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Undertone Networks


The Undertone network consists of more than 350 top-tier properties. We strategically plan and choose our publishers based on the quality of their content and audience and "prebuy" our inventory to ensure our advertisers are seen in the best placements to engage consumers.


Undertone employs a number of targeting techniques to help marketers engage their audience. You can choose from or combine:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • 20-plus content channels
  • Behavioral
  • Remarketing


Undertone offers a comprehensive suite of the most effective ad solutions for reaching and engaging consumers:

  • Display
  • Preroll video
  • In-banner video
  • media
  • impact


At Undertone we know that providing premium service means taking a team approach. Each account receives a dedicated team of professionals, from its own account executive through operations. The members of your team are always available to you and have intimate knowledge of and take responsibility for the successful execution of your campaign.


Undertone has sales offices in cities across the U.S. To connect with one near you, call our headquarters at 212-685-8000 or visit our Web site at www.undertone.com.

The premium ad network

When it comes to ad networks, premium is the word of the day. But what is premium? At Undertone we know that to truly call our network premium it has to be about more than just the quality of the sites within our network; premium must describe everything we do.

Advertise on the Web's top-tier properties
Undertone Networks strategically chooses our inventory from the Web's top-tier publishers and then "prebuys" that inventory so our clients' ads are ensured premium placement. Because we count among our clients so many Fortune 500 companies focused on protecting their brands, we do not include social networking or user-generated content as part of our network. Instead, we focus on attaining premium inventory alongside top-quality, professionally published content that engages consumers and projects value, quality and trust.

Leverage the experience of a leader
Undertone Networks was founded in 2002 to cater to the world's largest and most demanding marketers, agencies and media companies. Since that time, we have helped thousands of clients achieve their online marketing goals and in doing so have gained valuable knowledge that we employ every day to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns we run. Undertone's dedicated professionals collaborate with you to develop the most effective strategy to meet your objectives.

We take the time to listen to your goals and objectives, and develop custom campaigns that help you exceed them. Our expert staff works with you every step of the way, continually monitoring and analyzing performance data, identifying emerging trends and optimizing your campaign to achieve maximum results.

Accountability to our clients and publishers
At Undertone, we carefully select our media partners to ensure that your message only appears alongside high-quality content that captivates and engages the right user in the right environment. Because we avoid purchasing inventory from ad exchanges, social networks or user-generated content sites, your brand is protected and well-represented. Conversely, our exclusive focus on high-quality advertisers allows us to serve only the best ads, ensuring a good experience for site visitors.

Innovation that delivers
Interactive marketing is evolving at light speed, and Undertone is at the forefront, continually developing new products and improving existing ones to ensure that our clients' campaigns are impactful, engaging and relevant to the consumers who experience them. We offer a full suite of innovative products to deliver the results you need. Our team will work with you to attain the right combination of ad units—including rich media, video and/or our high-impact solutions. To this we add precise targeting, such as geographic, behavioral and advanced retargeting to reach and engage your audience.

The Undertone difference is simple: Our accountability to our media partners and our clients, our experience and our commitment to quality and innovation.

As a publisher, choosing a network partner is a very important decision. You need a partner that will not only bring significant financial value but whose work-flow process aligns with your business needs. At Undertone, we have been working hand in hand with top-tier publishers since our inception, and we know exactly what you are looking for. Our knowledge of your needs and our ability to meet them are why many of our publishers have been part of the network since the beginning.

The Undertone team of media buyers and account coordinators closely monitors delivery and performance levels to make sure we monetize every impression served. Our exclusive focus on high-quality advertisers allows us to serve only the best ads through your site's rotation, thus ensuring a good experience for your site visitors while maintaining a clean site aesthetic.

When you choose Undertone as a network partner you can be assured that we will deliver:

  • Accountability: We are accountable to you, our media partners, to make managing your sites' revenue easy, reliable and effective.
  • Quality: We commit that the quality of the advertisers and ads to which your audience will be exposed are in line with your brand and the premium content you publish.
  • Increased revenue: We commit to helping you evaluate and develop new ways of monetizing the premium content on your sites.

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