CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive


  • 27 billion-plus monthly impressions
  • 200 million-plus unique users
  • 2.4 billion-plus monthly conversions
  • 60-plus countries


  • Run-of-network campaigns
  • Targeted RON campaigns
  • Premium network


  • 100% inventory fill
  • Premium network
  • Domain monetization
  • Social network application monetization


In addition to implementing all traditional pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA), CPX Interactive offers campaigns on a dynamic CPM.

Dynamic CPM is a variable pricing model, never exceeding a designated maximum CPM, that continuously reflects the most efficient CPMs needed to reach maximum achievable ROI on a per-site and placement basis.


  • Web 2.0 immersion
  • Long-tail branding
  • Conversion-focused creative development
  • Web site monetization strategy development
  • Online product integration


We know that power to significantly affect the flow of targeted traffic on the Internet is a great responsibility. CPXample is a catch-all philanthropic division of the company, created to redistribute some of that power to those who, though they deserve it, may not be positioned well to
exercise it.


Caliber 1 is a first-of-its-kind music and entertainment division within a major online ad network. Leveraging CPX Interactive's access to unparalleled online reach and cutting-edge marketing strategies, Caliber 1 is redefining how the entertainment industry reaches today's online audience.


David Shay


A progressive online ad network and global marketing company

CPX Interactive is redefining the ad network landscape. By layering ROI-driven strategies on top of its own global distribution model, the company offers clients more than just the promise of a successful campaign—we actually possess the means to deliver a successful campaign.

What makes CPX different?
The best answer may lie in how we describe ourselves: a progressive online ad network and global marketing company. Let's break that down.

Dictionary.com defines progressive as "…favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are." This describes CPX perfectly.

From our early embrace of the social media space, the open exchange model, dynamic pricing and 100% inventory monetization to our development of a dedicated music and entertainment division (Caliber 1 Media), a philanthropic division (CPXample), industry-leading conversion-oriented campaign creative and multiple advertiser offerings, CPX Interactive continues to push the envelope of what it means to be an ad network.

Online ad network (distribution)
Ultimately, the CPX network is a nexus of quality advertisers and publishers, all leveraging the collective strength, reach and efficiency of a progressive online marketing powerhouse. Advertisers leverage the network to receive optimized global reach at dynamically efficient pricing, while publishers realize the benefit of our 100% inventory-fill philosophy.

Advertiser offerings include:

  • Straight run of network (RON)
    The goal is scalable reach at lowest possible cost.
  • Targeted RON
    Specific audiences are reached through combinations of performance and behavioral targeting strategies.
  • Premium network
    Advertisers can select channels populated by the highest profile sites within their respective categories.
Global (reach)
The ad network serves more than 24 billion global impressions to over 195 million unique users across more than 6,000 publisher Web sites in over 60 countries every month. In fact, to meet the demands of its ever-growing stable of global clients, 2008-09 will see offices opened in Argentina, China, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Marketing company (strategy)
CPX enjoys a unique position in its understanding of how marketing success can be achieved—and often redefined—by leveraging the ever-unfolding truths of the Internet. While traditional online ad networks are all about distribution, CPX Interactive believes that client relationships are about more than simply serving ads. CPX understands that its ability to service clients will ultimately be judged by its ability to internalize and deliver on a client's specific goals.

CPX Interactive creates interactive online campaigns that are designed to build brand awareness and deliver on ROI goals. CPX strategic services range from conversion-oriented creative development to more campaign-specific strategies, such as Web 2.0 emersion and long-tail branding.

The CPX Interactive network provides access to more than 6,000 Web sites, from the most high-profile sites (our premium network) to those best-kept secrets that quietly deliver the highest ROIs. The CPX publisher team is proactive in its search for the most valuable inventory on the Internet and commits itself to one-on-one account management, helping every publisher achieve maximum yield management.

Premium rates for your best inventory
While most publishers know CPX Interactive as the Internet's most efficient monetizer of long-tail inventory, what they may not know is that CPX's unparalleled reach and optimization allow us to pay you premium rates for their very best traffic as well. That's right, we'll bring the brand and you bring the uniques. After that, we can either default to a network of your
choice or…

100% guaranteed
Our unparalleled reach and optimization allow us to monetize 100% of our publishers' inventory with no volume limits and no defaults. This means that they do not have to build multiple tiers of advertising networks into their fulfillment strategies. Utilizing a market-driven yield-management platform, we fill from the first ad impression to the last—all at the highest possible payout driven by real-time market competition.

CPX premium network
To those publishers that qualify, we can also offer membership in our premium publisher network. The premium network was created to offer our major brand clients a way to connect with only the highest profile—and highest converting—inventory on the Internet. Selected publishers are divided into targeted channels and receive greater ad-serving control as well as higher CPM payouts.

Publisher benefits include:

  • More than 20,000 optimized creatives
  • Market-driven revenue generation
  • Performance-based site ad serving
  • Premium publisher network

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