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MediaNet is a general-audience medium that delivers more than 30 billion ad impressions monthly. Advertisers are able to connect directly to a variety of attractive demographic groups, largely consumers between the ages of 18 and 49. From sports enthusiasts to soccer moms—you name it, we've
got it.


MediaNet provides advertisers and agencies with a powerful tool for reaching and interactively communicating with targeted consumer segments through online display media. Across more than 4,000 quality screened news, editorial and entertainment Web sites, Casale Media connects advertisers to more than 66% of the U.S. digital audience and reaches more than 200 million unique visitors worldwide.


Advertisers receive the benefit of Casale Media's advanced targeting and optimization technology at no cost. Casale's OPTIMAX campaign delivery platform dynamically targets by:

  • Geography
  • DMA
  • Language, bandwidth, O/S
  • Browser, user agent
  • User response
  • Time of day, day of week
  • Frequency
  • Creative
  • Performance metric
  • Context (channel-level placements)
  • Retargeting


Casale Media accepts IAB standard units, including skyscraper, medium rectangles, leaderboards and pop-unders.


OPTIMAX operates in a real-time environment and supports all elements of the campaign life cycle, including ad delivery, creative hosting and management, audience targeting and ad placement, performance tracking and reporting, and optimization.

OPTIMAX uses a series of unique algorithmic sequences to identify the audience most likely to respond to your campaign and then automatically adjusts its ad placement and targeting strategies to maximize response.


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Casale Media creates integrated, customized online media opportunities for some of the biggest brand advertisers and agencies in the U.S. from such industries as automotive, finance, packaged goods, retail and travel. Casale's team of experienced interactive marketing experts works in close strategic partnerships with advertisers, agencies and publishers to achieve their growth objectives through a more strategic and creative application of online media inventory.

With more than 30 years of experience in the technology research and development field, Casale's suite of online marketing technologies goes far beyond established norms and standards of performance. Advertisers have access to automated campaign management and reporting processes as well as innovative and highly responsive placement opportunities that yield maximized ROI and brand exposure.

Casale's network, MediaNet, is segmented into more than 100 different content interest channels—everything from travel and social networking to finance and shopping. Casale Media works with premium publishers in all categories, with a focus on broad audience reach, and serves more than 30 billion targeted ads to over 200 million unique online consumers worldwide every month.

Since launching in October 2003, Casale Media has redefined the standard for online media quality, ad delivery management and campaign optimization technologies. Advertisers continue to trust Casale Media with their brands and results-driven online efforts because of its adamant focus on quality and performance.

Accordingly, the ability to support campaign performance claims with tangible evidence is crucial to justifying investments in online media. Casale Media's OPTIMAX answers the call for ROI accountability by combining dynamic campaign optimization with second-by-second performance reporting to yield maximum ad response while providing valuable audience intelligence.

In addition to industry-leading technology, Casale Media boasts five unique offerings that present marketers with unparalleled opportunities to connect with highly desirable consumers:

  • Transparency: Casale's MediaNet is fully transparent. Advertisers have access to complete site-list disclosure and have an unrestricted ability to exclude noncomplimentary sites.
  • Quality: Advertisers can rely on Casale Media for the most optimal brand exposure and safety through guaranteed above-the-fold placements, strict site approval standards and screening protocols, as well as ongoing proactive quality assurance monitoring and enforcement. In addition, Casale Media is the largest TRUSTe-approved online media network.
  • Performance: OPTIMAX has the ability to determine in real time which site-specific placements, audience segments and creative combinations yield the highest conversions for a given campaign. Ads that fall below predetermined performance goals are automatically removed from rotation, allowing campaign funds to be siphoned into only those placements that meet or exceed objectives.
  • Reach: Casale Media reaches 124 million unique American users, or 66% of the U.S. digital audience across more than 4,000 publishers.
  • Experience: With more than 30 years of experience in the communications technology research and development industry, we have developed and refined the comprehensive suite of proprietary automated technologies that power our network.

Looking for an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum earnings and high-quality advertising content? Casale Media connects its publishers to a large selection of quality advertisers across all verticals and provides the technology needed to track, analyze and optimize both the value and the utilization of online media inventory.

All Casale Media publishers are provided with a custom Web-based account interface that empowers them to take complete control over every aspect of ad management. Best of all, every ad delivered to publishers' sites is dynamically optimized to maximize advertising income and inventory allocation. That means happy advertisers, satisfied readers and more revenue for publishers.

Publisher requirements:

  • Receive 10,000-plus unique monthly visitors.
  • Reside under a room domain.
  • Contain English/Spanish content only.
  • Attract a distinct audience.
  • Be rich in high-quality content.

  • Receive rapid, reliable net 30 payments.
  • Receive a 5% publisher bonus.
  • Protect your audience and site content with ad filters, automated/manual ad review functions and content filters.
  • Maximize earnings by incorporating default ads.
  • Track and optimize earnings with reports that update every second.
  • Benefit from intelligent and responsive support.
  • Work closely with a dedicated account management team to help ensure optimal results in the inventory monetization process.

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