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Revenue Science technology tracks, stores and aggregates anonymous behavior data gleaned from user behaviors across our targeting marketplace. Access to billions of qualitative behaviors a day and a reach of more than 120 million unique users enable us to accurately assess consumer intentions and categorize them into targetable audience segments.


Let Revenue Science help you discover your ideal audience with ultimate efficiency while increasing your reach and improving brand awareness. You can foster product engagement while gaining insight into your perfect target audience.


Leverage Revenue Science's massive data warehouses to effectively reach your target audience. We offer more than 75 market-driven segments in areas such as:

  • Auto
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping
  • Technology
  • Travel


Custom segments are available to help achieve your campaign goals.


Site retargeting, search retargeting, creative retargeting and contextual, as well as other targeting options such as:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Daypart
  • Internet speed


IAB standard ad units, including banner, skyscraper, wide sky, leaderboard, medium rectangle and pop-under.


Your 100% satisfaction is important to us. Our dedicated account management team provides optimization and reporting to help increase your campaign performance. Campaign analysis reports will help you better understand and reach your target audience.


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The Revenue Science marketplace: beyond the network

With a plethora of online ad networks, it can be nearly impossible for marketers to choose the one that is right for them. That's why Revenue Science, an originator of behavioral targeting technology, created the Revenue Science Targeting Marketplace—the first true behavioral marketplace where anonymous behaviors of more than 120 million individuals are tracked and aggregated from across the Internet.

Revenue Science has relationships with most major portals, premium publishers and ad networks—enabling marketers to use the Revenue Science Targeting Marketplace to execute a single buy to reach a qualified audience anywhere on the Web. The advantages of the Revenue Science marketplace go far beyond convenience.

Powerful Boolean logic
With some networks, people get thrown into an audience or segment with the bare minimum of activity—using a single visit or only simple retargeting. The Revenue Science marketplace ensures that each and every audience is qualified based on multiple criteria that demonstrate interest or intent to buy. For example, to qualify for our automotive audience, users might read multiple articles and take specific actions such as filling out a loan calculator. Revenue Science uses Boolean logic to find and segment multilayered behaviors to reach the right audience.

Marketplace advantage
Leveraging years of analytics experience from working with the world's top publishers since 1999, Revenue Science enables clients to pick and choose behaviors that match specific requirements. Utilizing existing or custom segments, marketers hit specific targets wherever they may be.

Proven performance
Revenue Science boasts the industry's longest track record of delivering effective behavioral targeting for a wide variety of clients. No matter what the campaign objective is, Revenue Science can help marketers harness the power of behavior to achieve powerful results such as these:

  • A national retailer generated more than 40,000 responses with daily conversion rates as high as 33%, for a total ROI of 125% based on customer value.
  • A telecommunications company reduced its cost-per-action by nearly 25% while generating an increase in program adoption.
  • A high-end auto franchise received a 54% increase in site visits, a 73% increase in page views, a 98% increase in Web-driven phone calls and a 29% increase in e-mail leads—all from using Revenue Science.
The first-of-its-kind Revenue Science Targeting Marketplace connects people to engaging advertising with the most advanced behavioral and targeting capabilities available, and the marketers that choose Revenue Science benefit from advanced data intelligence to reach the right people, at the right time, every time.

All behavioral targeting and network technologies are not created equal. Revenue Science is a clear industry leader, with one of the first behavioral targeting solutions on the market.

More revenue and superior targeting platform
Revenue Science provides a superior targeting platform because it gives publishers true insight into their audiences. The behavioral engine tracks user behaviors across a publisher site and/or other sites in the Revenue Science Targeting Marketplace, providing access to billions of behaviors and more than 120 million unique users in a single day.

Exceptional flexibility and service
Revenue Science then makes its behavioral data available to publishers, enabling them to create high-quality, targeted audience segments that maximize the value of their inventory. The Revenue Science platform helps publishers deliver relevant audiences to advertisers, based on users' online behavior. Dedicated media services managers answer questions or help with situations that may arise—whether it's building segments, training sales organizations or providing best practices.

Premium partners and ultimate control
With Revenue Science, publishers can choose to extend their inventory to a marketplace of thousands of publishers, enabling them to provide behaviorally targeted inventory to other sites as well as import and export behavioral data with other publishers.

The result: more scale and value for advertisers, more revenue for publishers. Perhaps that's why companies such as, Financial Times, Gannett, New York Times Digital and Wall Street Journal Online use Revenue Science to help monetize their sites.

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