Digilant (formerly Adnetik)



Ken Berquist
Senior VP-Business Development


  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Custom segmentation
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Look-alike
  • Retargeting
  • Search retargeting

Other Services

  • AIM Index classifies inventory for page-level attributes that impact visibility and relevance.
  • AIM Latino targets the underserved U.S. Latino Internet audience.
  • AIM Audience Index provides custom scoring for the entire universe of users to identify previously unidentified prospects.
  • AIM Brand Network gives marketers flexibility and control through direct inventory access within the AIM targeting system.



  • All standard IAB banner sizes
    • Rich media
    • Expandables


  • In-banner, in-stream
    • 15, 30 seconds
    • Optional companion banner


  • Banner
    • In-application
    • Mobile Web


  • Amsterdam
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Madrid
  • Mexico City
  • Miami
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • São Paulo

Digilant is an independent advertising technology company. We provide our partners with tools and services to more effectively plan, purchase, measure and deliver digital media across real-time and direct buying channels.


Our data management system is safe and secure, with a multitude of predetermined audience segments. The system aggregates first-party data, third-party data and proprietary Web data to create actionable insights for use in your campaigns.


Our proprietary targeting platform, Audience Investment Management, or AIM, maximizes an advertiser's investment in display, video and mobile advertising using custom targeting and real-time optimization technology.

Digilant's AIM Index is the first Web page classification system measuring ad visibility and relevance in the exchange-traded media space. The system classifies several attributes, including contextual relevance, brand safety, level of ad clutter, ad placement per page and performance. Advertisers that use AIM Index can build their own custom indices, ensuring campaigns run in high-value ad slots on sites with appropriate content.


Our machine-learning optimization algorithm monitors each ad served to discover what attributes indicate a positive or negative response. Using this insight, we are able to optimize for click, conversion or brand lift in real time.


Digilant gives advertisers choice and control over their marketing investment through real-time bidding and direct access to premium publishers via our private marketplace. RTB and premium placement together make it possible to set up cross-budget pacing, remove duplicate users across inventory and establish universal frequency controls while providing domain-level transparency across your campaigns.


Digilant provides access to real-time campaign performance data and custom campaign reports via our client-user interface.


Setup and execution

A financial services company sought to increase awareness of its domestic and international portfolios among U.S. investors with an estimated $100,000-plus annual income by using display advertising. The goal of the campaign was to drive prospects to a video about the funds on the client's website.

Digilant's targeting strategy for this campaign included ad delivery on a custom white list of URLs that contained contextually relevant keywords pertaining to the financial services industry; retargeting for users who had previously visited the client's site but did not view the investment funds video; and behavioral targeting for users who were in the $100,000-plus income bracket, identified using third-party data.

All media acquired through Digilant's digital advertising system were secured using real-time bidding and optimized for conversions over a four-month time frame.

Campaign results

Digilant ranked first among 14 providers on the campaign for cost per action, cost per click and total number of conversions. The client has committed to Digilant for an additional 12 months.


Digilant can reach more than 95 percent of the U.S. Internet audience daily. Our inventory is sourced from leading inventory providers, including Adap.tv, adBrite, AdMeld by Google, AppNexus, Casale, DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google, Improve Digital, Nexage, OpenX, PulsePoint, Right Media by Yahoo!, Rubicon, SpotXchange and other premium partners.