CPX Interactive



David Shay
Exec VP-Marketing


Virtually all aspects of a CPX Interactive campaign are customizable. Choices clients make on each campaign include:

  • Ad units
    Custom, IAB standard, rich media, video
  • Audiences
    Demographic, geographic, psychographic
  • Data points
    Behavioral, intent, lifestyle, census
  • Delivery
    Audience-targeted, run-of-network, segment-targeted, site-specific
  • Goals
    Branding, brand response, direct response
  • Metrics
    CPA, CPC, CPL and CPM (also cost-per-fan and cost-per-allow)
  • Platforms
    Internet, mobile, applications


  • Dedicated account management
  • IAB-compliant brand protection
  • Integrated use of proprietary and third-party data
  • Powerful audience-targeting algorithms
  • Single-point inventory access to unlimited online inventory
  • Sophisticated analysis and reporting


  • Access to largest possible pool of advertisers
  • Comprehensive interface with customized reporting
  • Global inventory fill
  • Improved audience-to-inventory matching algorithms
  • Inventory-specific monetization channels
  • Multiple-tiered defaulting system for maximized CPMs

The world of online display advertising can be a pretty confusing place. Sure, it used to be simple. An advertiser, a publisher, a targeted audience—and you had a successful campaign. Unfortunately things aren't that straightforward anymore.

Now there are demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, data-management platforms, exchanges, ad servers, rich media ad servers, yield optimizers—and the list goes on.

What we really need is some kind of operating system that makes the whole thing simpler, one integrated platform that allows users to effortlessly handle everything through one interface.


As a global online ad network built on top of a state-of-the-art ad management platform, CPX Interactive has created an end-to-end, fully integrated operating system that gives advertisers and publishers a true one-stop solution to online display advertising.

By offering all components of a successful online advertising campaign (strategy, data, targeting, reach and account management) under one virtual roof, CPX Interactive continues to prove itself to be much more than just another ad network. CPX Interactive strives to uncomplicate the fragmented world of online advertising by providing campaign elements and executions that deliver on what has always been the real promise of the industry: efficiency.


CPX adROIt is a proprietary ad management platform designed to deliver true scalability and transparency to the interactive advertising landscape. Built using next-generation architecture, the platform's capability to act as a global inventory aggregator allows clients to access almost unlimited inventory, integrate customized suites of data points and retain total insight into both process and results, while allowing publishers the opportunity to monetize 100 percent of their available inventory. Customized platform plug-ins allow CPX Interactive to integrate data from third-party providers, optimize campaigns across CPX network publishers and access inventory from every major aggregator in the industry.


CPX Interactive gives advertisers the opportunity to secure cost-effective interactive media in a global marketplace. Whether the goal is driven by branding or ROI metrics, the success of any campaign ultimately rests on the ability to define, identify and target an audience most likely to respond to the value of what an advertiser is offering. CPX leverages cutting-edge data integration, global inventory reach and a state-of-the-art proprietary ad management platform to match its clients' advertising with the most-targeted audience available across interactive platforms.

Advertisers include:

  • Digital agencies
  • Direct marketers
  • Major brands
  • Niche marketers


CPX Interactive monetizes inventory for publishers from the most high-profile sites to those best-kept secrets that quietly deliver the highest ROIs on the Internet. While much of this inventory comes from CPX's extensive relationships with the largest exchanges in the industry, the vast majority of CPX publishers have direct relationships with the network. These direct members gain the benefit of CPX Interactive's expertise in identifying and serving the unique needs and goals of individual publishers.

Publishers include:

  • High-profile destinations
  • Major portals
  • Social media communities
  • Targeted content sites


  • Access to virtually every pool of inventory
  • Audience identification and targeting
  • Customizable third-party data integration
  • Powerful data management and synthesis
  • Sophisticated and customizable reporting
  • Cross-platform budget management
  • Publisher yield management