• Male: 52%
  • Female: 48%

  • 18–49: 66%
  • 18–34: 35%
  • 21and older: 74%

Household income
  • $60,000-plus: 52%
  • $75,000-plus: 40%
  • Families with children: 61%


  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health and women
  • Internet and technology
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Travel


Segmentation by:

  • Country
  • State of residence
  • Top 10 high-density Hispanic markets
  • Channel
  • Demographic


HispanoClick can adapt and adjust to its clients' needs, offering a variety of marketing programs. We can provide millions of inventory impressions monthly, with daily statistics for your online campaigns as well as ad translations and design.

  • Rich media technology
  • Streaming video
  • In-banner video


HispanoClick offers virtually every major ad-serving and rich media technology, with AdInterax, Brilliant Digital, Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Flash, html, Java, Point Roll and Unicast among the many options HispanoClick employs to serve ad messages.

Rich media outperforms other forms of display advertising by a minimum of five to one in terms of click-through rates. Rich media has the added benefit of allowing user interaction. Nearly one out of every five impressions results in a user pulling down a menu, playing a game or otherwise interacting with a rich media ad.


Margie Bonomo


Leading the online Hispanic market solution

By now most of us know the basic demographics of the Hispanic market. We know that the Hispanic population, at more than 44 million, has more than $900 billion in buying power. What most don't know is that those demographics do not necessarily translate when looking at the online U.S. Hispanic market. Online Hispanics are more educated, with 74 percent having completed some college vs. 40 percent of those not online;1 earn a higher household income; split differently among places of origin; and are part of a group that is growing daily.

The online Hispanic market, 18.8 million strong,2 is well educated. Higher household income averages are also characteristic of this online group. With 44 percent of online U.S. Hispanics averaging a household income of $60,000, they earn more than offline Hispanics. Another difference is the lower incidence of Mexicans online. While Mexicans make up 64 percent of all Hispanics in the U.S., they are less likely to be online than South Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans, all of whom enjoy a higher online penetration than Mexicans.3

Equally important is how online Hispanics engage with the Internet. Online Hispanics outpace their general-market counterparts when listening to music (53.1 percent vs. 37.4 percent), conducting financial activities (34.7 percent vs. 26 percent), researching products or services (32.1 percent vs. 24.3 percent) and buying products or services (12.6 percent vs. 9.9 percent).2 Other areas of strength are videos, chatting and fashion.

According to the MRM Worldwide study "The Online U.S. Hispanic," "Online Hispanics spend more time online than their non-Hispanic counterparts and consume more pages online as well (150 vs. 133 pages for the general market)."

The increased popularity and appeal of social networking is no less significant to online Hispanics. With more than half participating in instant messaging, sharing photos and reading or posting blogs, the Internet is a vital source of communication for this group.

With its offerings of best-of-breed Spanish-language advertisers, HispanoClick is a one-stop shop for online media solutions. Delivering almost 10 million monthly U.S. Hispanic unique users on more than 800 Spanish-language premier sites, HispanoClick provides a variety of segmentation options and rich media solutions. Advertisers receive customized proposals that leverage the best sites, channels or premium run-of-network. HispanoClick can adapt and adjust to clients' needs and formulate the right combination of target segmentation, ad unit, channel listing, reach and pricing to make any campaign a success.

We work with brand advertisers.

We can help you profit from the work you put into your site and the traffic it gathers.

We will represent your site and promote it to the online advertising community. We will sell your ad inventory—at a 100 percent fill rate.

  • Flexibility of payment
  • Free support services
  • No fees
  • No volume contracts
  • Serve all campaigns with one tag (you don't need an individual tag per campaign)
  • All creative types: banners, skyscrapers, leaderboards, rectangles, pop-unders, floating banners

1Simmons, spring 2007. 2eMarketer Hispanic Americans Online, November 2007. 3Pew/Internet: Latinos Online, March 2007.

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