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Collective Media


  • More than 3 billion ad impressions
  • More than 100 million unique users
  • More than 3,000 brand-name sites


  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • Channel
  • Geographic
  • Retargeting
    • Standard
    • Ad
    • Search
    • Custom channels


Full DART ADAPT optimization implemented on all campaigns to ensure our advertisers get the best possible results.


Collective Media has offices throughout the U.S. to better serve our customers. You can find one near you at or by giving us a call at 646-722-8550.


Quality and efficiency without compromise

Collective Media was founded to serve an unserved market in the ad network space—advertisers that wanted to take advantage of the value of an ad network without the worry of diminishing their brand. In order to deliver on that promise, we contracted only with top-quality publishers with professionally developed content, implemented the most sophisticated targeting, chose the most advanced technology and dedicated ourselves to providing expert personal service.

Quality inventory
The core of every network is the type of publishers with which it works and the quality of content on their sites. The Collective Network contains only inventory from the Web's best-known, respected publishers. We do not include user-generated content, nor do we buy from or sell to other networks. To prove it, we offer 100% transparency to our site list so you can be assured that your ads will only appear alongside the highest-quality content.

Audience targeting
Great sites and quality inventory are only the beginning. Collective understands that there is no one targeting solution that works best for everyone and that you need innovative ways to reach your audience. So we offer a full suite of targeting solutions not offered collectively by other networks.

Through our Personifi audience targeting solution, we deliver real-time contextual classification to accurately detect and target any audience segment, providing the ability to move beyond traditional content channels into audience channels. Additionally, because we offer advertising on more than 3,000 quality sites, we can offer you robust custom channels to best meet your campaign goals.

To help you find your audience as they travel through the Collective Network, we offer three types of retargeting: standard, or site-based retargeting; ad retargeting, to help you make the most of your investments in premium vertical sites; and search retargeting, which allows you to reach consumers who have clicked on your paid search ad.

With DART from DoubleClick, we provide clients more options when running their campaigns, such as the use of floodlight tags and boom lists for retargeting—even allowing our advertisers to make the most of their boom lists on non-DART sites.

Optimization and reporting
By partnering with DoubleClick, we offer our clients reporting and targeting capabilities not available with other ad networks. For optimization on every campaign, we use DART ADAPT, which has proven to enhance campaign performance—including click interactions and actions taken on branding, as well as direct response campaigns—on average by more than 40%.

Collective has taken this great technology one step further by building on DART to create Collective Media's AMP. AMP begins with a dashboard that provides a graphical presentation of top-line performance metrics and is easy to use, allowing you to generate exportable, custom reports. Plus it offers a point-and-click method for analyzing from every angle in real-time such campaign data as DMA and behavioral targeting effectiveness. With all these data at your fingertips, you can not only make adjustments to current campaigns but use aggregated data to better plan for future campaigns.

Quality inventory Collective Media has been working exclusively with the Web's top publishers since its inception. Because of this, we understand the issues you as a publisher face and the criteria you evaluate when choosing which ad networks to work with.

Our goal is to complement your direct sales efforts, not compete with them. We can help you monetize your unsold inventory by bringing you Fortune 1,000 advertisers that care as much about their brand image as you do about yours. With complete control over the ads that run on your sites—and only being in the company of other premium publishers and quality advertisers to complement your quality content—it makes sense to choose Collective Media as your ad network partner.

Advanced technology
Collective has built on DART to bring you AMP, which provides customizable, real-time reporting. And as a member of the Collective Network, you can monitor the performance of your sites in comparison to others.

Are you thinking about partnering with other publishers to create vertical networks? Then Collective Media's AMP might be the solution for you. AMP was originally designed to manage Collective Media's extensive ad network, including more than 3,000 sites and 3 billion ad impressions monthly. The system allows publishers to extend their reach by creating a vertical ad network and unifying ad network management through a single online reporting platform.

Exceptional service
We understand that managing multiple network relationships can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult. It is Collective's mission to make working with a premium ad network as painless as possible. With our dedicated team and advanced reporting capabilities, you always know the status or your account and the ads running on your sites.

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