Deliver your advertising message to millions of Internet radio listeners across the U.S. while they're listening to programming they have opted in to hear. Peak is Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (at work), with an average TSL (time spent listening) of more than 100 minutes per session. TargetSpot is now rated by comScore/Arbitron.


Reach listeners to hundreds of Internet radio stations, covering large, small and midsize markets across the U.S. New affiliates are added to the TargetSpot network regularly. To view the current list, visit


TargetSpot brings the precision targeting of Internet advertising to radio:

  • Run national campaigns; target by state, market or ZIP code
  • Target specific stations or target by programming/format, such as sports, news, music (rock) or music (adult contemporary)


  • 10-, 15-, 30-, 60-second audio spots
  • Preroll video
  • Synchronized banners
  • Text ads


TargetSpot also offers:

  • Performance reports
  • Third-party ad tracking verification
  • Free ad creation tools for audio and preroll video ads
  • Creative services: copy and voice-over store


Ads are sold on a CPM basis through a campaign specialist or through a self-service online ad campaign platform.


TargetSpot offers full-service campaign management for advertisers and agencies as well as a self-service option for smaller advertisers and those that prefer to manage their own campaigns.


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Turning up Internet radio advertising

By combining the precision of Internet ad delivery with the high-impact medium of radio, TargetSpot offers a powerful new ingredient for your marketing mix.

Extraordinary reach

Internet radio has become one of the fastest-growing mass reach opportunities thanks to the wide availability of radio station content online and the adoption of broadband. According to a recent study by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, approximately 33 million people a week are listening to Internet radio, and that audience continues
to grow.1

Now you can effectively tap into this opportunity with TargetSpot's high-impact, targeted advertisements. TargetSpot is a unique ad network that brings Internet radio streams and Web-only audio sites together for advertisers that want to reach and target engaged listeners. CBS Radio, Entercom, Fox News Radio and NextMedia are just a few of the broadcasters that comprise the ad network.

Powerful targeting
TargetSpot is the only service that supports precision targeting for Internet radio. Reach who you want to reach, when and where you want to reach them when you:

  • Geo-target (nationally, by market, state or ZIP code).
  • Target listeners of particular stations or programming.
  • Deliver messages during specific hours of the day, with or without frequency caps.

Desirable demographics
TargetSpot enables you to tap into the at-work audience which, according to Arbitron and Edison Media Research, jumped from 12% to 20% from 2007 to 2008.2 The same study reports that 30% of college graduates say they listen to Internet radio at work, while yet another Arbitron/Edison study demonstrated that listeners are 40% more likely than the general population to live in a household with an annual income more than $100,000.3

High-impact, accepted ad formats
TargetSpot enables you to deliver your advertising message when buying decisions are being made. Listeners are typically at work and likely to perform searches while they are listening to Internet radio. In fact, 57% of users reported listening to streaming radio while buying at a Web site, according to the Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab's "Radio and Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers." 4

Compared to many other media, where consumers have learned to block and skip advertising messages, Internet radio spots are delivered effectively and unobtrusively. In fact, RAEL noted in a 2006 study that 63% of listeners do not find that radio spots get in the way of their programming.5

Full-service and self-service with complete automation
TargetSpot provides you with the unique ability to buy and target ad campaigns across an array of Internet radio stations from a single point of contact. Evenly distribute national campaigns, optimize campaigns in-flight and set frequency and/or spending caps. Whether you opt for full or self-service, you benefit from a fully automated platform that streamlines campaign management to give you maximum control.

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