Platform A: AOL

Platform A: AOL


AOL reaches more than 60% of every major demographic audience segment, including men 18-plus, women 18-plus, young adults 18–34, adults 35-plus, men 35–64, women 25-plus with children, seniors 55-plus, Hispanics and African-Americans.


AOL's premium content reaches 109 million unique visitors on average per month. AOL's premium content has some of the most engaged audiences on the Web, averaging more than 30 minutes per usage day.


AOL's premium content offers a comprehensive suite of targeting solutions, including:


  • Age/gender/household income
  • Audience affinity
  • Cluster solutions
  • Rosters/data match

  • Via content networks and sponsorships

  • Data targeting, destination-based and regional content



AOL's premium content is Universal Ad Package (UAP) compliant (728x90, 300x250, 160x600 and 150x600). Additionally, AOL offers the following solutions:

  • Video
  • Rich media
  • Integration and sponsorship opportunities across its sites
  • Text
  • Mobile
  • Search
  • Performance


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AOL's content offers marketers instant scale, contextual relevance in premium environments and a full suite of advertising solutions, including targeting, search, video, rich media and mobile.

With premier brands—many of them category leaders—AOL attracts some of the largest and most engaged audiences online. AOL's network of Web properties is among the top three in the U.S., drawing an average of 109 million unique visitors each month, according to comScore Media Metrix.1 Among these:

  • MapQuest is the most popular provider of online maps and directions in the U.S.
  • AIM is the No. 1 messaging service in the U.S.
  • TMZ, developed in partnership with Warner Bros. Telepictures Productions, is the No. 1 domestic entertainment news site.
  • Black Voices is one of the premier sites for the African-American community.
  • AOL Latino is a leading bilingual portal for U.S. Hispanics.
In the past year, AOL has relaunched all its major programming channels—including News, Money & Finance, Sports and Living—and launched several new sites, including Asylum, DIY Life, Green Daily, PopEater, Stylelist and

In addition, AOL has upgraded its industry-leading product suite, including AOL Mail, AOL Desktop, AOL Safety and Security, AOL Parental Control tools, the home page and the Winamp Media Player. More recently, AOL has launched breakthrough products such as BlueString, which lets users easily store and share their pictures and movies, and myAOL, which lets them customize their home pages.

AOL's leading video search engine, Truveo, continues to expand its reach with more than 500,000 new videos uploaded to the Web each day. Sites powered by Truveo now reach more than 50 million unique visitors per month. Queries across the Truveo search network increased twentyfold in 2007, while Truveo's index of videos grew to more than 100 million. Truveo has also launched localized versions in 16 countries.

As part of its aggressive international growth plans, AOL has launched portals in Austria, Belgium, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, AOL teamed with HP to include localized versions of the portal and other AOL services as the default setting on HP computers shipped in the U.S. and more than two dozen countries worldwide.

AOL also leads the industry in consumer engagement. The AOL Network audience spends nearly twice as long on our pages as on Yahoo, MSN or Google. AOL consistently leads in average minutes per usage day, average minutes per page and average minutes per visit. The recent addition of Bebo, a top global social media network, will drive AOL's level of user engagement even further.

AOL's premium content
Publishers can now join AOL's network of more than 95 premier brands. Joining a vertical AOL channel (e.g., Sports, News, Health) brings increased site traffic, promotion throughout the network, potential for new content and products, increased audience engagement and, most important, increased brand visibility.

AOL is your single source for comprehensive monetization:

Multichannel solutions

  • Display, video, mobile, search and contextual listings
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Latest targeting techniques
Value-add services
  • Audience insights and analytics
  • Ad serving
Product extensions
  • Cross-promotion
  • Content integration
  • Products and platforms for your site
AOL is now a part of Platform-A, which brings together AOL's premium content sites; TACODA's and Quigo's industry-leading targeting capabilities; and's massive online advertising network. By joining an AOL channel, publishers benefit from Platform-A's extensive sales expertise and gain access to hundreds of premium and performance-based advertisers.

Affiliation also allows publishers to reduce both fixed and variable costs. AOL effectively replaces the ad operations team and sales force, eliminating significant overhead. Taking advantage of Platform-A's ad-serving capability enables a publisher to reduce, and likely even remove, all of the variable costs associated with ad serving and hosting.

Joining AOL's premium content lets you focus on what you do best: building great content and products for your audience.

1comScore Media Metrix, February 2008.

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