Adfusion delivers premium traffic from its network of top-tier U.S. media Web sites.


Adfusion employs a pay-for-performance pricing model. Contact Adfusion for details and current rates.


Adfusion includes its professional writing services at no additional charge.


Adfusion employs a proprietary, two-click model where users self-select advertiser content based on their interest levels.


Josh Madigan
Adfusion Director


Adfusion—the performance-based ad network

Adfusion is a groundbreaking tool for online marketers that combines the brand storytelling of Web articles and the measurability of click-through advertising.

Adfusion educates consumers and drives conversions on your Web site—consistently outperforming clients' other forms of online advertising.

Our team of professional writers works with you to produce informative articles that contain your key brand messages. These articles are distributed throughout our extensive network of premium-media and special-interest content sites.

Consumers read a feature article written specifically about your product or service.

You only pay for the consumers who visit your Web site after reading your article and responding to your call to action. It's as simple as that.

Adfusion tracks all consumer activity generated by your articles, including all "article reads" and clicks to your site's specific landing page. To learn more about Adfusion and its easy Test Drive Program, visit or call 877-278-0765.

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