AUDIENCE is a vertical advertising network focused exclusively on reaching African-American and urban Latino audiences in the U.S.


At more than 300 Web sites and nearly 1 billion ads served monthly across standard display units, mobile and podcasts within sites directly targeting African-American or urban Latino audiences, has established itself as a formidable player in the multicultural space.


Main forms of targeting available:

  • Geotargeting (down to metro level)
  • Daypart
  • Single site/custom channel
  • Content
  • Keyword


AdGroups accepts IAB standard ad units (large to small). We're also certified as being able to run technologies from most of the leading rich media vendors in the space
as well.


The company has a well-established consulting division for small and emerging businesses looking to target African-Americans.

PRICING is a 100% CPM-based network. Pricing depends on a number of variables, most commonly the level of desired targeting and timing.


Your clients enjoy around-the-clock support from a dedicated team that cares about your brand.

888-722-1147, ext. 1


Unmatched coverage for reaching African-Americans online

Established in 1998, is a very early entrant into the vertical ad network space. The company is the first and largest dedicated advertising network focused on reaching various multicultural audiences via the Internet and other emerging media. The company boasts a list of more than 300 active publishers, all dedicated to reaching many subsegments of the African-American market. Data from comScore Media Metrix place the company as a top-tier outlet in comparison to other vendors that directly vie for the same audience.

The company was founded by Roary Wilder, an industry veteran who was part of some of the earliest movements to establish standardized metrics for advertisers to evaluate Web site traffic as an employee at RelevantKnowledge, which eventually merged with Media Metrix. "When I came up with the idea ... most publishers weren't open to network models because they were looking for a quick [high-sell] exit," Mr. Wilder says of the pre-bubble-burst days of the early commercialized Internet. made its debut with a small number of publishers (only three Web sites), but entered the space at a time when marketers were yearning for options in a medium with very limited opportunities to reach African-American consumers.

At the company's launch, there were only a few publishers garnering a large share of advertising earmarked for African-Americans online; at the same time, dozens of quality sites were being launched, but none had the critical mass to carry even a midsize campaign on its own. Agencies were hungry for alternatives since most outlets at the time were polarized, addressing very specific subsegments of the African-American audience. "As agencies discovered us ... they fell in love,"
Mr. Wilder says. "All of our earliest supporting agencies are still utilizing our services 10 years later with ever-growing budgets and evolving strategies. It's a testament to the growing importance of this market."

Today, provides sales services to more than 300 Web sites and works with marketers from nearly every major advertising segment that realize the importance of including African-Americans in their online marketing communication strategies. "African-Americans represent the most rapidly evolving segment in the United States in terms of both affluence and segmentation," Mr. Wilder says. An important tenet that broad-base advertisers need to keep in mind is that African-Americans exist within every general-market segment.'s unique site portfolio can help to add reach (and marquee performance) to most campaigns. "The only key difference with utilizing our network [versus a general-market site for a general-market campaign]," Mr. Wilder adds, "is that you have a special opportunity to tailor your campaign's imagery and messaging to garner even higher success scores."

In addition to the "no-brainer/must use" position that AdGroups has established with many multicultural marketers, the company is constantly tapped to add reach to media plans where ethnicity is not a core target of a campaign's strategy. The company views this as a key area of growth for the next several years as the consumer profile of African-Americans continues to evolve and a broader base of marketers realizes the growing importance of this group to their bottom lines.

Publishers whose sites focus on reaching African-American or urban Latino audiences can find special utility in our services. We offer a CPM-based ad network and traffic-building link exchange. We also offer direct-rep services to select publishers where our company can handle 100% of your sales inquiries for a very generous preferred commission rate.

Why use vs. other similar networks?
We're dedicated:The term dedicated is an important factor that publishers seeking a network partner need to take into account. In 2007, many ad-supported publishers tried their hands at creating vertical ad networks, mainly to help their sales portfolios. "Working with a publisher-initiated ad network where the publisher was already in your space can be a dangerous proposition," says Reginald Mars, director of publisher relations for In addition to quickly jumping on a bandwagon topic where the expertise of running a network probably isn't as strong as it could be, publisher-initiated networks are usually created for one of two reasons: "to help a publisher's lack of reach or lack of content—usually both," he says. is a dedicated network where all publishers exist on the same playing field.

Relationships: has relationships with a growing number of key agencies whose clients are interested in African-American reach.

Longevity: With more than a decade of direct experience in the multicultural space, holds a significant first-mover advantage over rivals offering similar services.

Breadth: Because of its size, is able to focus on nearly every subsegment of the African-American market.

Personalized consulting: Large and small publishers enjoy relationships and strategic consulting about their brand and development that other companies wouldn't yield without additional fees (if at all).

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