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  • The network reaches more than 85 percent of the U.S. Internet population—more than 180 million users per month.
  • Its unrivaled behavioral data network includes more than 2,000 sites and 140 million consumers.
  • AOL's eAddressable/offline data audience includes more than 50 million consumers.


  • Audience behaviors
  • Lead-back
  • Survey-based
  • Purchase-based
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Demographic/household
  • Geographic
  • Technographic


  • Standard IAB sizes
  • Rich media
  • Premium formats
  • Video
  • Contextual


AdLearn is the most powerful, effective ad optimization technology in the business, which allows's advertisers and publishers to meet their business objectives by maximizing the value of every ad placement.

CREATIVE SERVICES's in-house creative team, LIFT, is available to work with advertisers—free of charge—to improve campaign performance on existing banners or create fresh, new banners. LIFT has recently seen increases in click-through rates of as much as 1,800 percent for some of our most prominent clients. is the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. We have spent more than a decade building the most sophisticated technology, compiling the most comprehensive data and developing deep publisher and advertiser relationships.'s consultative approach and dedicated account team have built lasting relationships with publishers and advertisers, and they continue to grow. has been one of comScore's leading ad networks for the past six years, and we don't take that lightly.

At the heart of's technology is AdLearn, the most advanced ad optimization and bid management system in the business. AdLearn processes up to 10 billion transactions and serves 5 billion real-time bidded impressions per day—and has for the past 10 years. AdLearn consistently provides unmatched results for the world's largest advertisers and publishers by interpreting that transactional data in real time to deliver the right ad to the right person. works with 91 of Ad Age's top 100 advertisers and 74 of comScore's top 100 sites. That's good company to be in—and the kind great brands like to keep.

Want more? There's far more to Advertising. com's story than can fit on one page. If you'd like to learn more, visit's Web site at


Challenge: When ooVoo, a leading video communication service with 22 million users, began running display ads with in 2008, there were concerns about presenting ads in a video conversation, which limited overall pricing and revenue.

Solution: reviewed the ooVoo account and developed several opportunities to generate additional revenue.

After recognizing the quality of ooVoo's content, determined the application should be listed at a higher pricing tier. We then provided more revenue share tags to create another tier to fill any additional inventory. For a majority of their redirected impressions, now serves the ad-monetizing inventory that would otherwise be a missed opportunity.

ooVoo had run international tags in 2009. It continued to do so in 2010, with a great fourth quarter internationally. Additionally, ooVoo had not explored sponsored listings until the middle of 2010.'s team added one sponsored listings placement to ooVoo's buddy list, which contributed up to 5 percent of its total revenue month over month in 2010.

Results: The addition of redirect tags, international tags and sponsored listings increased ooVoo's e-CPM by 60 percent from fourth quarter 2009 to fourth quarter 2010. The client currently is evaluating's other publisher offerings to capitalize on its rapidly growing service.

WHO WE REACH reaches more than 85 percent of the online population and more than 180 million unique visitors each month, but everyone has reach. stands out because of its comprehensive set of targeting tools capable of connecting you with precisely the consumers you're after. We offer more than 350 prepackaged audiences to choose from or can custom-build a roster of your ideal customers using everything from demographics and behaviors to database-matching and retargeting. While other networks may be able to reach a customer once a month, can reach that same customer multiple times each month, with sequential messaging, to help you drive the results you want.