24/7 Real Media

24/7 Real Media


24/7 Real Media helps advertisers, both brand and direct response marketers, engage with customers at every stage of the consumer lifecycle.


24/7 offers the most advanced targeting:

  • Lifecycle targeting
  • Search retargeting
  • Retargeting
  • Mindset Media buys
  • Look-alike targeting
  • Content channels
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Geographic targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Daypart targeting
  • Technographic
  • Keyword/search
  • Branded sites
  • Roadblocking
  • Custom


With more than 1,800 quality Web sites, we reach approximately 135 million unique viewers per month in the U.S. Among our content channels, we have unmatched reach in women, real estate, local and b-to-b.


24/7 supports any digital ad format including rich media, in-roll video, streaming video, and Flash-based creative. We work with all major rich media vendors.


We analyze performance and optimize throughout each campaign for best results.

  • Powerful technology algorithms
  • Reach and frequency control
  • Post-click tracking
  • Analytics


  • Proprietary award-winning Open AdStream ad management technology
  • Deliver all digital formats across all digital platforms (mobile, Web, DTV)
  • Audience intelligence and yield management
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • State-of-the-art reporting and data analysis


Lee Sparaga
24/7 Real Media
[email protected]


24/7 Real Media offers the paramount targeting solution to deliver the right audience for every advertiser. We offer the most advanced targeting options. We have strong partnerships with third-party companies, including Claritas Inc., a Nielsen company, and Mindset Media, that enable us to deliver valuable researchbased, cutting-edge targeting options. 24/7 provides the highest in quality assurance standards as well as skilled and experienced personnel. Our network is powered by our award-winning Open AdStream technology. No matter who you want to reach, we can segment and target your customers so that they deliver the most value to you and give you the highest return on audience.

We ground our approach in the customer lifecycle framework. Customers move from awareness, to preference, to purchase and loyalty through time. Using our Lifecycle Media Management approach, we work with you to determine where your customers are in the lifecycle and then strategically apply the most effective targeting techniques for your needs. We offer the most advanced and innovative array of targeting options. Beyond standard content and behavioral targeting, we have compelling targeting techniques involving online and offline consumer research.

  • Search retargeting:
    We enable marketers to target and customize display advertising based on users' keyword queries on search engines. This allows advertisers to reach and convert the particular customers who are truly interested in their offerings.
  • Psychographic targeting with Mindset Media:
    Our partnership with Mindset Media makes it possible for you to target your customer based on psychographics or personality traits that matter to your brand.
  • Unique advertising opportunities:
    • BBN—The largest online b-to-b ad network
    • Realogy—Elite branded real estate sites reaching home buyers and sellers
    • Digerati—The largest news/TV station online network reaching local audiences
We focus on innovation, in our technology, as well as in our approach and targeting. Our technology platform Open AdStream is award-winning and market-leading, the most powerful in the industry.

24/7 Real Media, a WPP Group company, is celebrating more than 10 years of producing true results for advertisers and agencies. We have unparalleled industry experience and pivotal relationships with agencies, advertisers, publishers and partners. Our stellar reputation is solidified by our competent personnel, excellent service and industry leadership.


24/7 Real Media helps Web publisher affiliates increase the value of their inventory, generate revenue and satisfy advertisers. Benefits of joining 24/7's network include:

Increased revenue

  • Highest revenue for each ad impression delivered
  • Best payout rates in the industry

Control of advertising and brand integrity
  • Unequaled access to top national brand advertisers
  • Preview advertising creatives for content and quality
  • Ability to exclude campaigns from appearing on your site

Operational efficiency
  • No additional costs/fees of any kind
  • Ability to outsource ad sales and operations
  • Superior technology platform

Robust reporting and analysis
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Flexible, customizable reporting includes campaign, revenue, advertiser, ad sizes

Excellent service
  • Ad sales: We interact with ad agencies and advertisers daily across the globe.
  • Ad operations: We book campaigns, execute targeting and media placement, and optimize for best results.
  • Affiliate relations: We create taxonomy and ad tags, supply daily reporting and provide customer service and tech support.

Quality assurance
  • 24/7 has rigorous QA standards and operates in accordance with laws and industry best practices.

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