Burst Media

Burst Media


Burst Network offers virtually unlimited targeting solutions.

Network targeting:

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Time of day/day of week

Site targeting:
  • Content
  • High-indexing channel
  • Sites hand-picked by you
  • Sites with demonstrated success in your industry

Audience targeting:
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Sequential targeting


Burst Network offers more than 400 content channels, as well as vertical audience networks that allow advertisers to reach their target audience. Vertical audience networks include:

  • Moms Network
  • Early Adopters Network (technophiles)
  • Family Builders Network (25-44)
  • Baby Boomers Network (45–64)
  • Family Travelers Network
  • Green Network


Burst AdConductor is an integrated, fully customizable, end-to-end ad management solution that frees your staff to focus on selling, not operations. This in-house technology solution includes:

  • Proposal building/ forecasting
  • Campaign set-up
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation/billing


Burst Media has been systems certified for eight consecutive years by BPA Worldwide. This comprehensive systems audit assures advertisers and Web publishers that Burst Media's data processes and systems are accurate and maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. BPA certification also means Burst AdConductor is an IAB Measurement Audited ad serving system.


David Cooperstein
Chief Marketing Officer


The smart choice for online media

When you place ads online, you want to make sure your media investment pays off. Running a campaign with Burst Media ensures you that your advertising message is going to the right place at the right time, whether you are a brand advertiser hoping to make a great impression or a direct marketer seeking online visitors most likely to act on your offer. With two networks—Burst Network and Burst Direct—we're sure to have a solution that fits your advertising needs.

Burst Network: The smart choice for brand advertisers
Why sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to your online advertising budget? Burst Network combines focused audience composition, the buying power of active online consumers, precision targeting and the highest-quality Web sites to deliver advertising in an engaging, clutter-free environment.

Many ad networks tout how many online users they reach. At Burst Network, it's who we reach that's important. Burst Network content channels consistently deliver a higher-than-average composition on many in-demand audience segments. That translates into your advertising message reaching the most valuable audience with the least media waste.

Burst Network sets quality standards advertisers can rely on. We don't allow just any site to join—only one out of every 10 sites that apply to the Burst Network meets our strict standards. Moreover, all sites within the Burst Network are periodically audited to ensure a quality ad network. A quality ad network means our advertisers enjoy high visibility in a clutter-free environment. Additionally, when optimized by Burst's AdConductor ad management technology, advertisers' campaigns appear at precisely the correct frequency to maximize ROI.

With Burst Network, you'll reach your target audience—and know exactly how you found them. Burst has always provided full transparency, apprising advertisers of every placement with site-level reporting—before and after they buy. Whether you buy broad reach or one of our hand-crafted brand networks such as Moms, Early Adopters or Baby Boomers, you will know exactly which sites your message will appear on.

Burst Direct: The smart choice for performance marketers
If performance is your game, Burst Direct is the smart choice to make. The Burst Direct team of experts takes on your goal and works to find the right audience at the right time to react to your offer. Burst Direct does this through two levels of service. Direct Connect is for marketers with large budgets that want to utilize tools such as dynamic pricing and action-based optimization across strategically purchased inventory. For smaller budgets and less complex campaigns, Direct Reach will optimize campaigns based on Burst's 12 years of experience, refining our optimization engine to ensure that we reach your goal.

So whether you seek to deliver a brand message or reach across the Web to find a willing customer, Burst is the smart choice.

Burst works with the best small and midsize Web publishers in the business, providing high CPMs on brand advertising campaigns and filling inventory with performance campaigns. Our goal is to maximize a Web publisher's revenue opportunities.

We have two large networks, and we maintain rigorous acceptance standards for both. All Burst sites are regularly subject to a 26-step audit process to ensure they continue to meet our strict quality standards. If you have a clutter-free site with focused specialty content, Burst is the ad network to work with.

Our state-of-the-art publisher interface, the Burst Publisher Account Center, provides you with tools to easily manage your business. You can review campaigns for price and creative, set exclusions, create custom reports, review your site's demographics and run default campaigns on your site.

Burst works for publishers and provides one of the best customer service teams in the industry, delivering clear, concise and timely answers.

Moreover, Burst has a dedicated sales force in nearly every major advertising market in the U.S. and in London. Our sales force is constantly in front of major marketers and advertising agencies presenting the value of specialty content Web sites and why they are the ideal vehicles to deliver an advertising message.

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