Platform A:

Platform A:

NETWORK REACH reaches nine out of 10 online consumers.

SOLUTIONS offers marketers a variety of ways to engage audiences, including:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Rich media
  • Mobile
  • Search: SEO and SEM
  • Performance
  • Affiliate


IAB standard units, including springboards, rich media and video


Our AdLearn technology continually learns and refines ad placement across our network based on observed and expected performance. Ads are automatically allocated across our network based on the highest expected return for the advertiser and publisher.


  • Display: ADTECH,'s display ad-serving platform, makes it easy to manage your ad-serving activities.
  • Video: Our Lightningcast video ad-serving platform operates with all major media players and offers dynamic ad serving. Our real-time reporting and payment interface allow you to control your campaigns, view performance and check earnings.
  • Mobile: You can choose to have us manage your inventory for you, or you can utilize our MADX technology to help create, showcase and sell your mobile ad space.


Mike Peralta
Senior VP-North American Advertising Sales
[email protected] has emerged as the world's largest display advertising network—but we're not stopping there. As part of Platform-A, AOL's advertising organization, has the capability to deliver integrated online brand-building solutions.

Together with AOL's premium content sites and TACODA's industry-leading targeting capabilities, makes it easier than ever for marketers to harness the full power of digital media to solve their marketing problems. reaches 90% of the online audience—more than any other online property. We have maintained this industry-leading position for 46 consecutive months.1 We reach across the entire Web using the most advanced technologies, including our award-winning AdLearn optimization platform and our LeadBack suite of behavioral targeting solutions. Our award-winning and dedicated account management teams are focused on driving results by targeting with scale across multiple networks, including display, video, mobile, affiliate and search.

We believe that the next digital era is upon us and that we can own it by serving what consumers want—relevant content and advertising—across the entire Web.

PUBLISHERS and ADTECH, operating as separate entities, provide all the tools needed to manage, monetize and maximize publishers' inventory. Our flexible programs, advanced technologies and endless supply of top advertisers enable you to make the most of your inventory. We consider ourselves our publishers' advertising service partner; we complement direct sales and advertising efforts by helping you:

Manage your online ad serving

  • Our ad-serving platforms enable you to manage your direct advertising campaigns effectively and efficiently across display, video and mobile channels.

Monetize your unsold inventory
  • Our cross-channel solutions, arsenal of top-notch advertisers and real-time optimization inventory guarantee your display, video and mobile inventory never goes unsold.

Maximize your return on marketing
  • Our ability to efficiently drive your target audience to your online properties, and monetize the consumer impression once at your site, provides the greatest return for your marketing efforts.

1comScore Media Metrix.

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