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  • Founded in 2007
  • Located in Palo Alto, Calif.; New York; Cincinnati

ShareThis is the largest marketplace for sharing and influence across the Web. ShareThis makes content more engaging for publishers and marketing more impactful for advertisers by tapping into its true influence and value.


"Tapping into sharing on the Web is an effective way to increase engagement and connect brands with extremely engaged audiences in a meaningful way....ShareThis helped us increase intent to convert compared to other forms of search and display advertising conducted in the past."

—Jim Price
President-CEO, Empower MediaMarketing

Sharing is the universal language of the Internet. It changes the way the Web is navigated and organized based on how people interact with information and each other. Due to the ever-evolving nature of the online community, today's consumers are empowered to share at every brand interaction.

In 2011, 63.7 percent of U.S. Internet users will access social networks.1 People who spend time on the Web are sharing information with each other, including photos, real-time status updates, news stories and experience with products. It's become the way we communicate and, now, the way we make purchasing decisions. It seems that traditional advertising alone no longer influences people. Rather, Internet users are influenced by trusted contacts and "friend" recommendations.

When a friend shares information and makes a recommendation, the potential buyer is more likely to become a true customer.

For example, according to eMarketer, "Teen girls are hyperconnected and seek immediate feedback from their friends on potential purchases. Shopping with friends is a tribal experience enhanced by the rich array of digital resources girls can access: Facebook, retail sites, LookBooks, magazine sites, blogs, shopping-haul videos, mobile texts, IM and more. All of these resources contribute to the highly socialized shopping experience that contributes to teen girls' decision-making. Retailers need to understand that these customers have a nearly innate capacity to both spot and spread fads among their peers and will use all the resources at their disposal to identify and disseminate trends and solicit opinions."2

And so the sharing process begins.

ShareThis offers a suite of free solutions for marketers and consumers that puts sharing at the forefront of the digital experience—currently across more than 1 million Web sites, reaching more than 400 million users per month. Founded in 2007 on the premise that sharing is more valuable to marketers than other online behaviors, we have quickly become the partner of choice to Fortune 500 brands as a better alternative to simple search and display marketing.

Our sharing platform is unparalleled. We offer free sharing tools coupled with actionable analytics, and our innovative creative ad units incorporate sharing tools and experiences that encourage deep engagement by consumers. We analyze what is shared, what is clicked and where it was shared. Then we can see what combination of these three leads to deeper engagement by the user.

For use by publishers or advertisers, ShareThis inspires people to do more of what we believe is the foundation of digital life: sharing.



End-to-End Campaign Delivery and Optimization

  • Use our robust analytics to make better editorial and programming decisions that drive greater user engagement.
  • Monitor your "social reach," the unique combination of outbound plus inbound click activity from shared links.
  • Understand the impact of all your social channels on your content.
  • Index your social performance against other sites using ShareThis.
  • Utilize analytics integration with Google and Omniture.

Social Advertising Units
ShareThis has built some of the most innovative sharing tools and technology available.

  • IAB-compliant
  • Share technology embedded into the user experience
  • Available ad units: Mini Trend, Photo Gallery, Trend Carousel, Social Polls, Social Survey, Video

Audience Segmentation and Targeting
ShareThis goes beyond standard referral data to identify brand influencers, engaged users and listeners.

  • More than 400 million users a month—this is targeting at scale
  • Built based on topics being shared by people, not just keywords
  • Real-time, proprietary audience optimization