Catalina Targeted Advertising

Catalina Targeted Advertising


Catalina Targeted Advertising has the ability to target 80 million U.S. households based on actual purchase behavior, rather than passive search activity.


Access to more than 250 million consumer transactions each week via more than 22,000 U.S. grocery, drug and mass merchandiser stores.


Using one of the largest online decision support databases in the world, Catalina Targeted Advertising enables brands to employ different marketing strategies for different levels of behavior:

  • Category usage: Identify heavy users or new category entrants.
  • Product usage: Differentiate loyal consumers from competitive consumers.
  • Demographic profiles: High-income families, households with children
  • Psychographic profiles: Health-conscious consumers


Catalina Targeted Advertising's custom, hand-delivered communications boast readership greater than 80%, cutting through the media clutter to reach consumers at the moment of truth— right at the point of sale.


  • Introduce new products
  • Deliver customized recipes
  • Educate on product attributes
  • Provide nutritional information
  • Promote causal marketing efforts
  • State product point of difference


Catalina Marketing is recognized as an innovator in behavioral marketing, with more than 25 years of behavior-based targeting expertise.


On average, brands using Catalina Targeted Advertising:

  • Raised awareness by 16 percentage points
  • Improved recall by 24 percentage points
  • Drove volume lift as high as 35%


Jeremie W. Roberts
Director of Marketing

First in behavioral targeting

Targeting online effectively can be difficult. Consumer packaged goods companies are currently challenged to drive the right traffic to their digital medium—often with little success. Commonly practiced search-marketing techniques and Web-surf tracking for big-ticket items do not hold parallel patterns in the CPG advertising world, as these more commonly purchased items unfortunately have lower Web site destination activity. With mass marketing/messaging effectiveness obviously declining, brands need to target consumers based on true purchase behavior. So the question arises: How can a CPG brand effectively market online without actual, bottom-line purchase behavior data?

Catalina Targeted Advertising uses its sophisticated consumer-purchase database—with access to more than 80 million households—to pinpoint specific shoppers' actual buying behaviors (rather than passive search activity), enabling brands to uncover the consumer truth and deliver the most relevant and compelling targeted media. This unparalleled targeting capability allows for significant enhancements and improvements to digital media targeting both online and offline.

One actual Catalina Targeted Advertising case study involved a major CPG manufacturer that was challenged with driving quality traffic to its Web site, creating a unique brand experience for the consumer while simultaneously increasing loyalty among current buyers. The brand used the extensive reach of the Catalina Marketing Network to deliver targeted, directional messaging to drive Web traffic among loyal consumers (behavioral targeting based on actual purchase levels), including unique PIN codes and points delivered based on specific product purchase quantities. The results were astounding: The program drove three times the average response rate of traditional loyalty programs. This proved that targeting the right consumer with the right message drives the right response.

Another multicategory marketer faced the challenge of driving incremental dollar sales for specific brands during a holiday period. The marketer used Catalina to deliver real-time recipes to consumers who purchased a combination of specific products (behavioral targeting based on actual purchase behavior). The program delivered a significant increase in dollar sales (10.7%) and had a positive return on investment ($1.16), proving to be extremely beneficial and an exciting execution for the marketer.

Behavioral marketing in the CPG world is more complex than just following Web traffic trends. Hard-line facts are needed to make hard-line targeting decisions. Catalina Targeted Advertising is the only solution that can provide brands with the actionable insight based on actual buying behavior to effectively reach ideal targets. This allows brands to implement the utmost accurate targeting executions.

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