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Right Media launched the first global digital advertising exchange in 2005. The exchange has evolved over time, with a strong focus on attracting premium supply and demand. With 200,000 global buyers and sellers in more than 90 countries, participants include networks, publishers, sell-side platforms, advertisers, agencies, demand-side platforms, data providers, technology partners, media trading desks and search engine marketers.


Right Media offers superior client services—including campaign optimization recommendations and customized media trading suggestions—to help clients maximize their use of the exchange. A dedicated account manager and a team of technical support engineers provide clients with analysis and expertise to improve return on investment, drive yield and troubleshoot technical issues.


Right Media's team of technology consultants provides clients with strategic guidance and tools to fine-tune their advertising programs and campaigns. Able to leverage Yahoo!'s position as one of the world's largest online publishers as well as its experience with top brand clients, the team is uniquely equipped to deliver solutions that achieve results.


Running a transparent, differentiated and interoperable exchange means offering powerful tools that help exchange members bring innovation to their clients. Right Media's application program interface helps integrate clients' processes and applications with the exchange, giving them the ability to access and leverage exchange data from their own applications.

Right Media launched the first global digital advertising exchange in 2005, evolving to support the needs of businesses in today's digital media world. From sellers maximizing yield to buyers optimizing the return on their ad spend, the Right Media Exchange is the destination for premium supply and demand.

With the market as fragmented as it is today, Right Media provides needed simplicity and control by combining multiple supply sources through one interface. Buyers need the ability to purchase only the impressions they want and to manage frequency across many supply sources. Sellers want to make the most of their inventory while managing channel conflict and ensuring brand safety.

The Right Media Exchange provides the technology, tools and services to help members adapt to the changing digital media landscape. We deliver a variety of options for members to work together to reach their target audiences and achieve campaign goals. And we complement our offerings, such as dynamic creative, measurement and ad verification solutions, with technology from Yahoo! and our partners.

All participants can realize benefits from the Right Media Exchange. These include:

  • Access to premium, global demand and supply;
  • Flexible pricing including flat and dynamic CPM pricing;
  • Inventory management and visibility;
  • Private marketplace protections and controls;
  • Data management and sharing.


As the digital media landscape increases in sophistication, it creates new and more complex challenges that sellers must face. Right Media continues to deliver leading-edge innovations and services that help sellers navigate through these challenges, such as:

  • Prediction algorithm: Recently enhanced, our latest prediction algorithm analyzes each impression and predicts performance and yield in real time based on specific campaign goals. For sellers, each impression is dynamically allocated based not only on the highest bid, but also on the likelihood of buyer success.
  • Real-Time Bidding: Right Media was the first real-time exchange, growing to serve more than 10 billion impressions a day in real time. We are also real-time bidding enabled, broadcasting bid requests to companies that have a decision engine to return a bid. This allows customers to use their own technology and data to optimize their bids for individual impressions in real time.
  • Audience sharing: Our newest audience solution provides the ability to share, manage and monetize audiences at scale. Audience segment owners, such as publishers, can seamlessly share their audience segments with such segment users as media buyers across the exchange. Our marketplace of segment owners and segment users helps provide more efficient targeting options and better return on investment for marketers, increased CPM for media sellers and a more relevant online experience for consumers.
  • Yield consulting: Our team of yield management experts provides consulting and best practices to help maximize ROI. For media buyers, this includes improving targeting, controls, optimization and performance. For media sellers, this includes setting up a nonguaranteed marketplace to support their direct sales, private marketplace practices, optimization and brand controls.


Right Media is committed to providing the highest quality experience for users, media buyers and media sellers. It has multiple safeguards in place, leveraging people, policies and technologies to protect its marketplace.

  • Media Guard: Helps protect the exchange community from harmful or unwanted ad content and behavior. It uses a uniform classification system, automated testing and manual review processes to help ensure consistent and objective ad classification and filtering.
  • Creative Tester: Powers the Media Guard process by detecting and tagging potentially malicious content and runs 24 hours a day.
  • Marketplace Select: Allows the creation of private marketplaces and enables site targeting and site list management within the buyers' and seller's own seats.