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Dorothy Clark


  • 1 billion ads delivered daily
  • 3,000 handpicked sites
  • 100 percent directly sourced, above-the-fold inventory
  • 98 percent client retention rate


Videobox makes it easy for agencies and their advertising clients to seamlessly activate online display campaigns with the emotional branding power of video.

Videobox makes it possible to deploy fully customized video campaigns with unprecedented precision and scale while at the same time eliminating the cost and complexity traditionally associated with running video advertising online.

Features and benefits

  • Simple repurposing of existing video assets
  • Quick to deploy
  • No development effort necessary
  • No player co-branding of any kind
  • Free video hosting and serving
  • Fully customizable (frame, control buttons, imagery, etc.)
  • Full trackability and accounting of user engagements, including social sharing


"Fragmented," "inefficient," "lacking transparency"— there is no shortage of adjectives to describe the current online display advertising space, which admittedly is suffering from an oversupply of fancy acronyms and value propositions competing for attention.

Our industry is undergoing a shift in attitudes, a revolution based on the premise that audiences can be instantly pinned down and served on a plate to whomever is willing to pay at that precise moment. But serving the ideal ad to a particular user in real time requires serious computing competence and depends on many processes working simultaneously and in harmony.

At Casale Media, we have consolidated all these capabilities under a single umbrella, which gives us the control required to guarantee quality, accuracy, transparency and the consistent delivery of outstanding results.

We're an advertising platform that values environment, which is inextricably tied to brand perception and ad recall through association and context. Firmly anchored at the high end of the spectrum, our network, MediaNet, matches world-class brands to respected sites with contextual relevance. By treating advertisements as an integral part of a site's content, both parties elevate their respective profiles, creating a mutually beneficial virtuous circle with the audience at the center.

We accelerate performance through better technology. Sitting at the core of our value proposition, our platform—100 percent proprietary and exclusive to our clients and partners—caters to every aspect of the campaign-delivery process, from scalable targeting and actionable insights to creative management and, of course, optimization. We have been perfecting the science behind our network for almost 10 years, and the proof of performance is in the results we consistently generate for clients.

We help connect brands with their most valuable audiences. Our solution blends audience targeting with site targeting, using market research procured through a combination of consumer panels and actual product-purchase data. The result is a robust picture of your most likely customers, and we provide the tools to reach them with precision and at scale.

We're a strategic marketing partner. We offer a single point of contact through which a campaign strategy can be tailor-made to suit precise business goals. From brand awareness to driving direct sales, each project is carried out in full cooperation with and transparency for our clients, to whom we offer actionable digital advice and results-driven recommendations.

Moving forward. In spite of the hype surrounding audience buying, marketers realize the limitations of the ad hoc, "user-chasing" game. Although such buying can complement a marketing effort, it does not on its own constitute a sustainable strategy for establishing deep connections between brands and their users.

More than campaigns, our network, MediaNet, offers clients an investment in their own brands, from which they can reap real dividends down the road. That's why once they have found us, they keep coming back.


Four years ago, an airline with no exposure to online display trusted us to take its brand to the Web and help grow domestic market share. That campaign, now quadrupled in size, is still thriving on our network, MediaNet, and its latest success metric is outpacing its target by 25 percent.

This is a testament to the powerful effect of long-term optimization on bottom- line results: From the massive pool of data that we gather and analyze, new audience insights and pockets of success continue to be uncovered and applied— resulting in performance that exceeds media objectives year after year.


Exactly who you want us to

Our groundbreaking integration of off- and online consumer data from best-of-breed market research providers means that advertisers can now seamlessly define and reach their best—and most likely prospective—customers across our vast network according to well-defined criteria linked to audiences online at a household-segment level.

This powerful branding solution defines audiences according to what they are like in the physical world as opposed to simply what they do online.