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  • SMARTstack ad delivery system
  • DoubleVerify Trust Index of Top 10 Most Compliant in 2010 and 2011
  • Ranked 26 on comScore Media Metrix
  • comScore U.S. reach of 87 million monthly unique users
  • 2,000-plus top-tier, branded publishers
  • Industry-recognized fraud prevention technology
  • Member of the National Advertising Initiative


  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Retargeting
  • Demographic
  • Audience Profile
  • Geographic
  • Psychographic
  • Time of Day
  • Social Graph

Campaigns are hand curated and custom-targeted based on specific objectives of the advertiser. Dedicated Media creates custom audience clusters that maximize performance and efficiency.


  • Display
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Affiliate
  • Lead-gen
  • Search
  • Social

Gain the reach needed to allow advertisers to find their most valuable customers wherever they consume digital media.

It's just smart. Data and technology do not make a great company; it's what an experienced team does with data and technology that creates the right equation for success. At Dedicated Media, we listened to our clients and to the industry as a whole to bring together best-of-breed technology, proprietary algorithms and premium data to produce a scalable, effective customer acquisition platform. Pair this technology with industry experts and team members with decades of experience, and you have a partner that works with you to drive measurable, actionable and successful campaigns.

Our SMARTstack ad delivery system processes millions of bits of data in milliseconds to collect, analyze and optimize campaigns across thousands of attributes in real time and extract the maximum performance from each impression for each campaign. Dedicated Media has spent years refining and perfecting our platform, including our Recency-Frequency Algorithm that knows where your target audience is within the sales cycle to effectively and efficiently deliver messaging at the right velocity, at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience. Simply put, it's just smart—and the best part is, it only gets smarter.1

Harnessing the power of Dedicated Media's SMARTstack technology, advertisers gain increased performance and efficiency at every level of the purchase intent funnel. With SMARTstack, advertisers get:

  • Industry-recognized brand safety technology
  • Customized audience modeling with billions of primary and third-party behavioral data points
  • Powerful analytics tools that interpret the value of each data point and a complex, predictive decision engine
  • Continuous real-time campaign optimization
  • Granular post-campaign reporting with actionable insights

1The Recency-Frequency Algorithm is a learning algorithm that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence to become more intelligent the longer a campaign runs.


  • Best-in-class service from a dedicated team that includes an assigned account executive and support from account management, media buying and campaign management
  • Industry-recognized commitment to brand safety
  • Full transparency with committed performance analytics
  • Advanced campaign optimization for smarter, results-driven performance
  • Advanced post-campaign analysis and reporting


A global telecommunications client needed to drive registration for its service through very targeted geographic markets. Dedicated Media utilized a blend of strategies that incorporated predictive modeling and audience segmentation through the SMARTstack. Conversion rates increased by 45 percent and the client's goals were exceeded by 200 percent.

A consumer packaged goods client needed to measure an ad's creative and placement efficacy for a line of home cleaners, so it sought out Dedicated Media's expertise. Dedicated ran the test creative across its network with a brand study incorporated into the delivery, realizing substantial in-campaign optimization and a 23.1 percent lift in brand awareness.