IDG TechNetwork

IDG TechNetwork


  • Technology marketers that must reach targeted prospects across enterprise and consumer categories
  • Independent publishers that need to grow revenue while focusing on writing to serve their loyal audiences


  • Enterprise applications
  • Executive management
  • Hardware
  • IT management
  • Internet
  • Mobile/wireless/ telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Open source (Linux/Unix)
  • Security
  • Software
  • Storage
  • Small and medium business
  • Consumer electronics
  • Hardware
  • Laptops/desktops/ workstations


  • Contextually relevant ad placement, comprehensive reporting, lead generation and custom marketing campaigns across technology sites
  • Sales representation and audience development programs for technology publishers


  • Lead generation
  • Roadblocks and sponsorships of one or more sites
  • Dayparting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Expandable banners
  • Video ads and video sponsorships
  • Newsletter sponsorships
  • Widget distribution


IAB ad units

  • 728x90
  • 300x250
  • 160x600
Custom marketing solutions


Peter Longo
IDG Syndication and Networks


For advertisers and technology publishers

Marketers and publishers face two common dilemmas: where to place content or advertisements, and what will be of most interest to readers? With the IDG TechNetwork, marketers and publishers have the answer.

The IDG TechNetwork represents high-quality technology publishers to well-known technology marketers that trust IDG to place advertisements in appropriate sites. In return, publishers receive a share of the revenue and gain valuable member benefits to help them grow their businesses. Advertisers can now extend their reach to sites and audiences they may otherwise miss through a single trusted media partner.

IDG offers advertisers scale and innovation
Marketers can take advantage of IDG's reputation and credibility built through more than 40 years of tech publishing. IDG TechNetwork features highly targeted technology categories and full transparency as to which sites are represented in a media buy. Plus, IDG's editorial teams review each site for quality content before it is accepted into the network. Then IDG monitors the content daily to ensure the best quality advertising environment.

Lead-generation and custom marketing solutions give advertisers marketing campaigns that can scale. Unlike a remnant ad network, the IDG TechNetwork offers advertisers access to quality sites and advertising programs such as roadblocks, sponsorships of one or more sites, dayparting and geographic targeting.

More than an ad network
Many publishers have deep expertise on a topic and very large and loyal audiences, but lack a way to generate the true revenue potential of their brands. The IDG TechNetwork becomes their sales force, matching advertisers with appropriate audiences. The network is organized by technology categories such as security, hardware, mobile, networking, storage, open source, small-medium businesses, storage, desktops/laptops, cool gadgets and personal technology.

With this partnership, IDG also helps its member publishers grow traffic at their sites via distribution of their content on contextually relevant IDG media brands and partner sites. In addition, IDG shares its knowledge of search engine optimization and effective Web site design gained from 15 years of experience. More traffic is good for both advertisers and publishers.

Engagement matters for marketers and publishers
The IDG TechNetwork, with more than 100 enterprise and consumer sites at its launch in March 2008, complements IDG media brands to give marketers an even greater universe of technology buyers. The IDG TechNetwork encourages advertiser-audience engagement through first-class content. It is combined with a solid understanding of the buying process to implement effective, integrated marketing programs. The right content with the appropriate advertising leads to the most rewarding relationships.

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