Audience insights guide all Platform-A solutions. Our sophisticated reporting allows us to discover the behavioral profile of the consumers who are most receptive to your message. This information helps you find target audiences, understand their demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics and, ultimately, decide how you craft and place your brand's message.


Platform-A reaches nine out of 10 online consumers.


Platform-A offers a comprehensive suite of targeting technologies, including:

  • Demographic
    • Age/gender/ household income
    • Audience affinity
    • Cluster solutions
    • Rosters/data match
  • Contextual
    • Via content networks and sponsorships
  • Geographic
    • Data targeting, destination-based and regional content
  • Daypart
  • Behavioral
  • Vertical


Platform-A offers marketers a variety of ways to engage with their target audiences, including:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Text
  • Rich media
  • Integrated and sponsorship
  • Mobile
  • Search
  • SEO and SEM
  • Performance
  • Affiliate


Platform-A offers several solutions for advertisers that measure success with a back-end metric. Our performance technology continually learns and refines ad placement across our network based on observed and expected performance. Ads are automatically allocated across our network based on the highest expected return for the advertiser and publisher.

We also optimize advertising based on the behavioral interests that resonate with an advertiser's key audience. Leveraging conversion data—anything from newsletter sign-ups to event registrations and online purchases—will increase brand performance and drive more response with less waste.


Mike Peralta
SVP N.A. Ad Sales, Platform-A


Platform-A, AOL's advertising organization, makes it easier than ever for marketers to harness the full power of digital media to meet their marketing objectives.

Platform-A integrates a vast array of premium content sites, industry-leading targeting capabilities and the largest online advertising network into a unified solution for building brands that perform online.

Today's media environment is more fragmented than ever before, but we believe that relevance is the antidote to fragmentation. Platform-A's vast network of sites, tools and social networks makes us uniquely positioned to deliver what consumers and advertisers want, when they want it.

By integrating unparalleled reach, behavioral relevance and rich display, Platform-A connects marketers to their audiences with a high level of engagement, efficiency and ease.

Platform-A already has the Web's best monetization engine, powered by the Web's best advertising technologies, reaching more consumers than anybody else.1 AOL will continue to build the Platform-A brand, complete the integration of our recent acquisitions and expand Platform-A internationally.

Platform-A Publisher Network
Platform-A delivers on the promise of increased yield and publisher value. Our best-of-breed sales force and category-leading advertising tools enable us to deliver unparalleled value to our network partners.

Platform-A combines four industry-leading advertising platforms—the legacy AOL Network (premium CPM/reservation-based advertising), TACODA (behavioral targeting), (targeting with scale) and Quigo (contextually-targeted sponsored links)—into a single solution. This integrated approach enables us to sell inventory across the four platforms and maximize yield. In short, Platform-A's simple solution eliminates the pain and inefficiencies of managing several ad networks.

Platform-A offers publishers a single yet flexible source for monetizing assets, including:

Multichannel solutions

  • Display, video, mobile, search and contextual listings
  • Cross-platform integration
  • The latest targeting techniques
  • Contextual, behavioral and performance
Value-add services
  • Audience insights and analytics
  • Ad serving
Monetization extensions
  • Opportunity to sell Platform-A network inventory
  • Products and platforms for your site
Platform-A is the only network that can take on 100% of your unsold inventory and deliver the highest value for each and every impression. With our experienced and scaled global sales staff, you can trust Platform-A to meet your needs.

1comScore Media Metrix 2008.

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