivers the most comprehensive and cost-effective strategic online marketing campaigns for advertisers and publishers of all sizes and across all industries. This is all done through innovative technology and unrivaled knowledge in search, performance-based marketing and media buying.


Michael Sprouse
Chief Marketing Officer



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Conquering online performance marketing since 2000

Epic Advertising is a leading online performance marketing company, connecting advertisers to highly targeted online consumers—efficiently, cost-effectively, ethically and measurably. We sit in the sweet spot of the industry, with global market intelligence and a vast Internet reach of approximately 75% of the addressable Internet, passing an enormous benefit onto our clients, who can be confident that Epic Advertising will profitably leverage the industry's fastest-moving dynamics to their benefit.

Epic Advertising's industry-leading, international, performance-based ad network division, AzoogleAds, combines a highly scalable reach for our advertisers and top-tier, competitive advertisements for our publishers. As the nucleus of the company, Azoogle's network contains tens of thousands of highly qualified publishers, each of which represents marketing innovation. Publishers maximize their Web site revenue by promoting offers from our vast network of quality advertisers. Our advertisers connect to an online marketplace of publishers through search traffic, Web sites and e-mail. AzoogleAds manages this marketplace of online publishers, eager to generate revenue by promoting their products and services. The result is a progressive, self-optimizing marketplace where campaigns are continuously improved. This optimization process enables us to generate a high volume of high-quality customers. Meanwhile, our streamlined search marketing solution means advertisers get wide-scale deployment and the most efficient means of acquiring customers.

Azoogle also offers Facebook application monetization, expert in-house media buying and planning, and in-stream video advertising, including overlay, pre-, post- and midroll. Additionally, through our Epic Ad Center product, we are able to offer a self-service solution to small, midsize and local advertisers. Our fast, easy-to-understand Ad Wizard supplies advertisers with a way to promote their business in a few simple steps. We are with our advertisers each step of the way—and when they're done creating ads, advertisers can then leverage our vast online network to reach the qualified customers they're looking for.

Epic Advertising's other division, Bazaar Advertising, is our search engine management division, which contains a growing agency-of-record business that services advertisers' end-to-end search marketing needs. Bazaar helps advertisers drive large volumes of highly qualified customers through proprietary Web-search technology, which enables automated keyword discovery, efficient bidding and creative optimization. Advertisers that want Bazaar to manage all their SEM needs are encouraged to talk to us about agency-of-record services to see what we have done for partners and how we have beaten our competition.

Finally, as the unmatched leader in data protection, fraud prevention, privacy and online marketing standards, Epic Advertising offers a distinct competitive advantage for partners in the area of marketing integrity. This is evidenced by our impressive list of past and current advertisers and partners, which have all entrusted Epic Advertising with their brand names and online business growth. At Epic Advertising, we recognized long ago that quality is far more important to advertisers than quantity. To that end, we've invested significantly in an integrity assurance department that upholds the highest standards for traffic and lead quality. While other advertising networks operate at or below industry standards, Epic Advertising sets the standard for marketing best practices.

Epic Advertising's performance-based ad network division, AzoogleAds, manages our marketplace of online publishers eager to generate revenue by promoting products and advertisers wishing to acquire new customers. We have the best converting ads from the best advertisers and a team of dedicated network managers that provides fanatical customer service and support.

Our team of professional network managers understands how to target ads to the right publishers to ensure the best campaign results. To ensure publishers are getting the highest revenue yield, we are always developing and testing new creative and landing pages to ensure the best possible conversion rates.

All qualified publishers can get access to exclusive offers from highly qualified advertisers with no hassle. With guaranteed high payouts, publishers can select which offers to promote and get paid each time they convert a customer.

Traffic generators

  • Search
  • Web
  • E-mail
  • Text
  • Content networks
  • Social networks
  • Portal sites
Publisher benefits
  • Competitive payouts
  • Dedicated network managers
  • Custom-designed creative
  • Superior tracking technology
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Payment options—request one of three payment options from your network manager
  • Payments made via direct deposit or check
Industry-leading reporting
We offer real-time custom reporting as well as the basics you expect, including eCPC, eCPM and conversion rate calculations. Filter your traffic and conversions by traffic type, creative reports and more.

Customized publisher home page
  • Graphical reports
  • Alerts
  • Recommended offers
  • News
Unparalleled offer search functionality
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