• Reach 85 percent of the U.S. Internet population and more than 186 million unique users per month
  • Leverage long-standing direct relationships with more than 2,000 publishers
  • Optimize for guaranteed results (display network)
  • View full transparency into campaign pricing and reporting
  • Access dynamic, auction-based real-time bidding
  • Fully manage campaign and bids
  • Access to all major RTB exchange inventory
  • Access to AOL's behavioral data network (including more than 1,500 sites and 140 million consumers) and AOL's Addressable/offline data audience of more than 60 million consumers


  • Audience behaviors (search and audience extensions)
  • Custom database match
  • Addressable
  • Survey-based, purchase-based
  • Look-alike modeling
  • Weather/condition
  • Demo/geo/technographic


  • Rich content adjacency with Super Channels
  • High-engagement with AOL Premium Formats
  • Massive reach and awareness with Netblocks and Billion Blocks
  • Premium ad placement and scale with the Devil Network


AdLearn,'s industry-leading technology, has been core to our business for over 13 years, allowing our advertisers and publishers to meet their business objectives by maximizing the value of each and every ad placement.

The evolving display advertising landscape has brought about new, more efficient ways for brands to connect with customers. Today, advertisers and agencies expect partners to offer innovative technologies, actionable data and insights, quality inventory, and a full-service team of experts to help make meaningful connections that drive customer loyalty. is that partner. As a leading provider of ad technology across display, video, mobile and text, our audience-buying solutions include the display network and AdLearn Open Platform. From achieving massive awareness to driving valuable conversions, helps advertisers of all sizes manage, execute and optimize their marketing budgets to meet both performance and brand goals.

At the heart of's technology is AdLearn, the most mature ad optimization and bid management system in the business. AdLearn processes up to 4 billion transactions and bids on 3.5 billion RTB impressions per day, and has been doing so for more than 13 years. AdLearn consistently provides excellent results for the world's largest advertisers and publishers. In fact, 92 of Ad Age's 100 leading advertisers are customers, and 72 of comScore's top 100 sites are in our network. That's good company to be in—and the kind great brands like to keep.

Whether you're looking for small or large, broad or niche, local or national audiences, you can customize your target based on demo/technographic/geo, store purchases, online content consumption, search queries or site visitation and an array of offline data points. The combination of AOL proprietary data and strategic third-party on- and offline data sources presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to build optimal segments and deliver messaging at scale.

The solutions, insights and industry expertise needed to build the most effective scalable audiences are available through

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Challenge: A leading consumer products company looking to drive large-scale awareness of its new paper product line turned to Super Channels to reach a large, high-quality audience quickly.

Solution: A custom-tailored "Healthy Women" Super Channel was created to reach this advertiser's ideal audience. Super Channels offer comScore top 100 sites and other custom-curated sites in 20 vertically aligned categories. Super Channels align brands with relevant content adjacencies to maximize effectiveness with above-the-fold-only inventory. For this leading consumer products company, the Health Super Channel was customized to include sites with content relevant to a female audience seeking healthy living information.

Results: The contextual targeting that Super Channels provided led to impressive results. The four-month campaign delivered more than 41 million impressions and reached consumers when they were seeking information and advice on personal and home care. As a result, the brand experienced a 16 percent lift in recall among campaign viewers across the board.

WHO WE REACH reaches more than 85 percent of the U.S. online population and 186 million uniques per month. stands out for its comprehensive targeting tools capable of connecting you with precisely the consumers you're after.

While other networks and DSPs may be able to reach a customer once a month, can reach the right customer at the right time each month, with sequential messaging, to help you drive the results you want.