Adconion Media Group

Adconion Media Group


We offer a comprehensive suite of targeting solutions that enables advertisers to precisely target and reach high-value individual audiences.


Generate new demand, remarket to customers, leverage search campaigns, etc.

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Site retargeting
  • Creative retargeting
  • Search retargeting
  • Custom solutions


We are one of the world's fastest-growing ad networks.We have offices in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe and Australia. In fact, we just completed a strategic $80 million Series C round of funding.


We have rigorous privacy standards and respect the rights of the individuals who access ads; we adhere to European privacy standards, which are significantly higher than most other country standards.


We deliver successful campaigns by combining technological innovation with experienced campaign managers. We provide analytical reports and strategic recommendations that net maximum results.


T. Tyler Moebius: Chief Executive Officer/President & Executive Director
He's a true Internet entrepreneur: TrafficMarketplace and Avenue A (one of the first 10 employees) are a part of his success story.

Keith Kaplan: President of North America
An ad network guru and industry veteran: among his achievements was L90's acquisition of DoubleClick Media, creating profitable businesses, which lead to negotiating another acquisition by AskJeeves Interactive.


Advertisers/Agencies: Liz Schiff

Publishers: Dan Alexander


Advertisers, meet the Audience Network

Audience Network? Yes, we're an ad network that believes each advertiser deserves to reach its ideal audience—with minimum waste and maximum results. Customers let us into their lives, not vice versa. Adconion's Audience Network uses innovative technology combined with good, old-fashioned human insight—our insight working with yours—to deliver audience-targeted campaigns. We know that when we all work together, campaigns work harder.

Adconion is an independent online ad network with global reach. We are a champion for you: advertisers, ad agencies and media buyers. We created our products and services specifically for a truly objective media-buying process. And we're not just loyal, we're smart. Our targeting technology allows you to reach the right audience every time, here and abroad. We're an ad network focused on audience; let us take your media-buying experience to a new level.

Now, who do we want to reach today?

The Adconion difference
Loyal and independent: Adconion is focused on your needs. We work hard to enhance your brands and protect their integrity. We are focused on performance and we deliver results. We can do this better than most because we are independent. As an independent network, there's never a conflict of interest. With the increasing consolidation in online media, that's a big advantage. What's more, our audience-focused model enables you to retain ownership of your consumer data rather than losing it to third-party portals and media conglomerates. Adconion's Audience Network gives you the muscle needed to compete and be successful in today's fast-changing media and advertising landscape.

Smart targeting, global reach: Adconion is the only independent global ad network that allows you to focus on audience data, beyond just sites or content. What does that mean to you? In short, significantly improved campaign performance and substantially higher conversion rates than traditional site-targeted ads.

Our global reach is your domestic advantage. The Adconion Audience Network includes more than 107 million unique Internet users in the U.S. and 200 million worldwide (comScore, January and February 2008), with a diverse inventory of global premium sites. Our recent acquisition of Frontline Direct has enhanced our portfolio of performance-branded solutions to include more granular audience targeting. In virtually every case, we can offer you worldwide targeting that maximizes value and increases overall marketing efficiency. We're here for you no matter where you need to go.

Adconion creates value for its publishing partners by monetizing undervalued inventory at all levels of the supply/demand chain. With Adconion's global network of sales professionals, we are able to bring quality brand advertisers to Web sites that receive traffic from countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. As an independent ad network, there's never a conflict of interest. With the increasing consolidation in online media, that's a big advantage for all publishers.

Adconion's formula for success is simple: Enrich each ad call by leveraging advertiser partnerships and technology to drive high yield for publisher's inventory. Adconion combines the power of technology with the experience of seasoned media professionals to ensure the right solution for each publisher partner.

Adconion recognizes that publishers need custom solutions to fit the needs of their business. Adconion partners with publishers large and small, with niche and mass-appeal content, those that wish to have pure representation and those that wish to remain anonymous. We've listened to the marketplace, and we have created global publisher solutions that exceed expectations. Adconion's publishers recognize that our global footprint is their domestic advantage. Ready to join Adconion's Audience Network?

  • Monetize all of your inventory.
  • Leverage Adconion's global team of professionals.
  • Work with experienced media professionals.
  • Let Adconion create custom solutions for you.
  • Experience the advantage of working with an independent partner.

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