Newspaper National Network

Newspaper National Network


Newspaper National Network is the premium consultative newspaper advertising network in digital and print for national advertisers.


  • 66.9 million monthly unique visitors 18 and older (Nielsen Online: January 2008)
  • 3.2 billion page views (Nielsen Online: January 2008)


  • The ultimate in customization, with access to every newspaper online in the U.S.
  • Expert targeting capabilities to meet your every need


  • IAB standard units, including 728x90 leaderboard, 300x250 rectangle, 160x600 skyscraper
  • Among others available are roadblocks, sponsorships, video pre- and postroll, e-mail blasts, rich media units, corner peelbacks, sliding billboards


NNN's research ensures delivery of smart, effective and efficient campaign strategies to suit client specifications. We also conduct proprietary client effectiveness research and ground-breaking industry studies.


  • Plan, execute and monitor multimarket newspaper media advertising campaigns in any newspaper in the U.S. to ensure that placement and marketing goals are met.
  • We work closely with all third-party analytic vendors and provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art reporting to our clients' specifications, including post-campaign analysis.


We provide the best available rates and terms.We provide clients with one order and one bill for multiple site campaigns to simplify client operations.


  • Communications planning
  • Behavioral, geographic and demographic targeting
  • Newspaper print: Includes dailies, ethnic and college
  • ROO/ROI research
  • Customized solutions
  • Free-standing inserts
  • Full integration across newspapers as a medium


Ian Owen-Ward
VP-Digital Development


Newspaper National Network is the primary, nationwide, mass-reach sales and marketing arm for the newspaper industry for national advertisers in print and digital newspapers. NNN packages, sells and places premium, multimarket newspaper campaigns for national advertisers with a potential reach of approximately 66.9 million uniques monthly. Established in 1994, Newspaper National Network is a private partnership representing virtually all of the newspapers in the U.S.

The breadth and depth of our newspaper industry backing, coupled with the fact that NNN is 100% dedicated to the newspaper medium, make NNN unique. NNN is the expert ad network for newspaper media campaigns on any newspaper Web site in the U.S.—large, small or niche. NNN leverages the power of local audiences to make newspapers national for advertisers.

Thousands of newspaper Web sites to choose from
Newspaper National Network clients have access to all newspaper Web sites—anything from a focused buy to a national multimarket campaign. Online newspapers deliver the efficiency of national reach with the power of local engagement.

Users turn to online newspaper editorial for comprehensive and reliable local content.

  • Since January 2005, the digital newspaper audience is up almost 55% to almost 66.9 million unique visitors in January 2008. (Nielsen Online: 2008)
  • Newspaper Web site users are 52% more likely to be influencers vs. non-newspaper Web site users. (2007 Web site Influencer Study conducted by Millward Brown)
  • Newspaper Web sites are the most-visited destination in local markets in 22 of the top 25 markets. (comScore, January 2008)
  • The NNN ad network audience is the No. 1 digital news source, out-delivering news portals including Yahoo News, CNN and MSNBC. (comScore, January 2008)
The ad network delivers a high-quality audience that is affluent, influential and engaged with advertising within the trusted newspaper environment. NNN delivers the ideal environment for advertisers to reach attentive consumers.

Newspaper National Network provides marketers with home page and content-specific placements, as well as integration with newspaper print campaigns where desired. Newspaper National Network will strategize with advertisers to determine the optimal approach to execute, including vertical targeting, geo-targeting or demo targeting. We will customize plans and present solutions to meet advertiser needs.

We provide advertisers and their agencies with the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution across all types of newspaper media. We put our clients first.

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