The fourth-largest ad network in monthly page views (comScore), AdBrite reaches nearly 85 million unique viewers each month. AdBrite serves ads on more than 50,000 sites and is home to eight of the top 20 U.S. media properties. This scale allows advertisers to target the greatest possible number of potential purchasers.

Scale has also brought specialization to AdBrite's marketplace, which features specialty channels such as Entertainment, Women's Lifestyle, Social Networking and Sports & Outdoors. These channels reach millions of unique users each month while enabling savvy advertisers to focus their buys by site content or user base.


AdBrite offers unrivaled site-level transparency to give you maximum control over ad placements and campaign performance.


  • Site-specific
  • Custom channels
  • Keyword
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Ethnicity


  • Graphical ads (standard IAB units)
  • Text ads
  • Full Page Ads (active interstitial)
  • BritePic—for still images
  • InVideo—for video


Pricing is determined by real-time auction. Pricing is CPM for graphical ads, CPC for text ads and CPV (cost-per-view) for Full Page Ads. We work closely with CPA advertisers to maximize campaign performance.


You can use AdBrite's easy self-serve interface to manage campaigns anytime. For larger campaigns, AdBrite designates an account manager to optimize ad spending effectively.


Jim Benton


The Internet's ad marketplace

Reach or targeting? Scale or transparency? Banners or text? Forget the debate—you don't have to make a trade-off. AdBrite has built a marketplace that brings media buyers the advantages of all the different models. There's no reason you can't have vast reach and also benefit from detailed, site-level transparency.

Most advertisers—especially major consumer brands—care a lot about where their message is displayed. Traditional, blind ad networks cannot offer site-level metrics, and this lack of transparency has been a key hurdle to determining the success rate of media buys. AdBrite has brought a new dimension of transparency into online advertising by introducing the Internet's first transparent auction model for display advertising.

AdBrite's marketplace offers advertisers site-level control on a network that is 50,000 sites strong and growing. Every month AdBrite serves ads on 25 billion pages, reaching 85 million unique users in the U.S.

AdBrite offers a full suite of ad formats, including standard banner and text ads, as well as innovative, proprietary formats such as the Full Page Ad. AdBrite has been an industry leader in developing formats for multimedia advertisers and social networking sites.

In early 2007, AdBrite developed BritePic and InVideo, ad formats for interactive photo and video advertising, to supplement its standard text and IAB display units. Later that year, AdBrite's rich-media Full Page Ad debuted as the industry's first active interstitial ad, bringing the style and engagement of the magazine page ad to the Internet. AdBrite was also the first major ad network to launch a Facebook Apps Channel in October 2007, plugging developers of the Internet's hottest social network directly into the online advertising marketplace.

More and more agencies, blue-chip brand advertisers and direct marketers are finding success with ad networks and ad exchanges. AdBrite not only provides a straightforward self-serve interface for advertisers that take a hands-on approach but also has experienced account managers to assist clients running large campaigns.

AdBrite is a large-scale, transparent ad marketplace that can bring you the best of both worlds.

With an easy self-serve interface and full transparency, AdBrite has built a reputation as an ideal solution for specialty content sites. AdBrite publishers use the network to monetize multiple ad format types, including innovative graphic and interstitial ads on the same platform. As a publisher with AdBrite, you can set target prices for your inventory and choose which ads appear on your site. AdBrite's large, diverse base of quality publishers helps advertisers reach their target audiences across any audience demographic, content type, behavior or geography.

AdBrite has established itself as a scale leader, helping major Web publishers as well as specialty sites run relevant advertising and maximize revenue yield. AdBrite provided ads to more than 50,000 Web sites in February 2008, growing rapidly from 20,000 sites in September 2006. Now, large branded publishers are taking advantage of AdBrite's transparent marketplace model more than ever before. Eight of the 20 largest comScore U.S. media properties are currently partnering with AdBrite, and thousands of new sites are joining the network each month.

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