Advertisers select which sites will show their campaigns. Site-by-site post-campaign reporting shows where and how campaigns performed.

Network Overview

  • 123 million unique viewers monthly, 65 percent reach2
  • 8 billion impressions monthly
  • 750 premium publishers
  • Complete site transparency
  • Atlas UAT partner and DART Floodlight approved

2comScore Media Metrix September 2008

Targeting Options

  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • Contextual
  • Geographic
  • Daypart
  • Retargeting

Account Management

  • Full campaign management
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Post-campaign reporting and analysis
  • Campaign optimization


InterCLICK is committed to consumer privacy and choice and is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative.


Jay Freedman
Phone: 646-558-1244


True Transparency and Performance

InterCLICK is one of the largest ad networks committed to providing full end-to-end transparency to advertisers, publisher and consumers.1 Offering custom site lists, site-by-site performance reporting and complete demographic analysis, interCLICK is dedicated to providing full transparency from start to finish.

InterCLICK also provides advertisers with solutions for the entire marketing life cycle, employing the latest advanced targeting methodologies to meet and exceed campaign goals. With a network drawn from comScore top 1,000 sites, top brand advertisers and a dedication to consumer choice, interCLICK strives to provide a safe and trusted environment for all its clients.

True transparency doesn't end when the campaign begins.
Advertisers have a simple need: "I need to know where my ads ran and how they performed." Most networks that claim to be transparent do not actually provide the level of detail that benefits the advertiser in the short and long term. The interCLICK approach to this need is comprehensive transparency that does not end when the campaign begins.

Handing someone a quality site list with the promise that their ads will run on "some or all" of a network's sites is not transparency. Furthermore, post-campaign reporting is usually provided in aggregate with no site-by-site breakdown, providing clients with no insight as to how their money was spent. That approach is both inefficient and ineffective over the course of the marketing life cycle. If the client does not know where their ads ran and how they performed, how can they improve ROI on future media buys?

By offering advertisers transparency from start to finish, interCLICK aims to make sure every ad dollar is well spent. Providing the advertiser with the ability to choose which publisher sites their campaign will run on, interCLICK ensures that clients are comfortable with the traffic they will receive. Once a campaign begins, clients know exactly how their money is being spent and if their budgets are being spent efficiently through interCLICK's site-by-site performance reporting. Post-campaign performance is broken out, showing impressions, clicks and conversions by site, along with audience demographic profiles available via a partnership with Quantcast.

Not only does this provide a safe environment for brands, it allows advertisers to adjust future media buys both with interCLICK and directly with publishers to better improve the ROI of their media buys.

That is true transparency.

Performance and targeting
Finally, transparency means little if you can't deliver results. The interCLICK approach provides advertisers with that platform, combining the most advanced targeting solutions available with site-by-site transparency. Within interCLICK's transparent framework, behavioral, demographic, contextual and geographic targeting options are offered. Predictive technology behind the scenes decides which targeting methods and data are most effective and relevant to drive results.

1comScore Media Metrix, June 2008

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