Benefits of audience
buying with Google

  • Auction-based buying with real-time bidding
  • Control over bids, transparency into pricing
  • Choice of where ads run, visibility into where ads deliver
  • Optimizations that fuse audience and context
  • A vast, liquid pool of high-quality ad inventory
  • Audience classifications into more than 1,000 interest categories and demographics
  • Remarketing with extensive flexibility for custom combinations
  • Dynamic creatives to tailor your ads
  • Ability to use third-party data
  • Access inventory across exchanges
  • Global scale

Our display experts can help you succeed by matching the best Google solutions to your business:

Google Display Network: For agencies and marketers that want a media solution to help them find the ideal combination of audience and context for each campaign. Use built-in audience sets or your own remarketing data across a huge pool of high-quality inventory with real-time bidding and optimization under the hood. Benefit from a full-service team organized for vertical-specific expertise. Companies with even the smallest advertising budgets can run campaigns directly via AdWords.

Invite Media: For advertisers and agency trading desks that want an audience-buying enterprise platform for real-time bidding with the flexibility and control to use all third-party data sources and implement universal frequency capping.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange: For publishers who aim to get the best value for each impression and for the open ecosystem of media buying intermediaries who want to plug into a vast pool of high-quality ad inventory.

  • Provides real-time bidding API for programmatic buying and selling at the impression level
  • Protects the brands of buyers and sellers via extensive quality controls
  • Enables the use of proprietary data and bidding algorithms.

The tremendous growth and change in display advertising has brought exciting new ways for brands to connect with customers. Today's advertisers want to use the right technologies and data to make these connections with precision. Google innovation makes it easier. Our audience-buying solutions—Google Display Network, Invite Media and DoubleClick Ad Exchange—help all types of advertisers, from agencies and marketers to trading desks and ad intermediaries, meet their goals more simply.

Our audience-buying solutions share essential features for success: auction-based buying with bidding that you control and full transparency into pricing. You choose where your ads run, then see where they deliver and how they perform. Whether local, regional or global, Google offers the scale you need. Our account management and services teams help you understand how to make the most of every dollar.

We believe that combining audience and context can achieve better results than either on their own. For example, by predicting performance based on the intersection of your chosen audience and the tens of thousands of sites where your ad might appear, we can help tune your bid. We use our powerful contextual engine, the same engine that powers search, to place more value on contexts that are likely to advance your goals and less value on contexts that won't.

With Google, you can combine interests, demographics, remarketing lists and Web sites to reach broad and narrow audiences with messaging that resonates. For example, an auto advertiser could show a hybrid SUV ad to women interested in the outdoors, or an online retailer could market to users who have abandoned their shopping carts—and even show progressive discount offers week over week. You choose who to reach, where to reach them, what price to bid and what message to show.


Buyers have access to a vast, global pool of inventory to reach their audiences with the frequency they want across more than 2 million sites. Google reaches 80 percent of Internet users worldwide, serving hundreds of billions of impressions to more than 500 million users each month, in 100 different countries and 20 languages. This massive inventory pool is uniform across DoubleClick Ad Exchange and the Google Display Network, and is readily accessible to Invite Media clients.

Our clients can reach hundreds of millions of users classified into demographics and interests. Using our more than 1,000 interest categories, you can reach an audience with specificity or more broadly through high-level categories such as auto, sports, travel and finance. These interests are based on a rich classification system that looks at how often and how recently pages about a topic are visited, often with a threshold of five to 10, and up to many dozens of pages viewed in a month for a topic.


Advancements in buying audiences now give publishers the tools to unlock the true value of each impression. For example, we've seen remarketing, which is just one slice of the audience-buying pie, drive almost two times the revenue for publishers, as compared to non-remarketing. The overall audience-buying trend translates to a large and growing monetization opportunity.

To capitalize on this trend, DoubleClick Ad Exchange gives publishers a safe way to manage buyer access to inventory and capture strong returns. In fact, recent research revealed that the Ad Exchange delivers almost three times the revenue when compared to upfront sales of nonguaranteed ad space to networks and other third-party buyers.

Leading publishers use DoubleClick Ad Exchange to drive yield while protecting their brands and maintaining complete control. With Ad Exchange, publishers can choose to block specific buyers, categories and ad technologies. As with all our publisher solutions, Ad Exchange helps prevent bad ads from showing up on sites by automatically scanning them for malware, spyware and other malicious code. Plus, it allows direct post-review for the majority of creatives. Ad Exchange uses one of the industry's most advanced real-time bidding APIs to process real-time callouts instantly. This ensures that ads are served quickly and the user experience is protected. And, when information is passed to advertisers in each callout, Ad Exchange publishers can block information from being shared and maintain anonymity.